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  • September 20, 2019, 01:29:23 am
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Author Topic: VWF Rejuvenation (Full Show)  (Read 1113 times)

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VWF Rejuvenation (Full Show)
« on: March 14, 2015, 10:50:57 pm »

The Pyros spew into the stadium everywhere as VWF Rejuvenation finally begins!

Styles: The impossible has once more proven otherwise as we return to you live from the VWF Arena in Chicago, IL tonight! I am Joey Styles alongside my longtime partner and friend P. Lickin.

P. Lickin: Yeah, try to keep name-calling to minimum tonight, eh?

Styles: Oh, nothing can aggravate me tonight. VWF is back, with a new owner and a new life and….

“Business” by Eminem hits the PA….

Styles: Speaking of the devil….

Lickin: You called?

Styles: Here comes the new owner and listen to this crowd of over 32,000 fans live here at the VWF Arena!

Styles: Greeting fans along the ramp as he makes his way to the squared circle, ladies and gentlemen we are just moments away from meeting our new CEO!

Paul: Ladies and Gentlemen…..boys and girls of all ages….Welcome to the VWF’s REJUVENATION!

Styles: Listen to this crowd, P!

Lickin: Yada yada yada…

Paul: Before I go any further, please allow me to introduce myself to this loyal fanbase and the millions watching around the world on this glorious occasion! I am Paul Vinceman!

P. Lickin: Wait…what?

Paul: My name is Paul Vinceman and I purchased the Viking Wrestling Federation from Mr. Viking himself not too long ago. For those wondering I am a bit of a technological asset, I have designed many forms company cybertechnology including…those advanced self-checkout lanes in your local Walmarts….that little voice software in your iPhones, and I am also assisting Google in their self-parking automobile technology as well. And currently I am also designing a very advanced piece of cyber species so advanced that it takes the film I Robot to the cesspool pits!

Styles: A rather odd CEO resume for a wrestling company to say the least.

Paul: But of course in my everyday life I enjoy some good ol smackdowns every now and then, and when I read of the VWF…the very company that got me started in my field of expertise to begin with…..The Hardcore Soda Machine…wink wink….

Styles: He’s built the Hardcore Soda Machine!
Lickin: Yippity doo da!

Paul: I just had to give something back!

Styles: Listen to this crowd.

Paul: First of all thank you to Viking and every…single…one…of you here tonight for giving me my boost in such an industry! And as I’ve always said after giving my thanks….Lets get down to business!

Styles: Sounds good to us.
Lickin: What a suck up, like your mom.
Styles: Sigh.

Paul: The one thing I refuse to do in my reign as the new CEO of this organization is completely and utterly trash the legacy Mr. Viking’s hard work and thus…ruining you….the fans…your own experience of this incredible federation. So…as a result of some deep consideration in holding true to what VWF was, is and always will be, I have made a few changes to the minor side of this issue. Changes…that both reflect my vision and still retain that special integrity in the VWF Universe.

As the saying goes… “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” In keeping in compliance with this motto….I hereby…effective immediately…tonight….right now…rechristen The Viking Wrestling Federation….to the new ERA! Viking…..Championship…..Wrestling! VCW!

Styles: Wait a minute, what? VCW?
Fans: BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul: Now now, I hear you. I hear you. I do. And I understand for most change can appear at face value to be something of a superstitious nature. I get that. After all, look at how our first black president is treated. Eh?

Fans: BOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Paul: I hear you, ladies and gentlemen, I hear you loud and clear. But rest assured. The entertainment value will be the same if not superior than before. There’s plenty of room for potential newcomers in VCW, it retains the same grueling background of the old VWF with a special blend of the future!

Fans: BOOOOOO!!!!!!
Styles: Obviously the people have spoken. They don’t want this, at all.
P. Lickin: What’s with everyone, so he takes an F and puts in a C? Just like your mom. What’s the big whoop?
Styles: It’s understandable, P. This is a man who no one knows anything about, who doesn’t have comparable knowledge of this federation when compared to others who have been here the last 10 years. It’s almost like going to a student intern for financial advice.

Paul: Please, let me….
Fans: Booooo!!!!
Styles: Boy this arena just went from hyped to downright disgraced in just a matter of minutes! And we have yet to have our first match!
Paul: Everyone listen….
Fans: Booooo!!!
Paul: This…..this is the future! You’re looking at the future! Futures are funny in that they are not predictable but they always come on little cat feet and no one is ever prepared, until now! VCW…’s here and now! The second I make my way back to the backstage area, this new code goes into effect! That means Ring announcer you will call VWF champions by VCW champions, I will address VWF fans as VCW fans, athletes as VCW athletes, blah blah blah. In all aspects, every single manner……VCW is born tonight!

Fans: Boooo!!!!
Paul: yes yes….just give it some time! You’ll learn to enjoy it, and I am patient man.  Now without further adieu….lets get down to business!

Styles: If this is our new CEO.
P. Lickin’: Finally someone understands me!
Styles: ???
P. Lickin: VCW. I like the sound of that!
Styles: You’re only saying that to annoy me.
P. Lickin: Even better!

Wrasslin’ Rangers vs. Fucking Scared

Tazz's music hits the loudspeakers. He and Phoenix begin making their way to the ring.

Joey Styles: We're starting the new era of VWF with a tag match. It's Phoenix and Tazz...Fucking Scared!

P. Lickin: Hey! Watch your language! That's F'ing Scared to you!

Joey Styles: Well in either case two VWF mainstays are here ready to compete. I bet both these guys are hoping that with a new VWF comes new success.

P. Lickin: If you listen to Tazz he'll tell you how they should be VWF Tag Team Champions!

Joey Styles: They'll have to earn it-

The Wrasslin' Rangers Theme hits the loudspeakers.

P. Lickin: Oh no!

Joey Styles: Oh yeah!

P. Lickin: Not these guys!

The Wrasslin' Rangers walk out on stage. They line up on stage and point to the ring, where Phoenix hides behind Tazz.

P. Lickin: BWAHAHAHAHA is one of them in a wheel chair?

Joey Styles: That would be the...Wheelchair White Power Ranger.

