Thursday, January 5, 2006

The Pyros hit at the top of the ramp all the way down to the ring and on the ring posts as Full House begins. The crowd are going bonkers all over the arena and there isn't a fan in his seat in this packed 18000 person arena.

(~(~(We open up in a pretty fancy restaurant. And the camera pans around and we can see people sitting at these tables. The men are in suits and the women are in pretty nice dresses. The camera continues to pan around until it comes across a table that happens to stand out. The table is located in the center of the room, and hovering above it is a gold and crystal chandelier. At the head of the rectangle table is a huge throne. At the top of the throne is a symbol of DS. And sitting in this throne is none other then Dwayne Stone. Dwayne is wearing blue pants, snake skin cowboy boots, a white wife beater, his huge belt buckle that has been described many times and a gold diamond in crested crown.)~)~)

(~(~(Dwayne chuckles as he places a grape in to his mouth. The camera then pans towards the end of the table. One is a red head the other is a blonde. The giggle and feed each other as the camera pans back to Dwayne Stone. Dwayne smirks as he feeds himself another grape. Dwayne’s eyes light up real big and he begins to speak.)~)~)

“The Chosen One” Dwayne Stone: “Whoa, WHOA… hey ladies… why the hell are you two feeding each other? You should be over here feeding me. Get your sexy asses over here.”

(~(~(The women giggle as they walk over to Dwayne’s throne. And Dwayne smirks again. The red head then says.)~)~)

The red head: “But where shall we sit?”

(~(~(Dwayne laughs.)~)~)

“The Chosen One” Dwayne Stone: “Well you ladies can sit on my huge arm rests and feed me.”

(~(~(They do what he says and then he continues to speak.)~)~)

“The Chosen One” Dwayne Stone: “I bet the world would of thought I would be crying or something stupid like that huh. Well wrong… Dwayne Stone doesn’t cry for belts or about belts. Who gives a damn! My belt buckle is worth more then a Viking Wrestling Federation Champion belt. Dwayne Stone doesn’t give a damn about some belt. See people think I should care… but forget that. I do not need to give a damn… about stupid shit like that… look at me… I am DWAYNE STONE…. BITCH… and it is good to be KING.”

(~(~(He laughs as he thinks about how Viking King might try to sue him for saying it is good to be king… or maybe even Elvis.)~)~)

“The Chosen One” Dwayne Stone: “See I have nothing to worry about, I proved in my short time that I am the best. I have been taking out so called legends since day one. So I have had a little set back… no biggie… I am Dwayne Stone you can’t play me like a Nintendo… you can’t touch me like a hammer a song. You just can’t see me.”

(~(~(Dwayne laughs as the women rub his chest and feed him grapes.)~)~)

“The Chosen One” Dwayne Stone: “See people had to take me out…It took a total of three people to remove the intercontinental from me. THREE PEOPLE… and it took Curt to deliver one of his supposedly devastating move to get me down… and he had to do it twice. So get at me. Be real… I can not be stopped, cause even three of those cock eyed fools couldn’t keep me out of it.”

(~(~(Dwayne laughs.)~)~)

“The Chosen One” Dwayne Stone: “See Curt, I proved the world that you should never bet against Dwayne Stone. I said that CURT EVANS would make Dwayne Stone a target after I beat him senseless and look what has happened. He thought he could bring sadness and disbelief in to my life… what a joke. But Evans can keep pushing me… he can keep trying cause I don’t give a damn about him. He can keep coming at me and I will keep slapping him in his mouth. SMACK to the MOUTH Evans… you ain’t anything any more. Move on and ‘let the raven soar.’ See Evan’s this is a whole new world. You gotta believe and realize this. See old fossils like you and Curtis got to be put on the back shelves so the new merchandise can be put up in front. See EVANS I am top of line goodies when you are vintage… not vintage classic… cause you are far from being a hit any more. You are like a song from MC hammer… killed, over done… receding kind of like your hair line.”

(~(~(He laughs.)~)~)

“The Chosen One” Dwayne Stone: “Come on Evans… just ‘ beat it’… you ain’t no hit no more… you are just a crappy oldie now. Hell I’ll make you a deal Evans… I will tell you what. I will think about just laying down for you. Alright I will allow you to pin me. I will allow it. You can do it. You can pin me. If I have to LET you beat me so you will just simply retire then so be it. I will let you okay EVANS… hell even if you won’t retire… you so sad you need a win over me Evans? Hell don’t worry I might make it happen… I will make it look good and I will let you pin me. Okay… just remember I can and have beaten you and you were trying super hard… and if I LET you beat me… it is me allowing it and just putting on a good show. Cause lets face the facts… you can’t beat me if I am not trying… You just can’t be me… unless I allow it… and for your sake Evans… GRAMPS… I just might…”

(~(~(He laughs.)~)~)

“The Chosen One” Dwayne Stone: “So think about what I have said to you tonight… Evans, think long and hard… cause no matter what happens I will pity your garbage ass. I will pity you. See Evans, I will give you a victory over me. I’ll hand it to you. I can do that. And I wouldn’t do it cause I am a nice guy or anything I would do it… to embarrass your old ass. See I’ll still slap the dentures out of your mouth… no doubt… but maybe when I beat you silly I will let you pin me. See that is the only way you will be able to get a win over me. You happy yet? I just might… you damn antique! Maybe I will prevent you from breaking your brittle back. Maybe if I give you a win you will have a better standing in the Viking wrestling federation. Who knows.”

