Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Pyros hit at the top of the ramp all the way down to the ring and on the ring posts as Bloodlust begins. The crowd are going bonkers all over the arena and there isn't a fan in his seat in this packed 56,000 person arena.

Axel the Shark Vs. Big Rory

(-(-( Axel and Rory go back and forth, but there is something odd about Axel as his usual hilarity is gone and he takes apart the larger Big Rory slowly with vicious leg attacks. Axel then exhibits untapped strength by hitting a Katahajime Suplex, and then locking in a Katahajime Camel Clutch, making Big Rory tap out. After letting him go, Axel kicks Big Rory in the face, breaking his nose. Kyle Bacon, ringside, makes a comment about sharks smelling blood in the water. Nobody laughed. )-)-)

Winner: Axel the Shark wins

Elizabeth "Liz" Hathaway Vs. SLASH the Psycho Vs. Phoenix

(-(-( Defying common sense, Phoenix comes down to the ring looking like he's kind of sort of ready to wrestle, with Rico in his corner. After a pep talk, Phoenix turns around and Rico puts something in a water bottle and has Phoenix drink it. Much like Popeye, Phoenix changes immediately, and destroys SLASH and Liz quickly. He hits the "Leave Me Alone" on SLASH to get the 1...2....3.... and his first win in years. )-)-)

Winner: Phoenix wins

JOEY STYLES: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to BLOODLUST! I am your host, Joey Styles and this is my partner, P. Lickin...
P. LICKIN: Hey hey hey! I am NOT your partner.
JOEY STYLES: That isn't what I meant P...
P. LICKIN: I'm your boss. Go get me a sammich.

(-(-( TINA PETERSON: The following match is for one fall. Introducing first, already in the ring, TAZZ!

The fans start chanting a word that is censored out on PPV because small children are still up. Put your kids to sleep and we can swear.

TINA PETERSON: And his opponent, VWF Hall of Famer..... THE RICK!

The bell rings and the two men circle around each other. Tazz is the first to move in, grabbing The Rick in a side headlock. The Rick elbows his way out of it and then applies a side headlock of his own to Tazz. Now it's Tazz's turn to fight out of it, before shoving The Rick away.

JOEY STYLES: I don't think Tazz likes being matched move for move.

P. LICKIN: You think?

Tazz fires a few shots at The Rick, and The Rick manages to block a left punch. He fires back a few of his own, and then runs past Tazz to the far ropes. He bounces back looking for a flying forearm, but Tazz dodges it and The Rick lands on the mat on his knees. Tazz winds up and sends a vicious kick into the head and neck area of The Rick, sending him sprawling.

JOEY STYLES: Tazz nearly took his head off!

P. LICKIN: Sometimes I wish someone would.

Tazz moves in and drives an elbow into the back of The Rick before picking him up and applying a sleeper hold. The Rick doesn't stay in it long, however, backing the two men up into the corner and squishing Tazz in it. But Tazz holds onto the ropes and sits on the top turnbuckle. The Rick steps out and turns around, jumps and hits a jumping Tazz with a dropkick.

JOEY STYLES: Perfectly telegraphed by The Rick.

The Rick picks Tazz up and drives a knee to the gut before an uppercut sends Tazz staggering backwards. The Rick grabs Tazz by the arm and whips him into the ropes, trying for a clothesline, but Tazz ducks the arm, bounces off the far side, and catches The Rick with a shoulder block. The Rick falls back into the ropes, bounces off and goes for another clothesline, but Tazz ducks, grabs his opponent and nails him with a nice German suplex.

JOEY STYLES: Things just picked up, P.

P. LICKIN: It's about time.

Tazz moves in and grabs The Rick's head, driving some knees into the shoulders of his opponent. Tazz rolls him over and muscles a forearm over his face for a pin. 1...2 but The Rick kicks out. Tazz is up and waits as The Rick slowly gets up, looking for the Tazzmission, but The Rick turns quickly and kicks Tazz in the gut. He then bounces off the ropes and hits Tazz with a surprise spinning heel kick to take him down.

Joey Stles: The Rick may have just turned the tables here.

The Rick and Tazz are both up, and The Rick takes Tazz down with a face buster. He then makes his way to the corner, climbing up before leaping off with a Swanton Bomb, but Tazz rolls out of the way!