P. Lickin: You’re joking.

Joey Styles: No, there’s a whole new cast. It’s a new generation of rangers. There is also Slutty Shamrock, Fuming Fuchsia, Insane Indigo, and Copycat Crimson. All Wrasslin Rangers. 5 new rookies with ATTITUDE.

P. Lickin: You have to be joking. The green one is just some chick in skimpy green clothing!

The Rangers pose on the stage and point down to the ring. Wheelchair Whites leads the charge rolling down the ramp and bumping into the side of the ring. The other four Rangers surround the ring, Copycat Crimson to one side, Insane Indigo to another, and Slutty Shamrock and Fuming Fuchsia to the last. Tazz and Phoenix look around at the Rangers, who have surrounded them. Copycat Crimson pulls himself up the apron, prompting the non-wheelchair ones to do the same.

Joey Styles: Haven’t I’ve seen this ploy before…

P. Lickin: What is going on? Get out of there Tazz!

Wheelchair White is hoisted into the ring via chains from the ceiling as the other Rangers step in. The referee stands in the middle of the ring, shielding Tazz and Phoenix from the Rangers.

Joey Styles: Here I thought they were going to attack.

P. Lickin: Come on, The Wrasslin Rangers are pansies! They wouldn’t do any such thing.

Joey Styles: The referee has gotten some semblance of order here. Slutty Shamrock has hopped down to the floor.

P. Lickin: She can hop around all she wants!

Joey Styles: Yes, yes she can. This is a 4 on 2 handicap match and it looks like...Wheelchair White is going to start this match.

P. Lickin: Oh man...WHEELCHAIR White. This is going to be a classic. Look, even Phoenix is not intimidated!

The referee calls for the bell as the match begins. Phoenix is feeling a little brave as the White Ranger holds up his fists from a sitting position. Phoenix goes and locks up with him, immediately rolling him into a corner. The referee forces a break. The White Ranger suddenly explodes out of the corner with a huge clothesline, flattening Phoenix.

Joey Styles: He can walk?!?!

P. Lickin: It’s the opposite of a miracle, it’s...just terrible. Didn’t I see the Ranger van in the handicap parking space?

The White Ranger immediately runs back to his chair to sit, and then wheels over to make the tag to Copycat Crimson. Phoenix crawls over to his corner to also make the tag. Tazz steps in the ring and gets his face into the helmet of the Crimson Ranger. Tazz steps back and takes a swing but The Crimson Ranger ducks and then hooks up Tazz for the...Tazzplex! He bridges for the cover


Tazz rolls his shoulder up. We hear The Crimson Ranger yell about belonging in the main event as he walks over and tags in Insane Indigo.

Joey Styles: The Rangers are making quick tags, smart.

P. Lickin: How is that smart? Sound tag teams would isolate one of their opponents! They’ve allowed Tazz to tag Phoenix back into the match.

Joey Styles: To be fair, this is 4 on 2…

P. Lickin: Right so the Rangers are TWICE as terrible as Fuckin’ Scared. I’m fuckin’ impressed.

Insane Indigo takes the tag and...climbs the turnbuckle. Phoenix stands in the opposite corner as far away as possible. The Indigo Ranger looks to the crowd and then his teammates, who in no uncertain terms tell him to get down. Finally The Indigo Ranger shrugs and leaps forward with a missile dropkick...only to hit the mat barely in the center of the ring, completely missing his high risk spot. Phoenix dives on him for the cover.

-Fuming Fuchsia dives in with a headbutt to break up the pin.

Joey Styles: Sometimes...high risk doesn’t pay off.

P. Lickin: HIGH risk? ALL risk! He had no chance! What in all that is good and holy was he thinking?

Joey Styles: According to his roster page, only on, he...doesn’t think. He just does.

The referee forces The Fuchsia Ranger back into his corner. Insane Indigo crawls to the corner...the wrong corner where Tazz and Phoenix are. Phoenix makes the tag and Tazz gets in. He stomps on The Indigo Ranger a few times. He then places his boot onto Insane Indigo’s helmet. In response Indigo lowers his visor and bites the foot of Tazz! no effect considering he is wearing boots. Tazz shakes his foot, trying to shake free the Ranger gnawing on his boot. Tazz hobbles over to his corner with Indigo around his leg, and makes the tag back to Phoenix.

Joey Styles: F’ing Scared utilizing quick tags here.

P. Lickin: It’s a handicap match! What else can they do?

Joey Style: The White Ranger might take exception to that.

P. Lickin: What are you talking about?? This is literally a handicap match I’m not making insensitive remarks for once!

Phoenix steps into the ring and with a little amateur wrestling pulls Indigo off and onto the mat. He transitions to a chinlock. Surprisingly, the Insane Indigo Ranger pounds the mat tapping out to the submission. Phoenix breaks the hold and jumps up celebrating!

P. Lickin: Yes they beat the Rangers! Yes! Yes!

Joey Styles: Wait no! The Shamrock Ranger jumped up onto the apron to distract the ref...and she...yes she has just shoved the ref’s face into her boobs!

Phoenix jumps up and down celebrating, and then turns and jumps right into a flying clothesline from the Fuchsia Ranger jumping over the ropes. He yells ‘take me seriously now!’ as Tazz steps into the ring, only for Insane Indigo to leapfrog over Fuming Fuchsia and whip around him for some sort of luchadore style move that was ineffective, but it does tie him and Tazz up to roll under the ring. Phoenix rolls over to his knees just as The Crimson Ranger steps into the ring. He poses and runs at Phoenix Curbstomping him to the mat! The referee gets his head free from Slutty Shamrock, pantomimes ‘call me’ and turns around just in time for Copycat Crimson to pin Phoenix


Joey Styles: The Rangers use their numerical superiority to win this match tonight!

P. Lickin: What is the referee doing? The Crimson guy wasn’t even the legal man!

The Ranger’s music hits the loudspeaker, but Wheelchair White tosses Copycat Crimson a microphone.

Copycat: Cut our music!


Copycat: Everyone in the arena!


Copycat: I said everyone in the arena!


Copycat: Is this thing on? Why are they saying what?

Fuming: Because they are mocking us.


Copycat: You can’t mock us! We’re the good guys!