(~(~(He laughs as he smirks.)~)~)

“The Chosen One” Dwayne Stone: “ I can not be beaten… unless I allow you… you know why? Well it is cause…. I am… DWAYNE STONE…. BITCH.”

(~(~(He laughs as a women feeds him another grape and the scene slowly begins to fade out.)~)~)

JOEY STYLES: Dwayne Stone is focused on Curt Evans, that's for sure P.
P. LICKIN: I like to put my focus on titties.
P. LICKIN: Oh wait... we're on the air, aren't we?
P. LICKIN: In that case.... Charlene! CALL ME!

Elvis Capone Vs. Reverend John Crazy
No D.Q. Match,
( Non-Title )

(-(-( Reverend John Crazy comes to the ring driving a half burned Pink Cadillac and laughing. Elvis Capone slides into the ring and drops the title looking at Reverend John Crazy. Reverend John Crazy runs and punches Elvis Capone. DING DING DING! Reverend John Crazy puches and Elvis Capone staggers. Reverend John Crazy punches and Elvis Capone staggers again. Reverend John Crazy tries to punch but Elvis Capone ducks and Elvis Capone returns with a clothesline knocking Reverend John Crazy down. Both men get up and Elvis Capone hits Reverend John Crazy with a Japaneese Arm Drag locking him in an armbar. Reverend John Crazy bridges and breaks out of the hold. Both men get up and Reverend John Crazy kicks Elvis Capone in the midsection. Reverend John Crazy goes or the Insider's Edge but Elvis Capone backs Reverend John Crazy into the corner! Elvis Capone punches Reverend John Crazy in the ribs and then clotheslines him to the outside! Elvis Capone dares Reverend John Crazy to get back into the ring and Reverend John Crazy says wait. Reverend John Crazy digs under the ring and pulls out a 20ft ladder putting it in the ring. Reverend John Crazy digs under some more and pulls out a trash can with various stuff tossing it into the ring. Reverend John Crazy slides into the ring and Elvis Capone hits Reverend John Crazy in the back of the head with the leg drop! Elvis Capone picks up Reverend John Crazy and sets up for the Elvis Capone Driver but Reverend John Crazy back body drops Elvis Capone onto the trash can! Reverend John Crazy picks up Elvis Capone and tosses him over the top rope. Reverend John Crazy exits the ring and stomps on Elvis Capone who is seated next to the guardrail. Reverend John Crazy picks up Elvis Capone and tosses him over the guardrail. Reverend John Crazy jumps on the guardrail just as Elvis Capone grabs a steel chair from the crowd and smacks Reverend John Crazy as he tries to hit a flying clothesline! Elvis Capone picks up Reverend John Crazy and punches him in the head knocking him down. Elvis Capone picks up the chair and smacks Reverend John Crazy in the head as he tries to get up. The fans start to chant "Chair Shot!" Elvis Capone asks for a fan's beer and grabs it. Elvis Capone takes a sip and waits for Reverend John Crazy to get up. Reverend John Crazy gets up and Elvis Capone spits beer in Reverend John Crazy's eyes! Elvis Capone then punches the beer into Reverend John Crazy's head! Elvis Capone drags Reverend John Crazy towards the wall to the wall in the back of the front row seats. Elvis Capone tosses Reverend John Crazy into the wall. Elvis Capone waits for Reverend John Crazy and as Reverend John Crazy gets up,Elvis Capone goes for an angled splash but Reverend John Crazy shoves Elvis Capone into the wall. Elvis Capone staggers and Reverend John Crazy grabs Elvis Capone to the backstage area. Reverend John Crazy goes over by the merchindise section and grabs an OWO T-shirt choking Elvis Capone with it. Reverend John Crazy puts his foot on the back of Elvis Capone locking the choke in harder. Reverend John Crazy grabs Elvis Capone and tosses him over the counter. Reverend John Crazy taunts a fan as Elvis Capone shuffles around. Reverend John Crazy jumps onto the counter and goes for a flying clothesline but Elvis Capone hits Reverend John Crazy with what seems to be...a Reverend John Crazy action figure! Elvis Capone covers Reverend John Crazy but the ref says Elvis Capone has to pin Reverend John Crazy in the ring. Elvis Capone gets up and slides over the counter. Elvis Capone grabs a wheelbarrel full of merchindise and picks up stuff tossing it at the fans saying..."Free stuff!" Elvis Capone then slides over the counter and picks up Reverend John Crazy and tosses him over the counter. Elvis Capone slides back over and tosses Reverend John Crazy head first into the wheelbarrel. Elvis Capone then starts to push the wheelbarrel back to the ring through the crowd. Elvis Capone picks up Reverend John Crazy and tosses him over the guardrail. Elvis Capone gets on the guardrail and drops back down. Elvis Capone grabs Reverend John Crazy and tosses him into the ring. Elvis Capone gets in and Reverend John Crazy grabs a XBOX clocking Elvis Capone with it! Reverend John Crazy does a crappy pin hooking the leg and the ref counts 1...2...kick out! Reverend John Crazy gets up and picks up a slapjack and kneels down waiting for Elvis Capone. Elvis Capone rolls grabs something and puts it on. Elvis Capone gets up and so does Reverend John Crazy with both men hitting each other. Reverend John Crazy with the slapjack and Elvis Capone with a roll of quarters! Both men are down! The ref starts to count 1....2....3....4....5....6....7....8....Both men get up. Elvis Capone punches Reverend John Crazy and Reverend John Crazy staggers punching Elvis Capone causing Elvis Capone to stagger. Elvis Capone swings and Reverend John Crazy ducks. Reverend John Crazy kicks Elvis Capone in the midsection hitting the INSIDER'S EDGE ONTO THE TRASH CAN!! Reverend John Crazy can't seem to come back with anything though. Reverend John Crazy crawls to the ropes and Elvis Capone rolls around bleeding. Elvis Capone crawls to the ropes and pulls himself just as Reverend John Crazy does. Reverend John Crazy goes to kick Elvis Capone in the midsection but Elvis Capone tosses Reverend John Crazy up and Reverend John Crazy flips over the ropes onto the hood of the truck. Elvis Capone picks up a kendo stick the was in the trash can and runs jumping over the ropes hitting Reverend John Crazy in the head! The fans start to chant..."HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T!" Reverend John Crazy is now busted open! Elvis Capone gets up picking up Reverend John Crazy. Reverend John Crazy out of desperation back body drops Elvis Capone ONTO THE WINSHIELD!! Reverend John Crazy staggers and falls into the ring. Reverend John Crazy asks for the Television title. Reverend John Crazy grabs the Television title and staggers to the corner. Reverend John Crazy gets on the second rope holding the TV title into the air signaling victory already. Elvis Capone pulls himself up and flops into the ring. Elvis Capone then pulls himself up and staggers over to the corner. He low blows Reverend John Crazy from behind. Reverend staggers backward and Elvis Capone kicks him to the midsection and hits the SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL ON REVEREND JOHN CRAZY! Elvis covers. The ref counts 1...2...3... )-)-)