P. LICKIN: Crash and burn! Crash. And. Burn.

Tazz gets up and pulls The Rick up, locking in the Tazzmission!

JOEY STYLES: It's locked in!

P. LICKIN: He might tap.

JOEY STYLES: He's gotta tap! That things brutal.

Tazz continues to wrench on the hold, and after a few moment, the last ditch effort by The Rick sees him shift himself under Tazz's chin and drop him with a jawbreaker. Tazz grabs his jaw and The Rick is there with a school boy. 1...2...Tazz kicks out, still holding his jaw.

JOEY STYLES: One of these two men has to get the upper hand.

P. LICKIN: Can we just call the match a draw and move on?

Tazz and The Rick meet in the middle of the ring and exchange punches. Tazz swings and The Rick ducks under it, hitting him with a side kick to the chest. Tazz is quickly up to his feet and tackles The Rick down to the ground, laying into him with punches. He's up and The Rick isn't too far behind. Tazz kicks The Rick to the midsection and goes for the Tazzplex, but The Rick counters with The Rickfest! The Rick covers. The ref counts ".1 ..2 ...3!!!"

JOEY STYLES: The Rick wins!

P. LICKIN: I guess he still has it... just like the doctor says to your mother after her tests. )-)-)

Winner: The Rick wins


We cut backstage as the door to Tim Kahrs office opens, and out steps Maverick Jones. Kyle Bacon is waiting for him outside.

MAVERICK JONES: Let's walk and talk.

KYLE BACON: Maverick, what was that all about?

They round a corner so that they are back behind the entrance curtain. Maverick begins clapping very loudly his eyes locked straight down the hallway. The camera pans over to Dan Ryan, looking up from his smartphone.

MAVERICK JONES: That was quite a display last week!

KYLE BACON: Wait do you really want to yell at Dan Ryan...?

Maverick steps forward ignoring him while Dan Ryan continues to stand opposite him in this long hallway.

MAVERICK JONES: I see how it is. Take away my title opportunity.

Dan Ryan mouths something that sounds like 'I don't know what you're talking about' while shaking his head. He's too far away to be audible, especially over Maverick's yelling.

MAVERICK JONES: But since we're all about the taking this week...I just came out of Mr. Kahrs office. Since Danny boy over there qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match twice, I took one of his spots in the match. It's going to be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool you see.

Dan Ryan shakes his head and makes some inaudiable comments.

MAVERICK JONES: So bring your high school boys...hey bring Crimson, bring Black Death, and bring Vagn too. I am an island, and that's quite all right. Because...and I'm going to say it loud for you Danny...because I didn't start this.

Dan Ryan still shouts about how Maverick doesn't know what he's talking about.

MAVERICK JONES: You're NOT winning this match! You don't deserve it! I'll make sure that doesn't happen.

Dan Ryan sets his sunglasses and phone down and taunts at Maverick, begging him to make the first move.

MAVERICK JONES: See you out there, buster!

Maverick turns and walks in the other direction away from Dan Ryan. Kyle Bacon slinks over to Ryan to ask him about his response, but Dan Ryan picks up Bacon and tosses him down the hallway before storming off in another direction.

(-(-( (The VikingTron flickers to life, as thunder rolls and "All of the Lights" hits as the crowd gets to it's feet...)

("The American Storm," Crimson Lightening, Alex Thunder and Chris Monsoon all come out, looking on as a chorus of boos comes out of the crowd. They stalk down the ramp, smirking as they reach ringside and all roll in the ring. They hit the corners of the ring and pose, as the crowd continues to boo loudly. They all hop down and high five each other in the middle of the ring as the music subsides and the crowd sits down. Crimson has a mic as Thunder and Monsoon flank him, smirking...)

CRIMSON LIGHTENING: I pledge allegiance...


CRIMSON LIGHTENING: the FLAG. Don't you people know what that is? You think that the American Flag is just a piece a cloth? Something that you can question? You aren't allowed to question the flag. You aren't allowed to question democracy. You aren't allowed to question the United States. You aren't allowed to question THE AMERICAN STORM.


