VWF: The Other Side – Episode 13

Lucky 13!

In our first half of the show, we are joined with hosts Triple B and Jagilki who has been given Moose SARS from vindictive woodland creatures. Special guest is T-Bone, who plays Black Green Ranger on “TV.” We learn a little bit about T-Bone as the show goes on, but we enjoy Triple B ranting about Vimeo, talk about AlexK’s mission to recruit non-Efedders to efedding, and discuss the King of the Ring results.

After the musical interlude, we welcome new guest, Typhoon Vance to the show who doesn’t sound like an Asian Schoolgirl. We answer listener e-mails, talk about some of the great handlers that came out of GOW despite the fed-head being marginally insane, and find out we all love Waffle Fries. I’m sure there’s some mention of e-fedding in there somewhere.

We had to cut the show short at about 2 hours for posting, so we look forward to doing a “Real Wrestling Ramble” of some sort here in the next few days, which may include a super-secret special guest who enjoys kilts!

-Triple B, Jagilki, T-Bone and Typhoon Vance

Opening Song: “Master Exploder” by Tencious D
Intermission Song: “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” by Kanye West
Closing Song: “Bittersweet Symphony” by Scala & Kolacny Brothers

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