Winner: Elvis Capone wins

JOEY STYLES: Elvis Capone!
P. LICKIN: That's his name Joey.
JOEY STYLES: I was just....
P. LICKIN: Don't you read the cards?

The Rick Vs. Tazz Vs. Shatter-X
Triple Threat Match,
( None )

(-(-( STYLES: This is a three way match for a shot at the Intercontinental title held by Crimson Lightening. Newcomer the Rick trying to make a name for himself with this match while VWF veteran Shatter X working his way up for some gold and Tazz is a former Intercontinental holder.

Tazz attacks The Rick before he even gets into the ring and then unceremoniously dumps him into the ring where Shatter X begins to stomp on him. Shatter X sends Rick to the ropes but he reverses it. Tazz tosses Rick to the side but then gets clotheslines by Shatter X. Shatter X then clotheslines the Rick back down to the ground. Shatter X sets up Tazz in the corner and starts to pound away at him. The Rick attacks Shatter X from behind and starts to pound away at him before sending him to the ropes, Shatter X reverses it and hits Rick with a elbow to the face. Shatter X then walks right into a boot from Tazz. Tazz sends Shatter X stomach first into the turnbuckle and then slaps on a tazz plex but Shatter X flips out of it and quickly drop kicks Tazz from behind and he falls out of the ring.

STYLES: Shatter X trying to get rid of the third man in the match.

The Rick attacks Shatter X from behind again and tries to send him in the ropes but Shatter X reverses it and hits him with a drop kick causing Rick to roll to the apron. Shatter X looks to go for a springboard dropkick off the second rope but as he runs to the second rope, Tazz from the outside trips him up.

STYLES: Tazz isn’t out of the game yet.

Tazz rushes into the ring and drops an elbow to the back of Shatter X’s head. Tazz sees the dazed Rick getting to his feet on the apron and goes out there to start chopping him down. As Tazz and Rick are trading blows on the apron, Shatter X comes to his senses and hits the springboard dropkick on both of his opponents sending them flying into the guardrail.

