Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The pyros explode into the arena air to a sold out crowd of 15,000 enthusiastic fans with nothing but pro-VWF signs inside the VCW Arena in Chicago.

Styles: The energy is intense here tonight as we come to you live from the VWF arena in
P. Lickin: VCW Arena
Styles: Chicago, IL. Fresh off of Rejuvenation, we are sure to have an action packed show for you tonight!

"Business" by Eminem blasts as VCW Owner Paul Vinceman makes his way down the ramp to a sea of boos.

Styles: And already the mood has changed dramatically!
P. Lickin: Yay!

Paul grabs a mic, which still has the VWF logo on it.

Paul: Oh I'm sorry, give me a second.

Paul then throws off the VWF logo piece and replaces it with the new "V" logo for VCW.

Styles: Yeah, whatever.
P. Lickin: Now THERE'S a good looking mic.

Paul: Now ladies and gentlemen, I have two very very important announcements, if I may have your undivided attention please. First off, before I make these announcements I want to extend my gratitude to you all for making Rejuvenation a complete success! Now back to business. First off, for those that don't remember, this is how Rejuvenation ended….

The VikingTron flickers to life and shows a recap of the ending of Rejuvenation….

Scott: There's no denying that is a beautiful belt... but I don't represent VCW, Mr. Vinceman, I live and breathe the VWF! Nothing will ever change that. This championship, the VWF World Heavyweight championship, is the only championship I care about and I'm not going to give it up for anything. You want a VCW World champion? Well... you're going to have to look somewhere else because I will never turn my back on the VWF.

Styles: I agree 100% And so does the VWF Universe! Paul on the other hand does not seem all too pleased.

Paul: Well….this is rather awkward indeed. While I admire loyalty to every extent….I must give you some advice here Scott. About never turning your back on VWF that is….because if you don't turn your back….you'll never see it coming.

Styles: OH MY GOD! And John Crazy plows the VCW belt at the skull of the unaware VWF Champion! And of course now Paul Vinceman just watches idly and…oh no…..Crazy has DiBiase set up for the Insider's Edge and OH MY GOD! DiBiase's head bounces off the VCW title! This is an outrage! There is no need for this, and now John Crazy takles the VWF title and drops it on the downed DiBiase as he makes his way up the entrance ramp with the VCW title held high with a proud Paul Vinceman.

The VikingTron flickers off.

Styles: A sick look on Mr. Vinceman's face.
P. Lickin: Well, he had it coming!
Styles: Oh please.

Paul: Now, I regret to inform you all that Mr. DiBiase is not here tonight as a result of concussions suffered at Rejuvenation, which is beyond me it looked like a clean fall to me.

Styles: Oh, give me a break.

Paul: But I have high hopes that by next Crucifiction he will be up and atom and there is always a spot in that VCW locker-room for him.


In the 16 or so years of this great organization I've noticed one thing that's kept it from leaping forward. Like something's been keeping it at a standstill all these years, and then I realized recently that it looks like it's a stand still because it IS at a stand-still. There's 50 states in this country, 7 continents on this planet! Yet here we are…week after week after week after week in Chicago, IL. After 16 years ladies and gentlemen, Chicago is starting to bore me to bits! So….effective immediately….starting next Crucifiction in fact….The new ERA of VWF….known as VCW…will be live from all 50 states and all 7 continents!

The crowd starts to cheer.

Paul: That's right, The VCW will start touring! We will be bringing our world to the rest of the world! Next Crucifiction I am happy to announce will be broadcast to you live from the Staples Center! And our first PPV event will come to you live from the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, MO!

Styles: I must admit, that's a pretty exciting announcement.
P. Lickin: VCW!

Paul: Now please, enjoy the show!

Lori McWiggletits vs. Phoenix

With Lori already in the ring, as "I Know It's Gonna Hurt" by Prick as Phoenix comes out in his mandated chastity belt to a barrel of laughs from the crowd to say the least. He trips over his cape and bangs his head against the ring steps.

Paul: Come on Phoenix, you can walk dammit.

Phoenix rises and enters the ring.

Paul: Jeez, ok. Now this is a bra and panties matchup, for your own good Phoenix. And to make things a little easier….Lori….could you please unbutton your shirt and your pants please.