CRIMSON LIGHTENING: But what you CAN question? What you SHOULD question? What you NEED to question? Yourselves. You need to think long and hard before you come out into the light. Before you come out of the darkness of the holes you lurk in, TAKING from the rest of us. Right now, there's two very smart... REAL Americans in the back. Stoner and Greg Samuels. You see, before The American Storm came out onto OUR ramp and came down to OUR ring, we were informed that Stoner and Greg Samuels were not coming out. That they were going to stay in the back. That they were questioning the match. That they were questioning the show. That they questioned... themselves.


CRIMSON LIGHTENING: And what happened when they asked the question? What answer did they find? They knew that they didn't want to wake the sleeping giant. They knew that if they came down to this ring they would get such a beating that hasn't been seen since we destroyed the British at Valley Forge, the South at Gettysburg, or the Japanese at Midway. They know that...

Suddenly, "Warrior" by Mark Foster, A-Trak, and Kimbra hits, and out comes a pair of Japanese wrestlers. Some in the crowd recognize them as they come down the ramp, wearing a pair of Tag-Team Belts around their waists.

JOEY STYLES: What? Those are the IWGP Tag-Team Champions, Kenji Fujiwaka and Hoshi Hamada. I thought they were just visiting on a potential talent exchange, what are they doing out here?

P. LICKIN: Being Japanese.

Kenji and Hoshi get in the ring and pose with the belts in the corner, then turn towards The American Storm, who are looking them up and down.


Kenji grabs the mic away, and begins to speak...

KENJI FUJIWAKA: Watashitachiha, ushiro ni suwatte iru, anata ga gaikoku hito o sukide wa nai to kiita. Wareware wa koko ni oritekuru to rippana kurimuzonraitoningu wa kare no yō ni miteinai hito ni taishite motte iru ka tazuneru koto ni shimashita?

Crimson grabs the mic back...

CRIMSON LIGHTENING: I don't know what pig latin you're trying to spew here, but if you don't want me to Enolla Gay on the two of you, you best go back to where you're from and tell the rest of you not to follow.

Hoshi now grabs the mic from Crimson and speaks...

HOSHI HAMADA: Wareware wa IGPW-satsu - chīmuchanpiondeari, wareware wa anata no bujoku ni shinsetsu ni toru koto wa arimasen. Ima sugu shazai shi, watashitachiha, anata ga anata jishin no karada no rakka ga hyōji sa remasunode, kōsoku kikku de anata no atama o setsudan shinai koto o yakusoku shimasu.

With that, Crimson shoves Hoshi. Kenji punches Crimson, who falls backwards to the ropes, but Thunder and Monsoon were ready, and both hit Lightning and Thunder on the champions, taking them both off their feet. The American Storm put the boots to them as the crowd boos loudly...

JOEY STYLES: This is ridiculous. Didn't Crimson expect all his insults would eventually cause someone to come down and call him out?

P. LICKIN: How do you know he got called out? They could have been telling him the lunch menu at Super China Buffet for all you know.

Thunder and Monsoon pick Hoshi up, and Crimson hits him in the head with the mic. Crimson motions to the ref to get in the ring as Thunder and Monsoon pick Kenji up and hit a double DDT, then hold him down as Crimson goes up top. Crimson salutes the American flag hanging in the rafters, then jumps off the top turnbuckle, hitting High Feaver on Kenji. Crimson stands up as the crowd boos and puts a boot on Kenji, yelling at the ref. Thunder and Monsoon also put a foot on Kenji as the ref counts ".1 ..2 ...3!!!" The crowd continues to boo as The American Storm high five each other and roll out of the ring, leaving the foreigners out cold in the ring.)-)-)

Winner: Crimson Lightening, Alex Thunder and Chris Monsoon win


The VikingTron sparkles up, showing a glowy face, which is obviously that of Rico’s. He has a big smile on his face, the whiteness in his teeth delivering such a powerful sparkle and glare into the lens.

RICO: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between. Do not worry, I will only take up maybe 30 more seconds of your time. As you have probably heard by now, it is true. Rico’s Runway returns at The Big Birthday Bash in November! Of course, Phoenix will be co-hosting! And we will have a special body guarding the ring for the first time ever! A Mr. Jason David Frank! Who many know as the Original Green Ranger years and years ago. But of course one more question must answered….”who is the special guest?” Drum roll please…..