STYLES: Looks like two times is the charm for Shatter X.

Tazz gets to his feet and Shatter X baseball slides kicks him into the guardrail again. As Shatter X slides out of the ring he runs into the fists of the Rick. The Rick quickly flapjacks Shatter X and his face hits the steel steps hard!

LICKIN: Looks like Shatter X isn’t going to win any beauty contests any time soon.

The Rick sends the bleeding Shatter X into the ring and quickly belly to belly suplexs him and covers but Tazz makes the save. Tazz starts pounding on the Rick and sends him to the ropes and takes him down with a vicious Tazz-line! Tazz covers but Shatter X makes the save.

STYLES: The challenge in the three way is trying to make sure that third man isn’t near to break up the count.

Shatter X starts to chop away at Tazz in the corner. The Rick tries to attack Shatter X from behind again but this time Shatter X moves out of the way and the Rick splashes Tazz in the corner. Shatter X rolls up the Rick from behind but only gets 2. Shatter X picks up the Rick and hits him with a double underhook back breaker. Shatter X goes to the top turnbuckle but Tazz immediately cuts him off by throwing him off the top into the guard rail to the outside.

STYLES: Oh my god! Shatter X could have broken a bone!

Tazz grabs the Rick and tazzplexs him. Cover but only gets 2. Tazz picks up the Rick and hits him with a vicious back drop driver. Cover 1…2…kickout! Frustrated Tazz starts to pound away at the Rick in the corner but out of nowhere Shatter X flies onto the scene with a dropkick to the back of Tazz, knocking him out of the ring.

STYLES: Where the hell did he come in?

Shatter X picks up the Rick and sends him to the turnbuckle but the Rick reverses it. The Rick charges but Shatter X gets up a boot and hits the Rick with a tornado DDT. Shatter X covers but Tazz breaks up the count. Tazz picks up Shatter X and hits him with a back breaker. Tazz covers but the Rick makes the save. The Rick pounds on Tazz and hits him with a snap suplex. The Rick covers but Tazz kicks out. Shatter X attacks the Rick from behind and sends him to the ropes, the Rick ducks the clothesline but gets nailed by the X marks the spot superkick! Shatter X covers 1…2..the Rick kicks out. Now Tazz starts to attack Shatter X and chops him into the corner. Before Tazz can do any more punishment, the Rick attacks Tazz from behind and hits a back drop. Rick covers but Shatter X breaks up the count. Shatter X slaps on the Shatter Resistant on Tazz who is now screaming in pain. The Rick tries to come to break it up but Shatter X sees him and lets go of the hold to confront him. Shatter X hits the Rick with a brain buster but Tazz makes the cover 1…2…Shatter X makes the save. Upset Shatter X starts to stomp on Tazz but this lets the Rick attack Shatter X and sends him to the turnbuckle. The Rick charges but again Shatter X gets the boot up. Shatter X goes for a lariat but the Rick ducks he then grabs Shatter X in a double arm and hits a double arm suplex into the turnbuckle!!!

STYLES: Beautiful move by the Rick.

The Rick covers 1…2….Shatter X gets his foot on the rope. Tazz comes over and starts to pound on the Rick. Tazz tries to throw the Rick into the turnbuckle but Rick reverses it. Shatter X is in the corner but he leaps over the incoming Tazz and catches him with a roll up, BUT Tazz sits down on Shatter X and pins his shoulders to the mat. The ref counts 1…2…but the Rick dropkicks Tazz in the back of the head breaking the count.

The Rick attacks Shatter X and sends him to the ropes but Shatter X puts on the brakes and kicks the Rick in the gut. Shatter X spins Rick around and tries to go for the X-cution but the Rick slips off his shoulders and hits Shatter X with the Rickfest!

STYLES: The Rickfest! The Rickfest!

The Rick covers. The ref counts 1...2...3... )-)-)

Winner: The Rick wins

JOEY STYLES: The Rick with an impressive win over Tazz and Shatter-X.
P. LICKIN: Tazz was robbed.
JOEY STYLES: No he wasn't.
P. LICKIN: Sure he was. I saw Mandingo in his lockerroom a few hours ago.

Meiko Sugawara, Brianna Singer and Mashairo Kanemoto Vs. Doom
Handicap Match,
( Hardcore Championship )

(-(-( STYLES: Probably a first for the VWF, Doom has challenged for Team Japan’s Meiko Sugawara’s hardcore title but will instead have to fight off every member of Team Japan. This of course includes Meiko, Brianna Singer and Masahiro Kanemoto.

LICKIN: Is that even fair? I mean I know Doom isn’t the brightest kid in the VWF but why give the Team Japan a fair chance?

Doom immediately flies out of the ring and hits a stunning tope on all three members of Team Japan, taking them totally by surprise. Doom covers Meiko but only gets a 2 count. Doom then grabs Meiko and hoists her on his shoulders and starts to run into the crowd.