Copycat: We’re the Wrasslin’ Rangers!


Insane Indigo grabs the microphone.

Insane: I got this. wdfgmklewrtjio423jbhr4i97tyr6789p0978654wertyuiokpnbhjgre45edfrgthyjtrefdscvfbgnhu654tredfbghnjuy754tredscvbnhmjyu6754redsvfghty!! And….*gasp* wedfrgthjkuyhfgdopiiujejvm[wepfohbvhgrtetyuiolkwejdfvyuh. And finally qwsedrftyuj[pop;yhpofdiuhwytgqwstyghwerfij!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Insane Indigo drops the microphone. The Crimson Ranger picks it up and looks at him.

Copycat: WHAT?!

Insane: I was speaking their language.

Fuming: You were speaking nonsense!

Copycat: Guys stop. VWF, you’ve been warned. We’re a new generation of Wrasslin’ Rangers, faster, smarter….and sexier….it’s fuckin’ Morphin’ Time!

Copycat Crimson drops the microphone as their music plays over the loudspeaker and they head to the back, as Tazz chokes the living hell out of Phoenix in the ring.

Winners: The Wrasslin’ Rangers….I think.

Paul Vinceman and Lori McWiggletits Segment

((Backstage we see Lori McWiggletits speaking with Paul Vinceman))

Lori: That’s my main concern over this VCW thing you know, that it’ll bring us all apart, I mean many of those people in those lockerrooms…they have been….over 10 years as VWF warriors, I’m just concerned…

Paul: Lori Lori, honey I hear you loud and clear. And I appreciate your take on the matter. But you see, there’s no need for concern.

Lori: Oh?

Paul: None. Because….the VWF will still have its legend in my reign, that’s the whole beauty of VCW, it allows everyone a clean slate…and…maybe a little name change on your part….but point being…it shows our thirst for something more, something better, something fresher, something greater. And don’t think of me as this guy with all this money to throw around, think of me as your partner in crime. Whatever mistakes committed in the past as per VWF’s doing….VCW will bring justice. Ok?

Lori: If you say so…

Paul: That a girl, not run along, I still have so much to sign here.

((Lori runs off screen. Seconds later, Britannia Champion El Lobo Grande appears and simply just stares Paul down before walking off slowly.))

El Lobo Grande vs. Thomas Liger

Styles: Partner in crime? This guy can talk, that’s for sure.
P. Lickin: Unlike your father.
Styles: Oh great, now dad jokes?
P. Lickin: I think he’s doing a great job!

"Battle of One" by 30 Seconds to mars begins to play as the masked El Lobo Grande comes out from the back. He raises his right arm into the air before making his way down the ramp.

And here comes our reigning Britannia Champion, El Lobo Grande. Set to compete against “The Awesome” One Thomas Liger, who now goes by his full name….Thomas Liger Durning, but he mentioned to me earlier, P. He’s really a changed man now.

((In Match Segment Retrospect.))

Liger: The trip alone was exhausting but everything that transpired from it, giving me the courage to embrace my Durning roots made it quite the adventure. I don’t know if that was truly the intention or not but…here I am one way or the other, ready to ride that horse .

((End Segment Retro))

Styles: It is quite a story, and you can find out more about Liger’s immense transformation at

“Sirius” blasts onto the speakers. The camera cuts to outside the arena where a black corvette pulls in front and out jumps Thomas Liger, who starts walking inside.

Styles: There he is, The Awesome One making his way…all the way from outside the arena, not rushing anything, taking his time to the entrance ramp….

Pyros start to rain down from the ceiling and from the floor of the ramp as Liger finally appears inside and gives a left arm signal for the left pyros and a right arm signal for the right standing inside the entire geyser of pryos until a huge explosion erupts and Liger appears and makes his way towards the ring.

Styles: Liger finally making his way to the entrance…
P.Lickin: Yeah, that’s putting it mildly.
Styles: He is a former VWF Britannia Champ…
P. Lickin: VCW.
Styles: What?
P. Licking: He is a former VCW…Champion…not VWF…
Styles: You’re kidding, right?
P. Lickin: Your mom asked the same thing.
Styles: I’m not saying….that…it’s VWF….
P. Lickin: You know you’re right, I don’t care if you lose your job, so go ahead.
Styles: Well thanks. Anyways….Liger is a former Britannia Champion, yet strangely enough….this is not a title-match.
P. Lickin: Goodie.

Styles: There’s the bell and the two lockup immediately with Grande getting the edge. Now P, as former Britannia Champ…don’t you think it makes sense to give Liger a title shot here?
P. Lickin: You talking to me?
Styles: Yes, P. I’m talking to you.
P. Lickin: Because I notice you only talk when you want something from me and I don’t go for that sort of thing.
Styles: Seriously, P. It’s a legitimate question.
P. Lickin: Alright….what was it again?
Styles: Sigh….don’t you think being former Britannia Champ that Liger should’ve maybe gotten a title shot here?
P. Lickin: How should I know, I was never Britannia Champ, duh.
Styles: Nevermind….oh and it’s Liger with a headbutt followed by a suplex. He goes for the cover, Lobo kicks out at 2.  A rather slow paced match to say the least, think maybe Liger’s trying to reserve strength incase he gets a title show out of this?
P. Lickin: Yeah, that cow over there does look like Smart Mom, Styles. Good call.
Styles: Oh for the ….can you pay attention for a minute here? Oh…and Lobo connects with an Alpha Bite! The cover and Liger kicks out at 2. Grande with the headlock but Liger counters out with an elbow to the gut. And another. And another. Against the ropes goes Liger, fakes out a clothesline and connects with a fallback DDT. Liger against the ropes again and a leg drop. Liger covers and Grande kicks out.
P. Lickin: What would be so bad about VCW?
Styles: We’re back to that now?
P. Lickin: I think it shows potential in the evolution of our great fed.
Styles: I’ve said my piece already. But even so, you have to think about the lockerroom, the people who actually come out and do the hard work.
P. Lickin: What about them?
Styles: They’re VWF athletes!
P. Lickin: Well Boo hoo.
Styles: I fear the worst circumstances are to come of this. But maybe for Grande as Liger locks in the Sharpshooter! Will Grande tap out!?
P. Lickin: Why not, he has nothing to lose, go on and tap, defeat someone more qualifying, especially for a title shot!
Styles: Grande reaches the ropes and Liger lets go before he’s DQ’d.
P. Lickin: Why not just give in? There’s no point here, just end the match already, save your strength for something better!
Styles: And Grande shoves Liger into the ref and what’s that? He has a chain wrapped around his hand and delivers an enhanced right to Liger’s head! Liger goes down. To the top turnbuckle Grande goes and El Lobo Grande goes El Lobo Loco! Grande throws out the chain and covers. 1….2….3…!
P. Lickin: Finally.
Styles: Unbelievable, that sneak attack from Grande cost Liger the match and possibly a title match maybe.
P. Lickin: There’s more important things in the world of wrestling than non-title bouts. And I think he knows that and I agree.
Styles: Whatever, that doesn’t justify giving someone a probable concussion.
P. Lickin: That’s the life here, I give your mom….
Styles: Break time!