P. Lickin: Yeah!

Lori starts to slowly unbutton her shirt….

Paul: Oh my gosh, this isn't a cheap porno lady. Hurry it up! Just undo them. Damn!

Lori speeds up the process….

Paul: Yikes….good thing I didn't pay for those….

Styles: Oh that was just rude.

Paul: Now Phoenix, all you have to do is take off her shirt and shorts and you win! So go on….

Styles: What is the point of this?

P. Lickin: Who cares? Tittays!

Phoenix nervously approaches the vulnerable Lori but keeps stalling and stalling to the point that crowd starts to chant "This is boring."

Styles: I couldn't agree more.

Paul: Come on already! Just do it.

Fans: This is boring! This is boring!

Paul: You see what you're doing? You're boring the crowd! Furthermore, you're boring the damsel here. Now just strip her down to her garments and win this match!

Styles: Why do I feel like Paul has something to gain out of this?

Phoenix finally get most of Lori's shirt down her back when suddenly Steven Chandler falls from the ceiling and lands directly on him. Phoenix is knocked out but Chandler is obviously dead.

Paul: Oh for the love of….

Paul pulls the dead Chandler off of Phoenix but somehow, the chastity belt came undone and off from the impact.

Paul: You know what, forget this….

Lori strips down in the ring to celebrate her victory as Tazz starts to drag Phoenix backstage, by his neck of course.

Winner: Lori McWiggletits.

Paul Vinceman Segment

This takes place in a dark room, the only light that is seen is one that barely shows you Paul.

Paul: I know your story. I know everything. The crimes against humanity, the murder of your father! The life you've been leading here, I know it all. But one question I must ask is….what can you do for me? Viking is gone. It's me now, you understand? Do you think you've gotten this far because you're so good at hiding out in the open, behind that wall you call a face? The only reason you've stayed free from imprisonment this long is because I've allowed you to…..you understand? I decide where and when you go beyond this room….

The scene fades away

Jonny Cedrone Segment

The scene opens up in the backstage area where we see Sara McKenzie standing next to "The King of Sexy" Jonny Cedrone and Gloria, much to the delight of the fans.

Sara: Jonny, the first shots have been fired in this war between 'The Old Guard' in the VWF Alum and 'New Breed' in the VCW crew. On Rejuvenation, we saw Reverend John Crazy turn his back on the VWF and join Paul Vinceman in Viking Championship Wrestling with a shot to the back of the head of Scott DiBiase with the VCW World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight marks the first battle in the war as you take on the VCW World Heavyweight Champion, Reverend John Crazy. After a loss to Johnny Aggression at Rejuvenation, are you at all apprehensive about your match tonight?

Cedrone: Apprehensive? Why would I be? Johnny Aggression is a fantastic wrestler and deserved that win at Rejuvenation. I hold absolutely nothing but respect for him and sincerely and truly congratulate him on the win. We took each other to the limits and that night, the better man won. No doubts.

As for tonight goes, you just said it…it's the first battle in the war between the VWF and VCW. A Civil War that nobody saw coming. Crazy may claim that the only constant in this universe is change, he may claim that the only thing that Paul Vinceman has done with his vision for this company is change the name…he's trying to do much more than that. He's trying to discard the history, totally throw away everything that the VWF has done and everything that the VWF has stood for. For 15 years, the Viking Wrestling Federation has stood for the sport of professional wrestling. Kicking ass and taking no prisoners and tonight….that's what I'm going to do!

Pop from the fans.

Cedrone: "Crazy! You sealed your fate when you turned your back on the VWF! You sealed your fate when you busted Scott in the back of the head with the VCW World Heavyweight Championship! ‘The Conscience of the VWF' you are no more…you've become the Judas of the Viking Wrestling Federation and tonight you pay for your sin!

The fans go nuts as Cedrone and Gloria walk off camera as his music starts playing for he's about to make his way to the ring for his match against Reverend John Crazy.

Sara: This has 'epic' written all over it everyone! Let's get back to ringside.