RICO: Hey…psst…Drum roll.

PHOENIX: Drums scare me.

RICO: Oh dear….then I’ll just say it. Everyone….the special guest on Rico’s Runway…at the Big Birthday Bash is…..Axel the Shark! See you in November. Tata!

Sparkle out.

(-(-( The Jumbotron lights up with footage of a nearby school, where Encore, Reed Cromier, and a referee are standing by. From the looks of it, they're in the chemistry class room.

TINA PETERSON: The following match is School Yard Brawl scheduled for one fall and is for the Pan Pacific Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in 251 pounds, Encore!

"Sarajevo" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra hits the PA. At the school Encore waves and blows kisses as if he is receiving a standing ovation.

TINA PETERSON: And the champion, weighing in at 228 pounds, "The Ravager" Reed Cromier!

"El Paso" by Taking Back Sunday hits over the PA as Reed raises a fist in acknowledgement, focusing on Encore.

JOEY STYLES: As you can see, Encore and Reed Cromier are not here in the arena, but at a nearby school. The referee you see is there only to count the pin or signal for the submission. This match is falls count anywhere, no count outs, no disqualifications, no holds barred!

The referee calls for the bell, and Reed immediately grabs a beaker in both hands, pelting them at Encore, who shreaks and covers up. Reed grabs an extra large beaker and rushes Ecnore, smashing it down over his head, opening a large cut across his forehead.

JOEY STYLES: And just like that, Encore is busted wide open!

P. LICKIN: Crimson mask, baby!

Encore desperately covers up as Reed unloads with wild shots. Encore lashes out with the kick to the groin, dropping Reed to his knees, then turns and runs out of the class room.

JOEY STYLES: Encore with a perfectly legal low blow, and now he's on the run!

P. LICKIN: I'd run too if a maniac was trying to smash glass vials over my head.

Reed pushes to his feet and chases after Encore, who is sprinting down the hallway. Reed manages to overtake him, blasting him with a clothesline to the back. Encore stumbles forward, and Reed grabs him, smashing his head into a locker, severely denting it's door. Reed smashes his head into another locker, and another, further tearing open his forehead. Cromier hooks him for a rear waistlock, but Encore fires a leg back between Reed's, nailing another low blow.

JOEY STYLES: Reed looked like he was thinking In Ruin, but Encore put a stop to that with another low blow.

P. LICKIN: I don't understand why hardcore matches aren't just continual nut shots till someone can't stand.

Encore hoist Reed up onto his shoulders, nailing a rolling fireman's carry slam.

JOEY STYLES: Encore with the Monologue!

P. LICKIN: But he isn't monologing now!

Encore catches his breath, then gets to his feet and takes off at another run with purpose. The ref checks on Reed, who indicates he's ok, and slowly pulls himself up, taking chace after Encore.

JOEY STYLES: Encore is really booking it, but it doesn't look like he's just blindly running away, it looks like he's running TOO something.

P. LICKIN: Probably looking for the Sex Ed room.

Reed catches up with Encore as he's focused in on a particular classroom door. Reed dives in front of the door. Encore looks for away around him, but can't find on. Encore looks to bum rush him, but Reed catches him with a boot to the gut, then grabs a double underhook. But Encore pulls free, rakes Reed's eyes, shoves him aside, and barrels into the classroom, which is labeled "Dramatic Arts"

JOEY STYLES: For some reason, Encore desperate to get into the dramatic arts classroom.

P. LICKIN: I'm sure he feels most at home there.

Reed rubs his eyes, then turns and follows Encore into the classroom. He finds his challenger desperately searching through the prop box. Reed tackles him to the floor, raining down punches. Encore shrieks and covers up as Reed unloads. Encore manages to grab him and get his feet under Cromier, nailing a monkey flip. Encore then turns his attention back to the prop box.

JOEY STYLES: What the heck is Encore looking for?

P. LICKIN: Something to use as a weapon.

JOEY STYLES: There are potential weapons everywhere, why that box!

Reed gets to his feet and looks to charge Encore, but as he does, Encore shouts "EUREKA!" and pulls out an industrial strength cattle prod. Reed runs straight into a cattle prod shot to the gut that sends countless volts of current surging through his veins. As the shock ends, Cromier collapses to the floor.

