VWF: The Other Side – Episode 10

Hello True Believers.

We bring you Episode 10 of The VWF’s own podcast, “The Other Side.”

This episode is so good, it’s like a large portion of it NEVER HAPPENED.

First we bring you the single greatest 40 minutes in E-wrestling Podcast… no… RADIO EVER. Unfortunately… uh… it didn’t record. So the part where we talk to Jose Ramon and AlexK while they stand in the middle of hippy protests at their schools was never recorded.

But to make up for it, you get 40 minutes of Triple B, Jagilki and Stoner talking about 1/2 of the King of the Ring Card! They you get another hour and a half of Triple B answering fan questions, then talking about the torrid history of Ben Halkum, and we end it off with Triple B and Jagilki talking about how old they are!

Needless to say… we’re gonna try and get Jose Ramon back on the show to finish up real quick. But we didn’t want to deprive the masses of this.

*NOTE: F-Bombs occur in this podcast

-Triple B, Jagilki, Stoner (And AlexK and Jose Ramon.. sort of)

Opening song: “Master Exploder” by Tenacious D

Mid song: “Fuck You” By Cee Lo Green

Closing song: “Most Beautiful Girl in the Room” By Flight of the Concords

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