STYLES: Is Doom kidnapping Meiko?

LICKIN: Its like a twisted version of King Kong!

Meiko is trying to fight out of Doom’s grasp but to no avail. Doom is looking for an exit but cant find it in the crowd’s seats. Out of nowhere a boot comes and hits Doom in the face. Kanemoto checks on Meiko to make sure she’s ok but Doom is back on his feet and lariats Kanemoto to the ground. Doom goes after Meiko who runs farther into the crowd, followed by a staggering Brianna while Kanemoto is still on the ground.

STYLES: Doom is on the warpath!

As the hardcore match moves to the back, Brianna catches up with Doom and jumps on his back raining down punches to his head. Doom grabs Brianna by the hair and flips her over his head and right through a nearby table!

STYLES: Ouch that may have taken Brianna out of the match!

Doom looks down at Brianna’s still body coldly and then continues his hunt for Meiko. As Doom moves towards the back out of nowhere Meiko hits Doom square in the face with a Stop sign. But it doesn’t stop Doom who grabs Meiko by the throat!

STYLES: Doom is unstoppable!

Before Doom can do anything, he’s attacked from behind by Kanemoto. Kanemoto picks up Doom and bodyslams him onto the concrete floor!

STYLES: ouch!

Kanemoto starts to stomp on the withering Doom and Meiko joins in screaming at Doom! Kanemoto picks up Doom, with Meiko cheering and looks to be going for a brainbuster!

STYLES: No he wouldn’t!

LICKIN: Oh I hope he does!

Kanemoto tries to pick up Doom but Doom over powers Kanemoto and hits him with a suplex onto the concrete floor! Doom, still in pain, quickly gets up and drops an elbow on Kanemoto! Doom looks at Meiko, who scrambles to get away.

STYLES: Doom is just ripping right through Team Japan!

Doom stalks Meiko further into the back. Meiko tries to get away but Doom is able to catch up with her and sees a storage room. Doom tosses Meiko into the room as well as a referee and locks the door, just as Brianna reaches it. Doom laughs at the enraged Brianna through the window in the door. Meiko jumps on top of Doom and starts to strangle him with some cable wire. Doom staggers a bit but is able to slam Meiko into the walls forcing her to let go. Doom starts to choke out Meiko with a boot to the throat. The referee is trying to see if Meiko will give up. Suddenly the glass on the door shatters due to Brianna finding a steel pole. Brianna is able to open the door and starts to attack Doom with the pole.

STYLES: Brianna is trying to skewer Doom with that metal pole.

Doom is being beaten down with the pole and finally Meiko covers Doom but Doom kicks out at 2. Doom is able to pull the pole away from Brianna and slams her against one of the walls of the storage room. Meiko uses this time to sneak away. Doom notices Meiko left and tries to follow.

LICKIN: This is starting to be like some weird video game.

Doom catches up to Meiko and grabs her trying to go for the Doom Powerbomb but before he can do it Kanemoto hits him in the back of the head with a two by four. Miracously Doom doesn’t go down. Kanemoto tries to swing again but Doom blocks the two by four and grabs Kanemoto by the throat and starts to head butt him repeatedly.

Doom grabs Kanemoto and spears him right through a nearby door!


Doom slowly gets up but Meiko slams a foldable table on top of Doom and with a staggering Brianna’s help they both lay on top of the table on top of Doom who is on top of Kanemoto and the referee makes the three count! )-)-)

Winner: Meiko Sugawara retains the Hardcore Championship

JOEY STYLES: I can't think of anything to say.
P. LICKIN: The longer you wait, the longer it takes for these results to go up.
JOEY STYLES: I guess it doesn't matter, nobody reads our commentary anyway.
P. LICKIN: Good point.

Cisco Kid Vs. Phoenix
Normal Match,
( None )

(-(-( STYLES: This is Phoenix’s first match after dropping the X-title and he has a tough challenge ahead of him taking on an irate Cisco Kid, who just last weekend lost his Cabo Wabo title and ex fiancé to Johnny Dracco.

LICKIN: Oh boo hoo, cry me a river Joey, Cisco Kid deserved all that he got…the kid needs to recognize the greatness of Johnny Dracco.

Phoenix tries to step up to Cisco Kid and show some aggression but Cisco Kid simply lariats Phoenix down.

STYLES: Yep I will say that Cisco Kid is still sore over losing his title.

Cisco Kid sends Phoenix to the corner and then charges him with a splash, comes off the ropes and boots Phoenix right in the face in the corner. Cisco Kid starts to slap the spit out of Phoenix to the cheers of the fans. Cisco Kid sends Phoenix to the ropes, Phoenix ducks the clothesline and gets the go behind. Phoenix tries to suplex Cisco Kid but he elbows Phoenix in the face and hits him with the Cabo Wabo meltdown! Cisco covers nonchalantly and gets the pin. )-)-)

Winner: Cisco Kid wins

JOEY STYLES: Poor Phoenix. He looks demoralized.
P. LICKIN: You would be too if you had to commentate this show.
P. LICKIN: My point exactly.

