Mystery B Theater – NXT

So… close. The ride is almost over.

In this episode of Season 3 NXT, we play “How well does your Pro Know you?” and for some reason nobody describes their anus. We also have a “Diss the Diva” competition that does’t shine a candle to Mae Young’s work recently. Kaitlyn takes on Naomi and Aksana takes on AJ. Nobody takes….. on…. me. TAKES ON ME. Takes… me… on. TAKES ON ME. I’ll… be… gone…


Anyway, we have another elimination this week, the show seems to be in auto pilot as they don’t have enough bit… I mean ladies to really do anything, and we end up with 2 weeks of shows for 3 girls. I imagine next week will have some PRO matches, maybe a triple threat with the Rookies, and about half an hour of video packages.

This show has had it’s moments, but… I’m glad it’s almost over.