Winner: El Lobo Grande

Thomas Liger and Paul Vinceman Segment

Backstage, Thomas Liger is making his way back to his lockerroom.

Paul: Thomas, THOMAS! Hey….hey pal. What happened? Don’t answer….don’t answer. Because I’m not really THAT oblivious. Even though Lobo hitting you with tha chain behind the ref’s back didn’t really help the situation here, lets be honest YOU had problems to begin with here. And THAT’S why you I did not give you a title shot in that match. You had no interest, no motivation…look at me. Nothing. You were a dud out there. Even if Lobo never chained you…you wouldn’t have won anyway. I know it and I know you know it too.

Thomas: You may know how to take up A LOT of breathing room with your voice and all, but to invade my space, my own breathing room….

Paul: Stop right there. Thomas, I know you have pride in you, but I did not see that out there. You can talk all you want about your changed ways….yada yada but I know better than take things at face value you understand. That match with Lobo….was disgraceful. But I believe in you, and I believe you when you say you’ve changed. I see it in your academics but in the ring….

Thomas: Listen to me. Nothing in this world means more to me than pride and effort and above all…patronage of your self-respect and discipline. Say what you want about my performance….but Lobo….that guy showed me, and you and the fans that pride and effort and discipline come last if you can simply tea bag the honor and integrity of traditional competition.

Paul: You know what then Thomas. Here’s what I’m gonna do, on Crucifiction I’m gonna make you prove what you just told me. Because it touched me. It did. In fact I agree with it, so on Crucifiction I want you to display that for me….and under the most brutal conditions possible. Now I won’t bug you with the details now, I can see your tired, but keep your eyes open….

Thomas: You can count on it.

Paul: I have no doubt.

Paul walks off as Liger shakes off the conversation.

Styles: Well we have something to look forward to on Crucifiction now at least.
P. Lickin: So we have to work again after tonight?

Jonny Cedrone Segment

**--The scene opens up in the backstage area where we see a beautiful and familiar face from the past. The men in attendance cheer loudly at the sight of her.--**

Sara McKenzie: “Hi fellas!”

**--The guys in the arena go nuts once more--**

Sara McKenzie: “Long time no see fellas! Are ya as excited about tonight as I am?!”

**--Huge cheers once more--**

Sara McKenzie: “New acquaintances…old friends…Put them all together and you get a jam packed actioned fill night that only the Viking Wrestling Federation can produce!”


Sara McKenzie: “That’s right, you heard me say it folks…the Viking Wrestling Federation! That old love of everyone’s has come back into our lives and has promised to brighten up our days once again! With a show aptly named, Rejuvenation, the Viking Wrestling Federation has been rejuvenated and of course, ya can’t have a VWF show without one of, if not THE biggest name in Viking Wrestling Federation history, the ever popular, the absolutely hot beast, ‘The King of Sexy’….Jonny Cedrone!”

**--The fans go absolutely crazy with excitement as Jonny Cedrone and Gloria get squeezed into the camera shot with Sara, all three sporting huge grins--**

Jonny Cedrone: “Hey Sara”

Sara McKenzie: “Hi Jonny! Hi Gloria! Good to see you two!

Jonny/Gloria: “It’s real good to see you again!”

Gloria: “Long time no see hasn’t it?”

Sara McKenzie: “Way too long! So tell me you guys, how does it feel to be back home?”

Jonny Cedrone: “It feels real good honestly. It’s been what, three…four years? I’ve been out of the limelight that is the Viking Wrestling Federation for so long, I actually forgot how it felt to hear those fans…it feels real good to be back…to hear and feel the love of the fans!”

**--The fans go crazy once again as Jonny’s and Gloria’s grins grow wider--**

Sara McKenzie: “Tonight you jump right back into the saddle first thing, hit the ground running I guess you could say…you’re facing Johnny Aggression….a good friend of yours…a much respected opponent of your past. What are your thoughts on this match up tonight?”

Jonny Cedrone: “Ya know, much like you, I was…and still am…excited to hear about the return of the Viking Wrestling Federation. I’m even more excited that I get to face a good friend of mine, a fantastic athlete and an amazing competitor, let alone the fact that I was given the opportunity to participate in this show and make my return to the Viking Wrestling Federation. Johnny Aggression has always been one of my favorite opponents, he and I have always shared a great respect for not only each other, but for the sport of professional wrestling. We both have a huge passion to go out to that ring and put on one of, if not THE best match of the show. We’ve always gone out there with the mindset to steal the show with our matches, and whenever he and I have been on the card, we definitely have stolen the show…no doubt about it! And tonight is undeniably no different to that rule.”

**--Jonny looks into the camera--**

Jonny Cedrone: “Johnny, tonight the Viking Wrestling Federation begins its journey back to prominence, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Also tonight, you and I embark on our new journey in the Viking Wrestling Federation. You and I are going to go out to that ring and put on a wrestling clinic, of which the fans haven’t witnessed in a while. Whether we fight over the United States Championship, team up and fight for the Tag Team Championships, or wrestle with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line, we always go out there with everything that we have, we leave everything that we’ve got out in that ring and the fans, each and every time, go home feeling fulfilled, proud of the fact that they spent their hard earned money on the tickets to watch us wrestle! With you and I back, with the Viking Wrestling Federation back, the fans are finally able to see what the sport of professional wrestling is all about! I’m looking forward to the match tonight Johnny, I wish you the best of luck and may the best man win!”

