VWF: The Other Side – Episode 11

That’s right… Episode 11 comes truckin along at you at FULL SPEED.

For this episode, Triple B and Jagilki host as we welcome VWF Main-Stay, Alexia into the guest chair. Well… she brought her own chair cause she knew Crimson sat in it once and didn’t want to catch something, but either way she was here! In this episode, we answered all the viewer e-mail sent in. Nobody, Jonny Cedrone, Thomas Halloway, Michal and that no-name guy all had great questions that made us drone on forever. Seriously. It’s the only thing we talked about, except discussing out stupid Triple B is at Fantasy Football. Gotta listen to find out why!

-Triple B, Jagilki and Alexia

OPENING THEME SONG: “Master Exploder” by Tenacious D
CLOSING SONG: “Ladies of the World” by Flight of the Concords

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