Hulk Hogan buries Wrestling

Hulk Hogan basically shits on all the titles ever.


Howard Finkel is at your Wedding

Howard Finkel apparently does weddings.

Hulk Hogan

AJ Styles talks Hulk Hogan

AJ tells us his thoughts about Hogan in 2005…


Chris Sabin’s Toy Story

Jeff Jarrett is throwing a party in Chris Sabin’s head.


Botchamania 10 (From MBT Episode 5)

So in the last Mystery B Theater, I talked about Botchamania 10, where they showed footage from Sumerslam where they had the Rey/Eddie Ladder Match for custody of Dominick, in which Vickie Guerrero missed her cue and Eddie just goes off, swearing up a storm….


Roddy Piper Fights Childhood Obesity

He’s looking at YOU fatboy!