Jonny Cedrone vs. Reverend John Crazy

The lights dim as "Paint It, Black" echoes throughout the arena. The Reverend John Crazy steps through the curtain, nearly dragging the VCW Championship belt beside him. He drops the belt at the top of the ramp and falls to his knees. He says a quick prayer then shouts "BELIEVE" to the crowd which is showering him in so much vitriol. Paying the crowd no mind, the Reverend climbs into the ring and hunches into the corner awaiting his opponent. He doesn't have to wait long as suddenly "Broken, Beaten, and Scarred" begins to play and Jonny Cedrone steps through the curtain and makes a beeline for the ring. He wastes no time getting in the ring and right in the Reverend's face.

Joey Styles: Cedrone wasting no time confronting that turncoat Reverend!

The bell rings as the two exchange some words before the Reverend slaps the taste out of Cedrone's mouth. Cedrone responds by tackling the Reverend and laying into him with repeated right hands.

Joey Styles: Cedrone laying into the Ol' Devil Dodger! Crazy fights out of it and is using the ropes to pull himself up. Cedrone grabs the Reverend by his hair and drives his knee into his face. Cedrone bounces off the ropes and hits a running drop kick. The Reverend rolls under the bottom rope to escape the onslaught from the King of Sexy!

P. Lickin: I'd hate to be the Rev on the receiving end of that rage. This is brutal.

Joey Styles: Cedrone chasing Crazy to the floor and Crazy fights back! Crazy drives his elbow into Cedrone's gut and then whips him into the guardrail.

P. Lickin: Crazy bought himself some time there, but Cedrone just looks angrier!

Joey Styles: The Reverend rolls himself back into the ring, with Cedrone sliding in after him. They lock up with Jonny dropping him with snapmare takedown. What are you doing P?

P. Lickin: Just calling my bookie to change my bet on this match.

Joey Styles: Cedrone laying the boots to Crazy. Cedrone grabs Crazy's leg and it looks like he's attempting a sharpshooter but Crazy fights out of it. Crazy hurrying to his feet and grabbing Cedrone only to drop him with an atomic drop.

P. Lickin: Heh, look at the King of Sexy dance...

Joey Styles: Crazy bum-rushes Cedrone into the turnbuckle and pelts him with multiple punches to the kidneys followed by a vicious headbutt! Cedrone drops to his knees. Crazy is on the second rope and drops an elbow into Cedrone's neck. Cedrone is writhing in pain. Crazy rolls out of the ring and grabs the VCW title belt. He climbs back into the ring and is shoving the title in Cedrone's face. Cedrone drives his fist into Crazy's throat! He wasn't expecting that!

P. Lickin: Of course he wasn't! You can't prepare for a fist in your jugular! Well, maybe your mom...

Joey Styles: And Cedrone is on his feet again, now restraining the Reverend with a reverse headlock. Crazy is prone here and Cedrone drives him down with his elbow planted in his sternum! Things are looking bleak for the Reverend as the crowd is chanting JON-NY! JON-NY!

P. Lickin: Vinceman isn't going to like this...

Joey Styles: A couple more boots to the face, and Cedrone picks up the Reverend and drops him with the three-handled credenza! Mambo Italiano! Crazy is bleeding from his Cedrone drags the prone devil dodger to the center of the rings and hooks the leg. 1-2-and what the hell? Who... I have no idea who he is but some well dressed thug has just assaulted Jonny Cedrone! What the hell?

P. Lickin: You didn't think the Ol' Devil Dodger was going to show up without a plan tonight, did ya Joey?

Joey Styles: Yeah, well, I don't P! A lot has changed. I used to have respect for the Reverend and that sure isn't the case anymore! This stranger has Cedrone locked up in a full nelson. Crazy is getting up, what does he have in mind? Crazy is using Cedrone's abdomen like a punching bag! Crazy is telling this guy to do something, what is he... Cedrone has been dropped with a dominating spinebuster!

P. Lickin: Don't look now...

Joey Styles: The Rev grabbing a mic, what's he got to say now?

Reverend John Crazy: Stay down, Cedrone! You too want to start a war over this? Well consider that the first strike! As far as I am concerned this is a holy war! And let me introduce you to the archangel of death! My deacon, Jackson Rockwell! Consider him my minister of misery! Because as long as you hang on to the past, that is all you will know, misery! And that, my friends, you can BELIEVE!