"Team Charisma" Crimson Lightening and Christian Vs. "Team 5150" Brian Well and Jimmy Dowd
Tag-Team Match,
( None )

(-(-( STYLES: Definitely a stellar matchup for the VWF tag team ranks as Team Charisma, Crimson Lightening and Christian take on Well N Dowd.

Jimmy Well starts with Crimson Lightening. The two lock up, Crimson gets the go behind, Well powers out of it and gets Crimson’s arm in an arm wringer and starts to really wrench it. Crimson tries to roll out of it but Well rolls with him and yells at him for good measure. Crimson does a handstand and kicks Well in the face making him break the hold to the cheers of the fans.

STYLES: Crimson just never ceases to amaze.

The two lock up again with Crimson again getting the go behind but Well gets the reversal. Crimson sits out of it and tosses Well to the ropes, Well ducks the clothesline but gets hit by the elbow. Crimson bounces off the ropes and goes for another clothesline but Well blocks it and hits Crimson with a blue thunder bomb and Crimson rolls to the outside.

STYLES: Definitely the team of Well N Dowd out muscles Team Charisma.

Crimson rolls back in and the two lock up again. Crimson gets the go behind and slaps on a full nelson. Well powers out of it, gets the go behind and slaps on his own full nelson. Crimson powers out of that, gets the go behind and quickly back body drops Well. Crimson quickly grabs Well and slaps on a American surfboard. Well is screaming in pain but Dowd comes in to break up the hold. Well drags Crimson into his corner and tags in Dowd, the two of them wishbone the legs of Crimson. Dowd picks up Crimson and bodyslams him hard, and then does it again. Dowd starts to laugh at the withering Crimson and gets on his back and starts to pull on his nose.

STYLES: Dowd not showing any respect for Crimson.

Crimson bites the hand of Dowd to get him off of him. Crimson, still biting Dowd’s hand, makes his way to his corner and tags in Christian, who then hits Dowd with a hard series of rights.

LICKIN: So Crimson likes to bite…interesting…

Dowd fights back and starts to pound Christian in another corner before shoving his boot into Christian’s face. Dowd grabs Christian and tosses him into his corner and tags in Well. The team of Well N Dowd toss Christian into the ropes, Well step toe holds Christian and Dowd hits him with a elbow drop, then Dowd quickly grabs Christian in a camel clutch and Well comes off the ropes with a dropkick right to the face!

STYLES: Well N Dowd showing some great double team work.

Well covers Christian but only gets a 2. Well slaps on a rear chinlock but Christian powers out of it and Well tries to turn it into a front facelock but Christian is able to make it to his corner and tag in Crimson. Crimson comes into the ring and with Christian holding the helpless Well in his corner, comes off the ropes with a boot to Well’s face.

STYLES: Crimson nearly took off Well’s face with that one.

Crimson bodyslams Well and then hits him with an elbow drop. Crimson covers but only gets 2. Crimson slaps on a head scissors on Well but Well is able to roll out of it and slap on a camel clutch onto Crimson. Christian comes in to break up the hold. As the ref is forcing Christian out, Well tosses Crimson’s head into the boot of Dowd. Well tags Dowd in.

STYLES: Well N Dowd really working the quick efficient tags.

Dowd snapmares Crimson and slaps on a rear naked choke hold. Christian again has to come in to make the save. This time Crimson scrambles to his corner and tags Christian in. Christian immediately starts pounding away at Dowd. Christian sends Dowd to the ropes and hits him with a back elbow. Christian covers but only gets 2. Christian slaps on a cross armbreaker but as Dowd struggles to get out of the move he simple just bites the hand of Christian to the boos of the fans.

STYLES: What works for one team, works for the other.

Dowd backs Christian into the corner and as he lets go of Christian’s hand, he quickly boots him in the face. Dowd backs up and goes to charge once more with the boot but Christian moves out of the way and kicks Dowd in the head with an enzigiri. Christian scrambles to his corner and tags in Crimson who starts to chop away at Dowd. Crimson tries to go for the Flash but Dowd is fighting out of it, so instead Christian slams Dowd to the ground and slaps on the Most Painful Submission Move Ever but Well comes in with a boot to break the hold. As the ref is forcing Well to get out of the ring. Crimson sends Dowd to the ropes, Dowd ducks the clothesline but hits Crimson with a huge Yakuza kick! Dowd tags in Well but as he charges at Crimson he is met with a leg lariet. Crimson covers but only gets 2.

STYLES: Crimson still has some fight left.

