Mystery B Theater – Impact

Hot off of a great Tag Team Title defense, what will we hear from Motor City Machine Guns? Or Generation ME? Or how about X-Division Champion Jay Lethal? Or the Women’s Tag Champs Taylor Wilde and Hamada? Or EV 2.0? NOTHING! Cause this show’s all about Hogan and Bischoff, baby!

In one of the single worst wrestling shows of the year, we give you 3 matches totally about 16 minutes of wrestling in a company called Total Nonstop Action! And you don’t even get to see how the main event ends! We have a show that forms the NWO… or… uh… the Imortals as we now have our heel faction total TWELVE people! We have a finger poke of doom! And, not a single match has a clean finish! All we need is Ted Turned to throw some of his couch money at this company, and we’re back in 1997 kids!

Enjoy the insanity that is… IMPACT!

Mystery B Theater – 10/14/10