Joey Styles: Cedrone can hardly stand after that heinous attack from, what did he say his name was?

P. Lickin: Jeez Styles, he just said it, Jackson Rockwell. And look at that, I guess Crazy is anointing him with the title belt.

Joey Styles: Disgusting...

The Reverend drapes the VCW title over Rockwell's shoulder.

Joey Styles: So what now? Do we not have a winner? This is a street fight, the match must continue!

Winner: No contest due to forfeit on one side, and inability to compete on the other….

Paul Vinceman Segment

Paul Vinceman is seen giving a tour to some obviously government affiliated workers, he is showing off a rather unique looking piece of cyber armor.

Paul: THIS….is my latest design, one I'm sure your agency and Commanders will love….I call it the Hollow Point Tech Suit. We have these in many variations, but what you see here is the most advanced. It can replace any or all limbs with cyber configurations that can allows the host to at will control their output of PSI and is almost indestructible!

Agent: Is this primarily for military use?

Paul: This unit here is for defense of any kind, of course the durability leaves little room for stability and endurance, which is why this particular model is designed for warfare and….back here…cases such as the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, basically an anti-uprising mech suit if you will.

Agent: I'm sure the President would like to be made aware just how you've so cleverly stumbled onto this kind of science, if you don't mind sharing.

Paul: And when he asks me himself…I'll be more than happy to share it with my CO. Now I plan to move forward with human trials on this in the next few weeks and depending on those results…will determine when I feel confident on going public with my research.

Agent: And who's the lucky wearer?

Paul: *Smirk* I….have not a clue at the moment honestly. I know none of the VCW athletes can probably handle this but I'll find someone…I always do. Now…if you follow me this way….

They walk off, with the camera zooming into the mech suit….

Johnny Aggression vs. Ursula

"Weight of the World" by Evanescence blasts as Ursula makes her way to the ring.

Styles: The new VCW Intercontental Champion making her way to the ring tonight, to battle against VWF Unites States champion, Johnny Aggression.

War by 30 Seconds to Mars hits as Johnny Aggression walks out from behind the curtain. The fans start to cheer as Johnny walks down to ringside. Johnny goes up the stairs and through the ropes. Johnny Aggression stands in the middle of the ring and raises his arm in the air as sparks come down from the ceiling.

Styles: Well ladies and gentlemen this a rather awkward moment, talk about the Rev mentioning war, we have champions from both sides competing tonight!

Lickin: Yeah and your side's gonna LOOOOSE.

With both competitors in the ring, the bell sounds off when…

"Business" by Eminem sounds off as Paul Vinceman walks out.

Styles: Wait a minute…oh now what…. Does this guy have to take EVERY section of the shows? Is he that egotistical?

Lickin: Stop talking about his testicles.

Paul: I'm sorry to interrupt everyone but I must make something clear tonight to Ms. Ursula.

Styles: ???

Paul: As fond of that title as you may be, and in your defense yes indeed I have announced you as the said Intercontinental champion of VCW…the whole process of awarding that belt has had me in quite a finks lately. I mean just look at your credentials. And I think to myself…is she that worthy of it, right now. Well, madam Ursula after explicit contemplation I've come to the conclusion that because I willingly gave you that title, you therefore have earned the right to keep it but….now the game has changed in retaining it. And the same goes for you and little precious VWF title Mr. Aggression….tonight you both will have to surprise me. You both will have to go over that edge to convince me that you have the right to be called champions. What truly qualifies you to have your name engraved on those accolades? No no, don't tell me…tell your opponent!

The two just stand in the ring confused.

Styles: Boy this is a rather…confusing moment everyone, I'm…..I'm not sure why I even come in to work anymore…

Aggression takes his title off and glances at it in his hands.

Styles: Aggression seemingly contemplating….OH MY GOD! Aggression just took out the referee with his title! And….now he's giving Ursula a look of pure insanity….this audience doesn't quite know how to react…but wait…no they do. Aggression….has Ursula over his shoulders. Ursula trying to fight her way out as he powerbombs her on top of the referee!

P. Lickin: Oh yeah!

Styles: Aggression measuring Ursula and connecting with the Snapshot! Aggression covers, as Paul slides in to count…..1….2….3…Aggression wins. VWF wins! Ursula was just caught completely offguard and the situation spun out of control.