Crimson sends Well into the corner but as he charges Well hits him with a lariet. Christian comes into the ring but Well hits him with the Sucks to be You Superkick sending him to the outside. Well picks up Crimson and hits him with a modified Ace Crusher. Well goes to the top and hits a frog splash on Crimson 1….2….kickout! Well tosses Crimson into the corner but as he charges Crimson gets the boot up and hits the Crimson Cutter on Well. Crimson quickly makes the tag to Christian who sends Well to the ropes and hits him with a leg lariet! Christian sends Well to the ropes again but Well puts on the brakes and hits Christian with a elbow to the face and then comes off the ropes with a lariet. Well tags in Dowd. As Dowd hits Christian with a spear, Well takes out Crimson on the apron. Dowd picks up Christian and hits him with a huge stalling brain buster but decides not to cover.

STYLES: I don’t know if that was a smart move by Dowd.

Dowd is mocking Christian as he slowly gets up, Dowd goes to the ropes to finish off Christian but he catches Dowd with an exploder suplex! Christian hits Dowd with a series of rolling suplexs before finishing it off with a facebuster. Christian covers Dowd but he kicks out at 2. Christian picks up Dowd and hits him with the Unprettier!

STYLES: Christian is going for the win.

Christian covers but Well makes the save. Crimson rolls into the ring and takes out Well and sends him back out of the ring. Christian picks up Dowd and hits him with the Northern Lights bomb! Cover 1…2….kickout! Christian calls Crimson back into the ring. Christian holds onto Dowd as Crimson gets a headfull of steam. Crimson bounces off the ropes and goes to lariet Dowd but Well grabs Crimson's feet, tripping him to the mat. Christian shoves Dowd, and hits a clothesline on Well as he gets back in the ring. Dowd grabs Christian from behind, but Christian reverses it and hits the UNPRETTIER! Well tries to get back in again, but Crimson hits a crossbody, knocking him out of the ring to the outside. Christian covers. The ref counts 1..2...3... )-)-)

Winner: "Team Charisma" wins

JOEY STYLES: Team Charisma looking good.
JOEY STYLES: I was talking about their in-ring abilities..
P. LICKIN: Even faggier.

Dwayne Stone Vs. Curt Evans w/Maxine Baibe
Normal Match,
( None )

(-(-( Dwayne Stone comes out first, but as he walks down the ramp, Curt Evans comes out right behind him, waffling him in the back of the head with a steel chair. Dwayne Stone is down, and bleeding from the head. Curt smears some of the blood on his chest and as Officials Arrive to Pull Curt Away, Curt makes his way over to the Announcers Table, Taking Away P.Linkin's Head seyt and states the Following ...

"Dwayne Stone you can try to copy it but brother, you have your hands full with as is and you can't touch this. But destiny is mine Joey Styles ... Stone .. You were Flying high as Intercontiental Champion but It's a LONG WAY DOWN when slip off the top of the tier. Boy did I play Dwayne Stone like a piano. I played him like an instrument. And I was the concerto meister to his swan song. Stone, you're not worth my time - You're not worth my Benifactor's time or anyone else's for that matter. When You FINALLY get to my level - Look Me up and Maybe I'll give you a match .. when I need a warm up. Until Then .... Any match you want will be denied because you have a LONG WAYS to go to you reach the Level of Curt Evans......"

From There, Curt leaves, Smirking as He Watches Dwayne Stone get attended to by VWF Officials and medics )-)-)

Winner: No Contest

JOEY STYLES: Time for the main event.
JOEY STYLES: Will you stop?
P. LICKIN: Who died and made YOU Gorilla Monsoon? Oh yeah.... I guess Gorilla did...

"The Beverly Hills Punks" Johnny Dracco, Sean Dracco and Red Vs. "Disciples of Destruction" Sage, Havik and Neveah w/ Bishop
Six Person Tag-Team Match,
( None )

(-(-( The VikingTron flickers to life as Red comes running down the ramp and rolls in the ring. She starts screaming at the ref that the DoD is killing Johnny and Sean, and the VikingTron shows a lockerroom door with the sign "Beverly Hills Punks" and below it "Cha-Ching." There is alot of yelling, and pounding on the door as VWF Officials arrive on the scene. They finally kick the door in, and there is the entire DoD: Bishop, Neveah, Marcus, Sage and Havik. The sign on the door falls off, revealing it to actually be the lockerroom of DoD! Johnny and Sean stroll down the ramp and roll in the ring as VWF Officials argue with Bishop backstage. They roll in the ring as the bell rings, and Johnny gets on the mic...

JOHNNY: Did you people REALLY think that we were going to get in the same ring as the Prophets of Hell? We told those losers at The End that they didn't belong in the same ring as us, and we meant it. Oh yeah, and before they start coming out here telling everyone that they AREN'T losers, well... guess who just got counted out!

SEAN: Cha-Ching!