**--The fans go nuts once again as Cedrone and Gloria walk off camera--**

Sara McKenzie: “There ya go folks! ‘The King of Sexy’ himself! Jonny Cedrone! It’s set to be a great match, as always and a fantastic start to a resurrection of the Viking Wrestling Federation! I’m really glad to be back and am looking forward to what the company has in store from here on out!”

Suddenly, new VWF Owner Paul Vinceman enters the scene.

Paul: Excuse me, Ms. I won’t take too much of your time, But in the future, please inform him that this is now VCW, and not VWF. Got that? Now I can tolerate it tonight, but after tonight….anyone not recognizing this establishment as VCW….well….lets just say I may have to start taking my position here a little more seriously. Possibly starting with you. Ok?

McKenzie: Mr. Vi…

Paul: Just call me Paul, alright? Just Paul will do, and it saves us airtime by not adding so many useless syllables. I’m one who believes that interviewers such as yourself possess a sort of authority, so in the future…please show some VCW support, and enforce it on your subjects who are still stuck in this VWF era.

The boos are loud from the audience.

Paul: You’re not in any trouble, Mrs. But understand I will be monitoring everything, especially my interviewers and I expect as much results from you as I do the athletes. You think you can handle that?

McKenzie: …..

Paul: I thought so. I have the highest confidence in you. Now have a pleasant evening and please, enjoy the catering tonight.

Paul walks off as Sarah is left with a plain look of confusion on her face.

Crimson vs. Encore vs. Jared Fish

Styles: The boos are loud as ever tonight for our new owner and President Paul Vinceman as he stands in the ring with a mic in hand.

Paul: Ladies and gentlemen our next event here tonight is rather unique in that it is probably the first of its kind! Currently this organization…the V…C…W…

Styles: My god, P. I can’t stand to hear such haste from our VWF Universe here.
P. Lickin: Oh suck on a lollipop already!

Paul: ….has 3 champions who are seemingly…just not getting anywhere. Literally. Because none of them have been seen or heard from for almost 2 years! The Tag Team Champions are by default dismissed…both as champions and as a championship because…hey…fuck tag teams! But The Crimson Lightening….the Intercontinental Champion, Jared Fish…The Eurocontinental Champion and Encore…the Pan-Pacific Champion….they continue to be champions, thus I had a vision to keep this as fair as possible. Why don’t we ask Google….or rather it’s simulator Googlefight…..who should be worthy of not only keeping their respective championships, but so much so that they consume the other 2 AWOL’s titles at the same time? So thus…we have our first…VCW….Googlefight match. I custom designed my own Google based simulator for this match alone. Now if the tech guys would so kindly display the simulator on the VikingTron please.

Paul: Ok, now you will see 3 branches of engines, all contaiing one name per the norm. Now we shall simulate this filter and be carried into the results screen where we shall have our winner and our championship merger. So without further adieu VCW computer…..

Crowd boos.

Styles: Oh for the love, does he take pleasure in this hatred?

Paul: Give the VCW Universe its new champion!

Paul: Well check that out everyone. Encore has no results, at least in the monitor’s line of sights, and Jared Fish’s is so small he can’t even get his name on the screen and wowsers….Crimson Lightening….yeah….I think this is a closed case everyone, so now without further stalling Rejuvenation  I announce your new Pan-Pacific and Eurocontinental margining into the Intercontinental Champion…..Crimson….Lighten….

Suddenly….Don Omar by Danza Kuduro hits the speakers.

Styles: Wait a minute. That’s….that’s Ursula Areano! The Cabo Wabo Champion!
P. Lickin: Who?
Styles: The only female competitor in the VWF, thought to have been lost among the masses is here tonight! Paul looks just as confused as P. Lickin’s job description.
P. Lickin: Now that cut me deep. Your mom said that.

Ursula: Hold it there, bitch! Just hold it right there. You think you can just come along, throw some money around, and run this place even deeper into its own shithole by crowning a no-competing, worthless hag such Crimson Lightening, a merging Champion with nothing to show for it next week?

Paul: Well, actually…

Ursula: You no speak, bitch! I….who has destroyed my competition. I who has gone through Hades and thin blooded hooligans…and I…who happens to be a woman on mother fucking Woman’s Day….on the grandest stage of them all won this Cabo Wabo title off of that petty Mysterious 2 years ago and counting!

Paul: I think you’ve made your point quite clear, Ms. Areano. So let me get straight to it. It’s obvious you work hard. You’ve earned that title and you’ve managed to keep it this long while also…maintaining a consistent presence within the very establishment which you acquired it.  I admire that, and just being a woman just simply adds more to love about the fact. Are you aware that backstage as we speak, we have female interviewers and concession employees who contribute little more than complaints about the glare of these championships. Hell I have complaints from a female custodian who constantly has to keep cleaning up after the same zombie! But from you, common sense seems to stem thicker than that blood. And you make a hell of a point. So here’s what I’m gonna do for you here. I am going to trade that VWF Cabo Wabo belt you have there and trade it in for this new VCW Intercontinental Championship here.

Paul: As a token of thanking you for your dedication, your ethic and of course to your future. Go on and hold it….here.

Styles: As Ursula tries to…tries to feel out a VCW title here, folks.
P. Lickin: This is sexy….

Paul: See, it’s got a more comfortable fit for a strong champion, the leather lining is perfectly smooth yet has a strong grip, the gold is thicker. It’s the perfect championship, am I right? Or am I right? This is what a VCW goddess should be wearing in my book, and I’m gonna name you our first VCW Intercontinental Champion! Indeed, this a Women’s Day to appreciate and remember for years to come. And I think once you defend your name on that gold there, there will be not a shred of a doubt that will enter anyone’s mind here tonight that you are both worthy and deserving. So take the night off, enjoy yourself, because come Crucifiction…you shall prove that notion imminently.