P. Lickin: Like your mom.

Paul: Well, is there anything else Mr. VWF United States Champion?

Styles: Wait a minute…what's he doing…..He just…..Aggression just switched titles with Ursula! Is this a defection? Aggression just threw his VWF title on top of Ursula's body and took her VCW title!

Paul: That'll do, White Knight….that'll do. Oh…and welcome.

Styles: Ursula…just struggling to get to her feet.

Paul: I'm sorry it had to be this way, but you left me no choice. But I want you to know I appreciate the effort. Oh and…by the way…..why is one of my VCW champions carrying a VWF title? No no….stay down….you may as well….because Ursula….you're FIRED!

Styles: What!? Are you kidding me!?

P. Lickin: She had it coming.

Styles: What a miserable return episode for Crucifiction this has turned out to be, and we still have a main event!

Thomas Liger vs. Tazz

Styles: With Tazz in the ring for our so-called Main Event we await for The Awesome One…

Sirius by Allan Parson hits the speakers as we see Thomas Liger backstage making his way toward the ramp furiously.

Styles: I can not believe Paul Vinceman is putting Liger's career on the line against Tazz! And with El Lobo Grande as the special ref no less.

P. Lickin: But at least we got the Wrasslin' Rangers to make sure it all goes smooth! VCW!

Pryos rain down from the ceiling, shootout from the sides and flood the entrance ramp, eventually dying down to show Thomas Liger standing in the midst as he makes his towards the ring.

Styles: What can possibly going through Liger's mind right now, the insult and waste of time of this matchup.

P. Lickin: I think it's awfully nice of Mr. Vinceman to give Liger a chance.

Styles: Oh please….and there's the bell. A lockup and Liger tosses Tazz off like a sack of cottonballs.

P. Lickin: Huh?

Styles: Why is Lobo checking on Tazz…and now giving Liger a warning of DQ?

P. Lickin: Well he was a little rough.

Styles: Oh please and Tazz attacks while Liger argues with Lobo. In the corner Tazz delivers many rights and Ref Lobo finally calls him off, but pats him on the back?

P. Lickin: Tazz is doing good, he deserves a pat on the back.

Styles: And Liger grabs Tazz with both hands and tosses him in the corner and goes on his own rampage! And Lobo pulls him off. Oh no, watch out for the charging Tazz….. Liger counters with a sidewalk slam! He goes for a pin and wait a minute….Fuming Fuchsia kicks Liger off at 2. And the 2 begin kicking away. Double Irish Whip and Liger counters with a double clothesline! Leg drop onto Fuschia and a DDT to Tazz! Liger covers and oh no….Copycat Crimson attacks during the pinfall. Crimson delivers a right, turning Liger into a bitchslap from Fuschia. Tazz joins in and locks in the Tazzmission!

P. Lickin: Tap! Tap!

Fans: Awesome…..awesome….awesome….

Styles: Liger slowly manages to rise back to his feet and rams Tazz back into Crimson, causing them all to be rammed against the turnbuckle, and charging Fuschia is met with a bear hug slam right into both of them. Liger then charges into them all! The crowd going wild as Liger then charges into them all again. Fuschia and Crimson fall, but Tazz is thrown into 3 German Suplxes! Into another pinfall but…now ANOTHER Ranger breaks it up! Every pinfall attempt signals in another Ranger! This 1 on 1 is now a 4 on 1!

P. Lickin: It's more than fair, this is his career were talking about here!

Styles: Oh blow me, P….

P. Lickin: That's…

Styles: Shut up! And Tazz and the Rangers all form a circle around Liger and take turns throwing blows! I…I can't even see Liger at this point!

Fans: Boo!!!!

Styles: I agree 100%. Not only is Liger being gang raped but it's also under the most humiliating circumstances! Wait a minute….Wheelchair White's got 3 baseball bats…and he's throwing them into the ring! The Rangers picking them up! Liger struggling to even crawl, using the turnbuckle for support. The Rangers now equipped with their bats make their way towards Liger, WOW! Liger was untying the turnbuckle pad the entire time and threw at Fuschia, causing her to start a chain reaction of the Ranger hitting each other with the bats! And Liger dropkicks them all out of the ring! And SPEAR! Liger spears into Ref Lobo! Liger is feeling it! He locks in the Awesome Sharpshooter onto Tazz! Tazz taps! Tazz taps! Lobo sees it and unwillingly calls for the bell! Oh no….