JOEY STYLES: Good God! He's got a cattle prod! ... Encore must have scouted the location of the match and hidden it there!

P. LICKIN: Brilliant!

With Reed very unconscious, Encore struts around cockily. He then pulls Reed up, hitting a suplex into a sitout neckbreaker.

JOEY STYLES: And there's the Hamlet!

P. LICKIN: Cover!

Encore makes the pin. .1..2...

Encore pulls Reed's shoulder up, shaking his head "no." He then hauls Reed up and locks in a Dragon Sleeper.

JOEY STYLES: And there's the Final Act!

P. LICKIN: And here's a new champion!

Seeing as Reed was already unconscious, the ref checking Reed is a mere formality. Sure enough, his hand falls, and the ref calls for the bell.

TINA PETERSON: The winner of this match via submission and NEW Pan Pacific Champion, Encore! )-)-)

Winner: Encore wins the Pan Pacific Championship


The scene opens up backstage where El Lobo Grande can be seen getting ready for his match.

KYLE BACON: Hey, Lobo! Wait up!

Kyle Bacon rushes into the frame, standing beside El Lobo with a microphone in hand.

KYLE BACON: You're a tough man to get a hold of. I've been trying to get an interview with you for awhile.

EL LOBO GRANDE: I guess I keep to myself. Helps keep me focused.

KYLE BACON: Well I found you, because you've got an important match tonight. Any thoughts on it?

EL LOBO GRANDE: It's an opportunity that I've been waiting for. It's an opportunity that I know I can make the most of. I wasn't lying when I said that I had high dreams for myself here in VWF, and this is just the beginning. This is just stage one. And after I dispose of my three opponents, after I seize this opportunity, I will be in a prime position, pointed right at the top of the mountain.

KYLE BACON: So then you believe you stand a good chance at winning tonight?

EL LOBO GRANDE: I definitely do. So far in VWF, I've gone undefeated when it comes to being pinned or submitted. I stand a better chance then those other three, and I will prove it when I go out there and win it all.

KYLE BACON: Any final words for your opponents?

El Lobo looks at Bacon and then shakes his head.

EL LOBO GRANDE: Nope. I'm going to let my actions do the talking.

El Lobo walks off down the hall as the scene fades out.

(-(-( "Battle of One" by 30 Seconds to mars begins to play as the masked El Lobo Grande comes out from the back. He raises his right arm into the air before making his way down the ramp.

TINA PETERSON: Introducing first. Coming to the ring first, weighing in at 5’12 and weighing in at 220 lbs. He is the Cabo Wabo Middleweight Champion. This is El Lobo Grande!

Whispers can be heard coming out of the speakers. The lights flash. "Blackened Roots" plays and the arena goes completely dark. Spotlights shine on the stage as smoke rolls off of them. White sparks shoot off the stage and instanly the lights come on showing Mysterious standing on the stage. The lights flash and go off again. When they come back on Mysterious stands in the middle of the ring cackling like a mad man.

TINA PETERSON: Introducing next, he is the VWF Britannia Champion. Weighing in at 278 pounds, he is…Mysterious!

A fountain of pyros sprays upon his body on the entrance ramp, however the entire entrance ramp is being sprayed instead of just the top, making it look like a tunnel and Liger walks through it unfazed with his leather jacket and shades on. When he reaches the end, he removes his shades, which also serves a signal for the pryo rain to stop and he is finally revealed to be “The Awesome One” Thomas Liger

TINA PETERSON: And the next opponent, from LA, weighing in at 256 pounds…he is the former Britannia Heavyweight Champion…"The Awesome One" Thomas Liger!

Ursula's theme is heard on the sound system. Ursula comes out from behind the curtain. When she gets to the ramp, shower fireworks reign down on her, as she salsa while the shower falls.She walks down the ramp with her hips moving back and forth and she is swinging her arms. She gets on the apron and enters the ring between the ropes. Or some times to will jump over the ropes and get in the ring. After that she walks over to the ropes on the right side and stands on the first rope. She then bends over and looks at the fans with a smile on her face. She then gets off the ropes and walks to one side of the ring and waits for the officials to start the match.

