RP Deadline: June 12, 2015
Air Date Estimate: June 19, 2015

at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA

VWF World Heavyweight Championship Scott DiBiase (c) vs. Caretaker

Preview: Scott’s surprise interference at the end of Liger’s career match, and Caretaker’s surprise return, putting VCW Chairman Paul Vinceman in the hospital from injuries sustained in the encounter has forced his hand to matching up the 2 VWF legends as punishment. But why is it a title match, if either athlete wins, the title still stays in VWF’s hands….something sounds fishy….

Thomas Liger vs. Johnny Aggression
Non-title Normal

Preview: Thomas Liger was able to retain his career last time out, and with the Chairman out for this Crucifiction, his career is still safe at least for one show. Until Vinceman returns, the Chairman wants to make sure The Awesome One is put against the toughest VCW athlete in his absence. Who better to pick than the newest addition, Johnny Aggression?

Jackson Rockwell vs. Jonny Cedrone
First Blood Match

Preview: No surprise matchup here, after his intervention on John Crazy’s behalf, an ever more furious Cedrone is out for blood…literally.

Phoenix/Mystery Partner vs. The Wrasslin Rangers
Special Guest Referee: Tazz

Preview: This was NOT Paul Vinceman’s idea, in fact…no one whose it is, but odds are it’s the mystery partner’s doing. Whilst we have no data on his identity, it can be safely assumed it’s someone with some sort of authority.