Styles: Well Ladies and gentlemen there you have it if you just joined us, new owner Paul Vinceman has just crowned our new, or rather VCW…I can’t stand to even say those letters….Intercontinental Champion and already plans for it to be defended on Crucifiction! As Ursula holds her new title high nd full of pride.
P. Lickin: Did you say Pride or Pryde?
Styles: That joke is SERIOUSLY getting old, P!

Winner: Ursula Areano is crowned the VCW Intercontinental Champion and unifies the 3 vacant VWF titles into her own.

Jonny Cedrone vs. Johnny Aggression

“War” by 30 Seconds to Mars blasts as Johnny Aggression walks out from behind the curtain. The fans start to cheer as Johnny walks down to ringside. Johnny goes up the stairs and through the ropes. Johnny Aggression stands in the middle of the ring and raises his arm in the air as sparks come down from the ceiling.

“Broken, Beaten and Scarred” by Metallica hits the speakers as challenger Jonny Cedrone walks down the ramp to a nice ovation.

Styles: 2 of the finest performers in VWF history right here in the same ring at Rejuvenation. I am pumped for this one, how about you, Lickin?
P. Lickin: You make an interesting point….
Styles: Lickin?
P. Lickin: I’ll ride this out tonight and see how the next show starts out, alright sir?
Styles: Sir?
P. Lickin: Alright then. Talk to you then.
Styles: Who were you talking to?
P. Lickin: Your mom.
Styles: And the two shake hands as the bell rings. Locking up and fighting for dominance. Cedrone locks in a headlock and brings Aggression to a knee. Aggression using force to wrestle Cedrone down. What intensity shown already at just the start of this match! Irish whip into the ropes goes Aggression as he counters a clothesline and oh! What a high flying lariat! But Cedrone trips him off his feet. Aggression rolls out quickly and dropkicks Cedrone in the face! Against the ropes and a leg drop connects! And Aggression covers for a 2 count!
P. Lickin: Boring.
Styles: Oh come on, P! Such intensity, can’t you feel the magnitude of the event tonight?
P. Lickin: Blah blah blah.
Styles: Now see right there, right there, Cedrone’s counters a DDT in mid-air into roll-up pin and gets a 2 count as Aggression kicks out! That roll-up definitely had to cause some damage to the King of Sexy however as he is stumbling back against the turnbuckle and here comes a sprinting Aggression as he rams into Cedrone against the turnbuckle! Sidewalk Slam! Onto Cedrone as Aggression covers and Cedrone kicks out after 2!
P. Lickin: This isn’t VCW worthy.
Styles: Oh my gosh, really? You’re going to go that far?
P. Lickin: Hey, just calling it like it is.
Styles: You’re not calling ANYTHING. And don’t even mention my mother in your next statement.
P. Lickin: Funny, that’s what you’re mom’s mom said to me last night.
Styles: When will you tire of the mom jokes, at least being the majority of what you say?
P. Lickin: Well, the majority of my…
Styles: WOW! Karate chop action between Aggression and Cedrone! Just trading turns. Cedrone gets the upper hand and body slams Aggression! Cedrone poses for the crowd and delivers a rolling neck snapper!
P. Lickin: You know…
Styles: Shut up!
P. Lickin: Dammit.
Styles: How about we discuss the future. We’ve been together for years and years.
P. Lickin: Yeah don’t remind me.
Styles: We’re not getting any younger…
P. Lickin: Speak for yourself.
Styles: If you could pick anyone to replace me, who would it be?
P. Lickin: You? Well…
Styles: I’ll tell you who I’d like to replace you.
P. Lickin: Alright I’ll bite, who?
Styles: Your mom. Burn! Oh and Aggression connects this DDT smoothly! Running up to the top turnbuckle, posing before going for the Camera Flash! Cedrone moves at the last second. Cedrone rises and spears hard into Aggression against the ropes and OH MY GOD! The ropes snap off from the impact and both men are down outside of the ring! The official calling the for maintence to fix the ring, stalling the match and the countout as both men struggle to get up.
Fans: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!
Styles: How the hell could the ring collide so easily….oh my god are you kidding…THAT’S one of the ring builders?

Mandigo: Ugg…oops….(passes out.)

Styles: As VWF workers work rapidly to repair the ring, the referee checking up on the 2 competitors. But wait, looks like the referee is getting a message in his earpiece and is calling for a mic!

Ref: ladies and gentlemen. I have just been informed by new VWF Owner Paul Vinceman…that due to the dedication from both competitors, and the obvious mistake in accepting volunteers to construct the ring….that this match is now a Falls Count Anywhere match and is also now officially for the United States Championship!

