VWF: The Other Side – Episode 12

Episode 12. We’re releasing these things faster than SAW movies.

In Episode 12, we bring you Triple B with special guests Leon “Purple” Hayze and Kamikaze. Jose Ramon also makes sporatic appearances, as internet connections improve as the show progresses. There’s a couple odd edits after the 1 hour mark which are related to that. Sorry.

With these special guests, we answer a few more questions sent in (some more mail showed up after the show, which we’ll get to next time), we finish discussing the King of the Ring card, and have some real wrestling discussion. We get to learn how Jose Ramon and Leon Hayze found The VWF, and discuss Ian for awhile, because apparently we have to talk about him at least twice per show. We also talk about the TFWF podcasts, and Jose tells us that ours sucks balls and TFWF is so much better because it has more Scots on the roster.

Take a listen, as we will be doing this next after King of the Ring sometime, for a special Halloween Themed Other Side! E-mails sent to: otherside@thevwf.net

Theme Song: “Master Exploder” By Tenacious D
Closing Song: “Don’t Stop Believin’” By Journey

PS: Journey Rocks.

-Triple B, Kamikaze, Leon Hayze and Jose Ramon

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