Mystery B Theater – NXT

The show that tastes as good as cough syrup… it’s Season 3 NXT!

In this episode, we get THREE matches! WRASSLIN’ BABY! Maxine takes on Naomi, AJ takes on a Bella Twin and Goldust and Aksana take on DiBiase and Maryse in the main event. Pair that up with a Costume Contest and horrendously bad “Eating Contest” that they try to smack as many jokes to appeal to a 12 year old as possible. Midgets, prat falls, vomit, turtles, flirting with Striker, Alicia Fox’s horrible walk, twin anger and Goldust’s penis all make an appearance on yet another episode of Mystery B Theater.

COMMENT: Sorry for the lateness this week, had some technical difficulties with the video I originally downloaded not wanting to co-operate with me.

Mystery B Theater – 10/26/10