Syles: Wow! We have ourselves a title bout! And listen to this crowd at the annoucememnt! We’ll have more when we come back!
P. Lickin: Come back?
Styles: Oh right, this is a PPV, no commercials! Officials nearly finished with the ring already as Cedrone and Aggression trade blows on their knees but OH! Aggression rams Cedrone’s skull against the barricade! Both men go back down as the officials continue repairing the ring. It’s nice to see this Vinceman guy at least acknowledges ethic and hard work.
P. Lickin: Then why does he keep calling me every 5 minutes when you say “VWF?”
Styles: And the two trade blows outside the ring. Remember, it’s now a Falls Count Anywhere Title Match, ladies and gentlemen, they can stay there until Armageddon! Aggression with a kick to the midsection, but Cedrone uses the elevation to throw Aggression into the steel steps! Aggression kicks Cedrone away to give himself some room.
P. Lickin: I know the feeling.
Styles: Aggression forces Cedrone back into the ring just as the officials finish repairing the ring and make their exit up the ramp. And the two do a test of strength. Both men are almost identical in size so this can go either way and it looks that is to be the case as they keep exchanging dominance. Aggression on top but Cedrone bounces back and kicks Aggression in the knee and then connects with a Mambo Ialiano! Cedrone covers, this is for the title! 1…2……..thr….Oh and Aggression kicks out! Cedrone was so close! What a match! Ladies and gentlemen…this…is…VWF!
P. Lickin: Oh great, now my phone’s ringing again!
Styles: Cedrone pulling Aggression up and out of oh….out of nowhere a thumb to the eyes from Aggression. A clothesline from Cedrone. And another. And another. Aggression counters this one into a 3 German Suplexes! There’s 1. There’s the second. And there’s the third! Aggression, signals for it! The crowd on their feet. Cedrone is down. Aggression jumps onto the top rope, going for another one! The Camera Flash connects! This could be it! Aggression crawls for the cover 1…2…and Cedrone kicks out! Aggression can’t believe it! As Cedrone uses the ropes to regain composure, Aggression sprints but Cedrone is able to duck and send Aggression over the ropes, but Aggression lands on the apron and locks Cedrone into a hold and lifts Cedrone, but is able to escape the hold and land on the apron as well. Cedrone elbows Aggression and then bounces Aggression’s head off the ropes.  And Aggression falls to the outside mat. Remember…no countouts…pinfalls anywhere! Aggression catches Cedrone as he tries to do an aerial attack off the apron, but Cedrone escapes and forces Aggression into the steel post! Cedrone connects with a brainbuster and goes for a pin, the ref counts but Aggression kicks out at 2. Aggressions pounds away at Cedone’s spine as they are both down. OH! And Aggression rams Cedrone against the Spanish Announcer table! But both men are equally exhausted.
P. Lickin: Tell me about it.
Styles: Aggression to his feet, and pulling Cedrone to his. Oh wait, out of nowhere Cedrfone counters…Cash out! Aggression’s face banging against the announcer table! Cedrone covers
Fans: 1…2…….
Styles: Kickout! Aggression right lower lip is busted open. Cedrone from behind has Aggression in a chokehold. Ouch! Aggression counters with his own jaw breaker! And a backbody drop lands Cedrone on top of the table! Aggression signals and runs his way atop the turnbuckle and connects ANOTHER Camera Flash through the table! This is it, it has to be. Can Aggression recuperate in time to make the cover!? Neither can move! This match may end in a no contest! Aggression, now moving inches at a time, finally gets his arm around Cedrone! The ref counts!
Fans: 1…2...3….!
Styles: Aggression retains! Aggression retains! I don’t believe it!
Ring Announcer: Here is your winner….and STILL the Untied States Champion! Johnny AggRESSionnn!

Styles: Well ladies and gentleman, it had to end eventually and Aggression took the harder more efficient route, wouldn’t you say, P.?
P. Lickin: Yeah I mean that’s how I do it too…ahem.

Winner: Johnny Aggression Retains

Scott DiBiase Segment

KYLE BACON: It is my pleasure at this time to introduce to you the VWF World Heavyweight champion: Scott DiBiase! Scott, you stand here tonight as the World Heavyweight champion having won that title from the Tornado Kid at Bloodlust on August 28, 2013 but your title reign has seen a time of great turmoil from the VWF with many believing that the VWF was dead and buried, but you refused to subscribe to the popular opinion that the VWF was dead and would never return.

SCOTT DiBIASE: All good things must one day come to an end, Bacon. I know that, intellectually and in my heart, but not once did I ever believe that I was leaving a VWF ring for the final time. It was an end of an era at the Big Birthday Bash, where The Viking King decided that the time was right to retire from this crazy business and it was an honour to have the final match of the Viking King Era with the greatest opponent I have ever had. When I stepped into the cell with Jonny with the World Heavyweight championship on the line, it was a bittersweet feeling knowing that the VWF as we knew it was about to end. Even though that was billed as the last hurrah for the VWF, there was nothing anybody could say to convince me that our sets were about to be struck. Some might say I was living in denial, but I knew I would step into a VWF ring again.

KYLE BACON: Some would have said you were delusional but, then again, here we are.

SCOTT DiBIASE: I love the VWF, Bacon, it's the place I have always wanted to be and no other promotion can ever compare. I owe more to the VWF than I c an ever pay back, it has made me the person I am today and has given me so many opportunities. So you can imagine when I heard the VWF had been acquired by a new owner and there was interest in picking up my contract, I didn't have to think twice about it. I am not just the World Heavyweight champion because I was seduced by a beautiful gold belt, I believe in this company and all I want to do is represent this company as its champion and that is exactly what I am going to do.

Scott DiBiase vs. John Crazy
Styles: Well ladies and gentlemen you heard him clear as day and now it’s finally time for our main event! The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line at Rejuvenation as Scott DiBiase takes on VWF Hall of Famer and former World Champion Reverend John Crazy.

The lights in the arena go dim as the opening chords to Paint It, Black begins to play throughout the arena. Crazy makes his out as the only light in the arena is a spotlight that follows him to the ring. Crazy solemnly makes his way down to the ring, then climbs to the second turnbuckle and closes his eyes and raises his fists into the air.

Styles: Inducted in 2008 with Caretaker, who also happens to be a long ancestral relative of Crazy’s.
P. Lickin: Hey, that guy looks just like John Crazy!
Styles: Sigh.

The lights go out and are replaced red and white spotlights as "Breaking Inside" by Shinedown hits the sound system, nearly drowned out by the boos and jeers from the crowd. Mr. Sandoval steps onto the stage and surveys the crowd with an indifferent glare as Scott DiBiase walks out, illuminated by a red maple leaf-shaped spotlight. Flanked by Mr. Sandoval as he slowly walks down the aisle, Scott smirks as the fans on either side of the aisle spew hostile invectives and throw debris in his path.

Scott climbs up the ring steps and steps through the top and middle ropes to enter the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle facing the camera and drinks in the hostility from the audience. Scott jumps down from the turnbuckle and trades insults with some particularly rowdy audience members in the front row.

