A Rather Untimely and Unstylish Setback

Being buried ALIVE really takes its toll on you. Stuck in a hospital with NOOOOOO sense of fashionable logic. The nurses…oh me gawsh people…I think Halloway may have actually done me quite a favor and got me in there just in time! I realized right away my hands were not on vacation. I called in my team and went to work right away. I actually worked inn my hospital gown the entire time, my back door seemed to like the fresh air. Hehehe.

Anyways, they came in one of them nearly vomited at the sight of the secretary that guided them to my room. “Oh Rico, she needs help first, we just gotta gotta gotta get her first.”

Sure enough, my partner in style was correctimongo!  We stormed to that little lady, looked to be in her 40’s…but probably in her 70’s with that sweater she was wearing in flippin’ FALL! We hung up her obviously non-important phone call because ooportunity and beauty just does not wait, VWF. We spun her around in that chair and went to work right away.

We wiped off every trace of make-up she had on first…which revealed her to be well over 50 than 40, at which I point…hey, I stopped counting. We cut off her ugly sweater….which unfortunately revealed her braless bust, which we took care of immediately. Those flare jeans of hers about made me faint. HeLLOOOO! But at least she had some underwear on underneath them, which we also had to cut off because they were dirty and…guh….brown!

We taped up her mouth with some Snoopy band-aids so her humiliating screams would be muzzled, and we went to work.  First thing we did was press her sagging breasts against her chest as tight as we could because the top we was giving her was just begging not to be stretched out, and we fed her leg a lovely pair of satin red thongs, even for a woman at her stage in maturity, she did have quite the pair of legs. Unfortunatly, she has poor coordination when it comes to shaving, as there were some spots of hair on her kegs and ankles, so as we handled this problem we started styling her hair, which I was begging to do myself…but alas I was not appropriately fashioned at the time for this, so I had to sit back and watch over the shoulders of my other hair stylists, making sure to have them correct any mishaps that would occur due to the sight of my hospital gown.

Once her was done we were ready for make-up. A little dab of this and a ton of that, some glitter over her eyes and some eye liner, she transformed from 50 to 21! And before we knew it we were at the final stage…wardrobe. As I said I already had her top picked out, it was a skin tight violet mixed with magenta swirl, some diamonds tracing the threads connecting the sleeves and collar with some padding on the elbows for comfort when resting them on a hardwood desk like hers. Indeed it was a peeerfect for a woman in her position. Now as far as bottoms go, I had a lot of choices. Personally I went with a par of red leather pants that had leopard spots on it, to go with red transparent high heels.

This entire process took about 3 and half hours and indeed it was well worth it. Now she works with confidence. It was really sad to leave as I wanted to do SOOO much more with her, but alas, Viking makes my schedule ever so busy with the newbies with a lack of a fashion sense that roam our premises.