Mystery B Theater – NXT

NXT – The “Get Laid” Episode.

In this episode of NXT, we don’t get much wrestling. We have Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox jump around in a ring, but… it isn’t wrestling. Or Wrasslin. Or sexy. It’s pathetic. Is it bad that your remaining rookies are better than most of the “pros?” And why are the Bellas still sitting ringside for this stuff? They’re chick lost!

It must be a full moon, cause in this episode, pretty much everyone ends up trying to bang someone else on this show. It’s like they’re all in high school and this is WWE Summer Camp. We get a couple competitions for how to kiss and how to open a present, plus the Wedding of Aksana and Goldust, complete with cameos by Dusty Rhodes (in a neat promo), Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Sr and Jr, Hornswaggle, and the Tin Man and Scarecrow too! It’s fun filled wackiness in the WWE! Oh yeah, and someone got eliminated.

Oh yeah….

During the show, I’m trying to figure out if I’m listening to a weird production version, or someone was messing with me. I thought to myself “Is that Kevin Dunn?” as I was listening to it finished, and sure enough… it was. Click HERE for an explanation, but apparently the WWE released a version out there (which I downloaded) where Cole and Matthews’ commentary and all of the segment audio was dumped, and all you can hear is in-ring microphones and Kevin Dunn swearing about the “Stamford Feed” throughout the show, and making shitty comments about Goldust. Oh yeah, he also ruined pretty much everything, cause he would cue something up before it happened. So, that’s why the audio is turned way down, and why I keep talking about it. Sorry. Blame Linda.

Mystery B Theater; 11/2/10