Styles: The reigning World Heavyweight Champion, Scott DiBiase. Inducted in 2011 with Johnny Aggression and Jonny Cedrone.
P. Lickin; Cedrone and Aggression would have done just fine, Styles.
Styles: Well…ok. And the 2 lock up and Crazy shoves DiBiase off of him. Circling each other and the 2 lock up again but still Crazy shoves DiBiase off even harder this time. Circling each other yet again. Going for another lock up but DiBiase quickly reverse into a falling headlock. But the strength of the Rev allows him to lift himself up with Scott locked on and ram Scott spine first into the turnbuckle.  And a big boot against the ropes from Crazy! And a falling elbow but Crazy misses and finds himself in a bear hug slam. Crazy counters with an elbow and clotheslines the World Champion over the ropes. Looks like this match can go either way, P.
P. Lickin: You know just because video games seamlessly blend cutscenes and gameplay together without you noticing doesn’t mean you have to seamlessly blend in conversation with me as if I’m listening.
Styles: Not even the World Title match can attract your undivided attention? Look at these two go as Crazy whips the champion into the steel steps!  But Scott is able to trip Crazy as he bangs his head against the steps as well! And the world champ rolls in and out the ring to break the ringout count.
P. Lickin: To clarify yes, the world title can be exciting sometimes, but with that guy as champion? Nahhh!
Styles: Back in the ring DiBiase rolls Crazy over the apron. Using the ropes to give himself aerial momentum as he Frog Splashes atop of Crazy and covers for a 2 count. Elbowing out of danger is Crazy as he whips DiBiase into a clothesline and covers for a mere 1 count. Crazy rubbing his forearm across DiBiase’s face and puts the champion into a chokehold  as the ref counts. Crazy releases just in time and goes to intimidate the ref only for DiBiase to roll him into a pin and Crazy kicks OUT AT 2. So close there, as Crazy out of frustration kicks DiBiase hard in the face. The snap from the impact could be heard all the way back here! And Crazy throws the downed DiBiase shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Placing him up against the corner and unleashing a flurry of lefts and rights. But DiBiase rises and locks up with Crazy again, bringing them both center ring and this time the champion  shoves the Reverend off and against the ropes and goes for a sprinting knee attack but Crazy moves! Crazy attempts an attack from behind but the champion wisely counter it into a suplex, ramming the lower jaw of the Reverend into the corner, only to then be drop kicked over the ropes! But Crazy holds on and shoulders a sprinting DiBiase from outside the ring. Sliding his legs under the ropes to trip the champion, tying him between the ropes as Crazy bounces the champions face off the ropes!
P. Lickin: What about bouncing faces?
Styles: Can you please pay attention, we may have a new champion tonight representing the VWF!
P. Lickin: VCW!
Styles: That belt says right on it “VWF” so yes...VWF.
P. Lickin: VCW!
Styles:  And a neckbreaker from John Crazy. And DiBiase rolls back and puts Crazy into the Maple Leaf! Crazy kicks the champion off and Side Slam onto the champion! Crazy on both knees staring high into the heavens with his hands up.
Reverend: Believe!!
Styles: Crazy feeling it, as he measures the champion…
P. Lickin: Gross….
Styles: And setting him for the Insider’s Edge,  High in the air goes DiBiase but OH MY GOD! Counter into the Anaconda Vise! Crazy is down, the ref asking for a submission request but Crazy refusing! The champion! Not letting up! The Reverend! Doing what he can to reach the ropes! ………………….and he reaches them as the Champions releases the hold. The champion walking it off as the Reverend uses the ropes to get back up. Against the TURNBUCKLE the champions rams the Reverend And again! Body slam and oh boy…it’s time to crash the stock markets! And it connects! The Stock Market Crash connects! The champion covers. 1….2……thr….and the Reverend kicks out! The World Title is on the line! As the champion pulls the Reverend up, but a poke the eyes from the Reverend, and oh boy….he has the champion setup for the Insider’s Edge and this time it connects! And he covers! We may have a new champion! 1…..2….thr….kickout again! The Rev can’t believe it. Oh come on now, as Rev despicably just lightly kicks the champion in the head repeatedly. The ref trying to back Crazy off, but the Rev shoves him off and DiBiase oiut of nowhere gets the Rev on his shoulders and delivers a Death Valley Driver into a Maple Leaf! There’s no way! The Rev! Can Escape This! And he taps. The Rev taps. DiBiase retains!

Ring Announcer: Here is you winner by submission…and STILL the VWF World Heavyweight Champion….Scott DiBiase!

Styles: He fought hard and it paid off but…wait a minute.

Styles: It’s the new chairman, Paul Vinceman.

Paul: Very very VERY impressive, Mr. DiBiase. I for one must admit my skepticism about this very match tonight but oh…that disappeared long ago. You know, upon taking over the VWF and starting the transition to VCW….
Fans: Booo!!!!!!!!!
Paul: ….I had to consider if my world champion….that being you….could still be worthy of representing my new vision for this organization. Sure…you can carry the weight of that gold no rpblem but what about the weight of responsibility, patronage, new challenges and blah blah blah….but right there….forcing your opponent to give up that opportunity to steal all that glory!? I wonder no longer. You truly are the champion VCW wants and deserves so now with that test passed with flying colors you now earn the gold miner’s dream championship of the world! The VCW World Heavyweight Championship!

A huge explosion in the ring behind Scott as a podium is seen in the smoke, with the said championship inside.

Scott: There's no denying that is a beautiful belt... but I don't represent VCW, Mr. Vinceman, I live and breathe the VWF! Nothing will ever change that. This championship, the VWF World Heavyweight championship, is the only championship I care about and I'm not going to give it up for anything. You want a VCW World champion? Well... you're going to have to look somewhere else because I will never turn my back on the VWF.

Styles: I agree 100% And so does the VWF Universe! Paul on the other hand does not seem all too pleased.

Paul: Well….this is rather awkward indeed. While I admire loyalty to every extent….I must give you some advice here Scott. About never turning your back on VWF that is….because if you don’t turn your back….you’ll never see it coming.

Styles: OH MY GOD! And John Crazy plows the VCW belt at the skull of the unaware VWF Champion! And of course now Paul Vinceman just watches idly andoh no…..Crazy has DiBiase set up for the Insider’s Edge and OH MY GOD! DiBiase’s head bounces off the VCW title! This is an outrage! There is no need for this, and now John Crazy takles the VWF title and drops it on the downed DiBiase as he makes his way up the entrance ramp with the VCW title held high with a proud Paul Vinceman.

Paul: VCW is born tonight. Deal with it!

Styles: I’m speechless folks. That is all. I…I don’t know what to expect come Crucifiction….

A look of vengeance on the injured Scott as Rejuvenation goes off the air.

Winner: Scott DiBiase Retains.

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