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  • April 18, 2019, 08:11:49 pm
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Author Topic: Ace up our Sleeve  (Read 312 times)

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Bobby Bostwick

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Ace up our Sleeve
« on: August 26, 2013, 10:08:11 pm »

Shortly before Bloodlust airs (live on Pay Per View!), "Better" Bobby Bostwick and "Brilliant" Brent Cross stand backstage, alongside their attorney, Mr. Mandolino, and Kyle Bacon.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" Kyle said with enthusiasm, "I am standing by here with the former tag team champions..."

"Correction!" Brent snapped, "We are the CURRENT, reigning and defending World Tag Team Champions, you ignorant plebeian!"

"As of this moment," Kyle replied, "The Black Republicans are the VWF tag team champions..."

"Misters Black have possession of the World Tag Team Championship title belts," Mr. Mandolino corrected, "However, contrary to commonly accepted anecdotal beliefs, possession is not nine-tenths of the law. The entire world is very much aware of who the true champions are. Mr. Robert Bostwick and Mr. Brent Cross, the Varsity Squad!"

"We are the rightful World Tag Team Champions," Bobby agreed, "We are the only legitimate tag team champions in the VWF. And that is a fact that will be recognized tonight when we defeat the Black Republicans yet again."

"The stipulations of the match do support that," Kyle nodded, "IF you are victorious. However, if the Black Republicans defeat you, you will be banned from future championship matches for the duration of their reign."

"If the Black Republicans defeat us? If the Black Republicans defeat us?!" Brent asked incredulously, "When have the Black Republicans ever defeated us?!"

"Well, they..."

"No!" Brent snapped, "The Black Republicans have never defeated us, they will never defeat us, because they can't defeat us. They are physically incapable of defeating us. All they are able to do is stand by while the Viking King steals from us. And that crime will be rectified tonight!"

Kyle, apparently deciding that avenue of discussion isn't worth further argument, switches tracks, "Putting aside your upcoming tag team title match for a moment, the VWF Universe has been abuzz about your assault on Maverick Jones in his United States Championship match. How can you explain your actions? Does the Varsity Squad have something against Maverick? Or is there some unseen alliance at play here?"

"Look, Kyle," Bobby replied, "We all know that the only championship of any relevance in the VWF is the World Tag Team Championships, made so by the efforts of Brent and myself. The state of affairs regarding the singles championships this company offers is frankly pathetic. But as far as those titles go, Sunny Davis isn't so bad an option. I mean, if Mysterious can hold a title in this company, anyone can, and Sunny Davis is certainly a lot easier to look at. And yet, Sunny was booked to defend her title against not one challenger, not two challengers, but three challengers, she was expected to defend that title against men a combined total of 6 times her size. And, Kyle... That simply wasn't fair. So, upstanding young gentlemen that we are, we did the chivalrous thing. And Sunny Davis has been very grateful. I mean, very grateful. She has expressed her gratefulness to Brent and I again, and again, and again..."

Brent smirked, "The woman is nothing if not... grateful. Oh, so enthusiastically grateful..."

Bobby continued, "But that's all there is to it. No alliance, no hidden message, certainly no grudge against Maverick Jones. That little midget isn't even on our radar. He simply was unlucky enough to be the one in the ring when we did what was the right thing to do. Now, I think that's more than enough talk about that. Because we all know that tonight there is only one match that matters, the match where the Varsity Squad reclaims physical possesion of that which we never actually lost, the True World Titles. Our victory is absolutely assured, Kyle, it is written in stone. If there was ever any doubt, it has been removed. You see, Kyle, we've got an ace in the hole."

"That's right, Kyle,"  Brent chimed in, "Tonight, the Black Republicans are going to..."

Suddenly a person rushes into the scene in a furry, maroon ram costume, wearing a navy blue polo shirt with the Ramridge University crest and "Billy the Ram" upon it in gold.

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