P. Lickin: Finally!

Styles: The VCW roster rushing the ring! Liger saved his career but he may not remember it tomorrow. The Rev delivering the Insider's Edge to The Awesome One! Aggression….oh…my folks….I'm not even sure if Liger's conscious anymore….wait a minute….that's…….that's Scott DiBiase! He's supposed to be out with a concussion! Driving his belt headfirst into Rev's head. And picking up a bat and swinging away at the rest! The fans are going wild! DiBiase waving the bat around with the bodies of some of VCW's roster down and out. Lobo snatches the bat out of Scott's hands. Lobo taunting Scott, but Scott kicks him in the midsection and delivers the Stock Market Crash!


Paul: Well…well….well…..looks like defying my orders at Rejuvenation just was not enough for my World Champion. No, my world champion also has to defy doctor's orders as well. And for who, for what? Thomas Liger? Oh by the way, Mr. Liger I must extend my congratulations to you on a job well done on maintaining your career here in VCW…

Fans: VWF! VWF! VWF!

Paul: Of course this was obviously a ruse to display the true pathetic nature of your mere existence in VCW and because now you're officially here to stay….I'm going to put your career on the line again next week! And the week after that! After that! After that! After that! Because you clearly have not got the message yet! This is VCW! If you still walk around backstage and compete it's because I ALLOW it! I'm in charge of everything! I'm in charge of booking, of decisions, EVERYTHING! And until you understand this Thomas Liger your job will NEVER be safe again!

Fans: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Paul: And as for you Scott, my World Champion. Seeing as how pissing me off has become your new hobby….since you've probably banged the heads of most of my VCW roster now, perhaps I can start officially booking the main event for our first upcoming PPV….Succession! The World Heavyweight Champion…Scott DiBiase vs……VCW in a Slobber Knocker! Regardless of the results, at the end of the night you still compete when I tell you like the pathetic dogs that you are. I WILL impose my vision. I WILL be respected by both my VCW and VWF locker rooms! Because there is not a damn thing any of you can do. Not a single one of you mere VWF mortals will stand in VCW's way towards achieving Immortality!

Fans: Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Paul Vinceman turns and starts to walk up the ramp when…..

*The Lights brighten up to the point of exploding*

Styles: What's going on?

The fans go crazy. A look of disbelief hits Paul's face when another explosion pops out of nowhere, forcing Paul to fall as he sees the new V logo above the VikingTron ignite in flames. The arena begins to fog up, closing off any visuals that Paul can have of his surroundings except for a couple of very tiny bright dots that progressively get bigger and bigger, until they reveal to be eyes…the shining eyes of…

Styles: No way!

A look of fear ignites Paul's face as he starts crawling backwards, with Caretaker slowly stalking him, with his wife Jasmine by his side. Paul bangs his head against the ring apron, and climbs into the ring in a hurry and tries to escape from the otherside, but the entire ring becomes engulfed in flames. Caretake reaches the top of the ring steps, his eyes glowing bright as he raises his arms slowly, distributing light back into the shattered bulbs of the arena. Caretaker then finally enters the ring as the security sprinklers finally activate and put out the flames. Caretaker just stares at Paul with seemingly grave intent.

Paul: Hold it…no! No! Wait a minute! This can't be happening, now now! You're not supposed to be…

Caretaker's wife Jasmine begins removing her husband's coat, but Caretaker signals her off, like he doesn't plan to stay long. Caretaker then taunts Paul, who then by surprise is pushed from behind by Thomas Liger and Scott DiBiase into Caretaker's hand. The crowd goes bananas as Caretaker delivers a hard Gravedigger chokeslam to the new owner, landing him on his head, knocking him out!

Caretaker and his wife celebrate his return in the ring as Crucifiction goes off the air.

Styles: Looks like VCW's road to Immortality has had a head-on collision with Rindskoth Roth! The Scarce Gladiator returns! What a way to end this night of horrible of events! Good night, everyone!


Winner: Thomas Liger by Submission