TINA PETERSON: And the final participant, standing at 5’8 and weighing in at 131 lbs., this is Ursula Areano!

The match begins and all four go at it. Mysterious battles with Grande while Ursula battles with Liger. Ursula and Liger battle out to the floor. Mysterious and Grande continue brawling in the ring. Both wrestlers trade chops before Mysterious grabs Grande into a snap suplex. He then goes and land a leg drop before covering him. 1…2…Grande kicks out. Mysterious pulls him to his feet and body slams him. He then climbs out on the apron and lands a springboard splash on Grande. He stays on him and covers him. 1…2…Ursula into the ring and she breaks it up.

JOEY STYLES: A fast and furious start to this match.

P. LICKIN: Is Vin Diesel going to jump off of a car next?

Ursula pulls Mysterious to his feet and grabs him into a Brainbuster. She then quickly grabs him into a Sharpshooter as Mysterious tries to reach for the ropes. Mysterious tries to reach the ropes but Ursula cinches in the hold tighter. Liger quickly into the ring and breaks it up.

JOEY STYLES: A lot of action going on.

P. LICKIN: It’s a wild match now. I love this.

Liger pulls Ursula to her feet and grabs her into a German Suplex. He then pulls her to her feet and nails her with a Standing Dropkick. Liger goes for a cover. 1…2…Grande breaks it up. Now everyone is brawling in the ring again.

JOEY STYLES: This is like a Black Friday Shoe Sale.

P. LICKIN: Al Bundy couldn’t even control this.

Liger fights Ursula and Ursula gains the advantage. She then throws Liger out of the ring and then rolls up Mysterious as he staggers to his feet after he dropkicks Grande to the mat. ".1 ..2 ...3!!!" Ursula wins the first fall!

TINA PETERSON: The winner of the first fall and NEW VWF Cabo Wabo Middleweight Champion…Ursula Areano!

JOEY STYLES: Ursula wins the title!

P. LICKIN: Best looking champion in the VWF right now by a mile.

JOEY STYLES: And we still have the second fall to go.

The second fall begins and it’s an all-out brawl again but this time on the floor. All four wrestlers are going at it on the floor. The fight soon spills into the crowd and the fans love it.

JOEY STYLES: These fans appreciative of the brawling that is going on right now.

P. LICKIN: These fans are psychotic maniacs.

All four wrestlers continue fighting through the crowd until they get to the staging area. They start fighting using steel chairs with all four wrestlers using them to their advantage. Mysterious ends up being the last one standing. He throws his chair down and pulls Liger to his feet. Mysterious drags him to the ring and throws him in before going to the cover. 1…2…Liger kicks out.

JOEY STYLES: All four wrestlers showing true toughness in this match.

P. LICKIN: This is like being at a Raiders game.

Mysterious pulls Liger to his feet and grabs him into a Sambo Suplex. Ursula is back in the ring and she knocks Mysterious down with a Spear. She then pulls him to his feet and grabs him into a STF. She locks in the hold tight.

JOEY STYLES: Ursula locking in the tight submission hold.

P. LICKIN: She looks tight and fit. I love it.

Mysterious tries to reach the ropes but Liger breaks it up. Liger pulls Ursula to her feet and grabs her into a Butterfly Suplex. Grande is on the top rope and nails Liger with a top rope crossbody into a cover. 1…2…Mysterious breaks it up.

JOEY STYLES: It’s hard to gain the upper hand in a match like this.

P. LICKIN: This is like being in Syria right now.

Mysterious and Grande start brawling again. Ursula and Liger join back in and it’s all out chaos again in the ring. All of the wrestlers are fighting as the ref once again tries to restore order.

JOEY STYLES: This match is totally out of control.

P. LICKIN: That’s why I like it.

Ursula and Mysterious pair off as do Liger and Grande. Ursula and Mysterious brawl in the far corner and they quickly take it out to the floor. As this happens Grande gains the upperhand on Liger before quickly rolling him up. ".1 ..2 ...3!!!" the match is over!

TINA PETERSON: Your winner and NEW VWF Britannia Champion…EL LOBO GRANDE! )-)-)

Winner: Ursula Areano wins the Cabo Wabo Middleweight Championship. El Lobo Grande wins the Britannia Heavyweight Championship.


