VWF – The Other Side: Episode 15

Welcome to the longest podcast in the history of podcasts…

In this 3 part episode, we have Triple B, Jagilki, Kamikaze, T-Bone and special guest.. The Professor! Who IS The Professor? Listen to the Podcast to find out.

In the FIRST TWO FRIGGIN HOURS, Triple B’s family makes awkward cameos as for some reason Triple B and his wife argue about toilet paper. We also discover that Triple B’s dog sat on his mic and apparently mute doesn’t work. We talk a little bit about real wrestling towards the end, but in all honesty, I can’t figure out what the hell we talked about for the first two hours. Well… we talked about The End, ran down the card a bit, and just melted down from there. T-Bone also plugs CWC Ascension.

In the SECOND TWO HOURS!!!! My wife belches and disappears after presenting me with a casserole. We then reminisce about past podcasts, answer listener emails, then spend a good 20 minutes looking up the population of Wyoming on Wikipedia. We also discuss Black Death’s signature pictures, and The Professor leaves us for a bit to do… real things. We DO however have some of the best discussion on the show, as we spend a good portion discussing how hard it is to fed head, how hard it is to write for someone’s character, and how best to get your character over to the writers and staff.

Then in the CLOSING TWENTY MINUTES?!?!?!? The Professor returns to find out why in the blue hell we’re still talking about nothing. We talk about how you can “Eat Tea,” Alex and his Mom, and we spend over 10 minutes saying goodbye.

All in all, if you want to listen to five guys joke around for over four hours with an occasional talk about e-fedding, this is the show. It was real light on subject matter, but very heavy in spontaneousness and hillarity. We had fun recording it, and I apologize ahead of time for my mic. If I had known it would sound that bad, I would have bought a new one prior, but there was no way I’m going to re-record four and a half hours of a podcast.

The show is broken up into 3 parts. Part one and two are 2 hours, with the remaining half hour on part 3.

Thanks again, and it was a blast to do.

-Triple B, Jagilki, Kamikaze, T-Bone and The Professor

Opening Song: “Master Exploder” by Tenacious D
First Break: “Brown Eyed Girl” by Tonic Sol Fa
Second Break: “Alchohol” by Barenaked Ladies
Ending Song: “Hiphopapotamus” by Flight of the Conchords