VWF: The Other Side – Episode 13

Hosts Triple B and Jagilki are joined by special guests T-Bone and Typhoon Vance! We never find out where Alex’s Netbook is, though…


Mystery B Theater – Impact

Hot off of a great Tag Team Title defense, what will we hear from Motor City Machine Guns? Or Generation ME? Or how about X-Division Champion Jay Lethal? Or the Women’s Tag Champs Taylor Wilde and Hamada? Or EV 2.0? NOTHING! Cause this show’s all about Hogan and Bischoff, baby!


Mystery B Theater – NXT

Fresh off the elimination and release of Jamie, we learn that it’s gonna take THREE weeks for the next elimination. This… is gonna be a LOOOONG series…


Mystery B Theater – Bound for Glory

That’s right, the show that was so bad, the internet didn’t want me to upload it for 2 days straight, it’s TNA’s Bound for Glory 2010.


Botchamania 10 (From MBT Episode 5)

So in the last Mystery B Theater, I talked about Botchamania 10, where they showed footage from Sumerslam where they had the Rey/Eddie Ladder Match for custody of Dominick, in which Vickie Guerrero missed her cue and Eddie just goes off, swearing up a storm….


Mystery B Theater – NXT

The show so bad, only the interwebz can contain it’s crapitude!


An Awesome Makeover on a Not So Awesome Guy

What else can a hospital bed be good for?


Mystery B Theater

Where…. is….. CM…. PUNK????


Roddy Piper Fights Childhood Obesity

He’s looking at YOU fatboy!


VWF: The Other Side – Episode 12

Episode 12. We’re releasing these things faster than SAW movies.