VWF: The Other Side – Episode 9

That’s right sports fans, we bring you Episode 9 of VWF: The Other Side. With hosts Triple B, Jagilki and (sort of) AlexK, we discuss the Status of The VWF, The King of the Ring tournament, and welcome VWF Superstar Kamikaze as our special guest. We then take the time to find out how Kamikaze found The VWF and where he’s been, and some talk about the origins of VWF characters and past a-holes. Finish it off with a rant on AlexK, some hitting on his mom, and wrap that up with one of the worst editing jobs in podcast history, and we have a show! Fun Fact: The part where Triple B puts over JP McManus got cut! Enjoy, and for our next show we’ll encourage more listener feedback and interaction.

-Triple B, Jag and Alex.

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