VWF: The Other Side – Episode 14

The show that is so good, when asked if he could be on it, Jag went into a rage and killed a squirrel.

On this episode, Triple B hosts as he brings AlexK (sort of) and Kamikaze with him. And our special guest, in an e-fedding podcast first, is the original Sexual Chocolate, Black Death. Does he sound like a large black man that will pound you into the ground like Spike from Tom and Jerry? Or, is he really that 18 year old Asian Schoolgirl that Triple B has been looking for? Listen to find out!

On Part 1, we discuss the Big Birthday Bash results, how the show went, and a little bit of the roster. We also play hide and seek with AlexK, who lets us know he’s there with a couple good belches. Classy radio, people.

On Part 2, we answer listener e-mails, talk about wierdos in The VWF over time, discuss the next show, and try to figure out who the hell “Doug” is.

This show felt shorter than previous shows, but it wasn’t. So… enjoy. And, we’ll be bringing you Episode 15 in December, as we intend to do an All-Wrestling Roundtable of sorts, with discussion on how wrestling is going, and how the year has played out for WWE and TNA.

-Triple B, AlexK, Kamikaze and Black Death

Song List:
Opening Song: “Master Exploder” by Tenacious D
Break Song: “I Need You Tonight” by Professor Green
Closing Song: “Mother Lover” By Lonely Island

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