The ref calls for the bell, awarding the match to Johnny and Sean. The celebrate and roll out of the ring with Red as they start to walk out through the crowd to their limo....) )-)-)

Winner: "The Beverly Hills Punks" win

The lights go out with the arena chilling with circular dust spinning throughout the arena with smoke and lighting and thunder as Caretaker slowly paces from the curtains in his hat and coat to a thunderous ovation and slowly paces down the aisle, lightning strikes and then fire surrounds the ramp as Caretaker walks pass it. He then walks up the ring step lifting his coat, slowly raising his arms with lightning coming out of them hands feeding the ceiling power and smoke flying by him putting out the ramp fire with lightning in his eyes as they are rolled back. He then slowly enters the ring through the ropes and without a mic begins to speak.

Caretaker: Hell begins on the day that God grants us a clear vision of all that we may have achieved of all the gifts we might have wasted, of all that we might have done which we did not do. Each of us bears his own Hell. Hell isn’t merely paved with good intentions. It is walled and roofed with them. Hell is a place, a time, a consciousness in which there is no love. In Hell there is no other punishment than to begin over and over again the tasks left unfinished in your lifetime. Hell is other people for me to distinguish.

Hell is now an Earth.

Hell is….ME!

Just then “The Way I Am” blasts up and Venom walks out with a book in one hand and a mic in the other and vastly walks into the ring with a smirk on his face. Gives Caretaker a round of applause and begins to speak.

Venom: Well well well look at this. Hell has literally relocated to Earth! Pardon me for interrupting Caretaker but I just had to come out here and congratulate you on something that these people thought was impossible. Hell even I thought it was impossible. You beat me Taker. And in the process took something that was very dear to me. The VWF World Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd erupts in loud cheers as Venom smiles a little and continues.

Venom: Now Taker there is something that these people don’t know. That something is you not only know me as a wrestler and an athlete Taker, you also know me as a person. I mean hell…that nightmare was something else man.

But you know Taker, after The End, well since then I’ve been thinking. And as I thought more and more, I realized something. I mean it just hit me! No one else may not even think about this, but…I am not no one else you know that right Taker?

Caretaker just stares him down with an angry look on his face.

Venom: Of course you do. But again this was HUGE! I never realized it till now. What I didn’t realize is that you know me as a person…but I don’t know you as a person. Hell, I don’t even know you at all!

And it was just eating me up inside you know. So I did my research.

Venom then opens the book which looks like a human history data catalog and reads from it.

Venom: Laramore, Matthew Kevin….

Caretaker’s face suddenly changes to a state of shock.

Venom: Born 1886 on the 2nd day of July, hobo since 8 after losing parents to mankind’s will through murder. Medium since 11, supposedly took care of unfinished business for the dead. Suspected for the murder of Governor Wilt’s wife though later found out to be framed by the Governor himself was mysteriously found dead in the Heavloff Graveyard….

Caretaker then grabs Venom by the neck and begins to speak furiously.

Caretaker: How did you find out! Who told you!

Venom: Vermin! Vermin Shlam!

Caretaker’s face again goes to a shock state.

Venom: That’s right. The Vermin Shlam who you got justice for and was indicted Caretaker by. The Vermin Shlam who gave you the somber which you wear today. Yes HIM! Now Taker before you stick your claws into me just know that I know as much as you do that it is unhealthy for a dead man to learn about his own past from a living man. And I have your entire life right here in my hand so, and you know just as much as I have learned about Mediums and ESP what happens to a dead man who learns about his own past from a living man! Don’t you!?

Caretaker begins to lighten his grip on Venom’s neck.

Venom: Yes you do! So if I were you I’d let go of me right now because one more word could kill even you Taker.

Caretaker’s arm begins to quiver and his face turns angry until he finally lets go of Venom’s neck.

Venom: Phew. Now none of us want you to get hurt Taker. Even me. I like you, I like having you around. But this ESP and Medium spells and stuff….it’s just so interesting you know.

Caretaker just stands still and stars him down with the shock look on his face.

Venom: I’ve done my studying Taker. And I have an ESP spell that will raise Vermin Shlam from his grave. And you know as well as I do that whoever raises a dead man from his grave using ESP has the ability to put them under their control! See what I am saying Taker?

Now I would have the joy and great pleasure of doing so right now! But I am offering you a choice Caretaker. Join ME! Imagine what we will accomplish! What you will create for us! And most of all DESTROY! But under MY orders!

And mine ALONE! Or you will see your entire life melt you down forever and good old Vermin pay you a little visit!

Caretaker drops his head as Venom continues.


Caretaker raises his head. Venom continues.

Venom: Relax, no need to decide now. I will give you until next Full House to decide. Think very wisely my friend. And please….hold on tight to that title. You’re so gonna need it.

Take Care.

Whoa….I made a funny.

Venom begins to laugh manically as caretaker gives him a look of anger and swallows deep and drops his head again as the show fades out.