Encore is seen in the parking lot, on his knees. He is holding the VWF Pan Pacific Championship close to his chest. Blood and sweat has tarnished the makeup that was on his face, but victory was his nonetheless.

ENCORE: I did it! I fucking did it!

He looks at the title, which has a giant image of himself engraved into it. A smile a mile wide is displayed on his beaten face. A slight tear is shed from his left eye.

ENCORE: No longer am I the VWF Pan Pacific Champion…

He stands up and holds the title high into the air for the world…well, parking lot…to see.


Encore yodels to “The Marriage of Figarro”, as the camera fades to black.

(-(-( TINA PETERSON: The following match is one fall for The United States Championship. Introducing first the champion....

Yellow and Orange lasers and lights flash all over the arena. A shower of flares and pyrotechnics shoot up from the stage, as "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys kicks up on the PA system. Sunny emerges from behind the curtain wearing her usual ring attire. A golden set of short shorts with the words "The Golden Goddess" scrawled across the back in black lettering, A white bedazzled tank top, and black boots.

TINA PETERSON: From Carmel, Indiana, weighing in at 125lbs. She is the United States Champion... Sunny Davis.

She salutes the crowd by raising both hands in the air, and struts down to the ring. She walks up the stairs, and enters the ring through the middle set of ropes, and walks to the far corner of the ring; climbs the turnbuckle and blows a kiss to the crowd.

TINA PETERSON: And the challenger....

The arena goes black as "War" by 30 seconds to Mars plays as Johnny Aggression steps out on stage. Two spotlights shine on Johnny as he walks down to the ring.

TINA PETERSON: From Los Angleas California. weighing in at 234 lbs. "The White Knight" Johnny Aggression.

Johnny walks up the stairs and goes through the ropes. Johnny stands in the center of the ring and drops to his knees and raises his fist in the air and sparks fly down from the ceiling. The lights then turn back on in the arena.

JOEY STYLES: Folks you can cut the tension in this ring. Johnny has been waiting to get a one on one match for the United States Championship since he has returned to the VWF. While Sunny Davis is trying to prove that she is top diva in the VWF. It doesn't get any bigger than this.

P. LICKIN: I got something in my pants that's pretty big.

The ref takes the United States Champion from Sunny and holds it up in the air. The ref rings the bell and the match begins. Johnny and Sunny are starring each other down. Johnny makes the first move throwing punches and connecting. Johnny then throws Sunny to the ropes and hits her with a shoulder bump. Johnny then goes to the ropes and drops fist right to the face. Johnny goes for a quick cover 1.. early kick out. Johnny then drags her to the second rope. Johnny then runs to the ropes and tries to hit her with a knee to the back of the head but misses and Sunny quickly grabs his hair and slams his head back to the mat. Sunny starts stomping away on Johnny. Sunny then grabs Johnny and throws him into the turn buckle. Sunny then runs and hits Johnny with a body splash. Sunny then starts kicking Johnny in the mid section until he his sitting on the ground. Sunny gets her boot in Johnny's neck and the ref starts the count 1..2..3.. Sunny breaks the hold. Sunny attempts to go for another boot to the throat but Johnny grabs her legs and tries to get her in the PRICE OF FAME but Sunny grabs the bottom rope. Johnny then raises her leg in the air and slams it down on the mat. Johnny keeps on stomping on Sunny till the ref starts the count. Johnny stops the stomps and turns and raises a fist to the crowd and the erupt in cheer.

JOEY STYLES: The White Knight looks dominate in this match. Johnny's not giving Sunny any ounce of breathing room

P. LICKIN: I remember when a White night was cheap.

JOEY STYLES: You stole that from Crimson didn't you

P. LICKIN: Damn it

Johnny tries to go after the same knee but Sunny kicks Johnny back a few steps. Johnny then goes back but Sunny connects with a kick to the head. Johnny drops to the ground as Sunny goes for a cover 1.. 2.. Johnny with a kick out. Sunny grabs Johnny and whips him to the ropes Sunny executes a perfect drop toe hold. Johnny is down on the mat while Sunny celebrates a little bit as the crowd boos her. Johnny starts to get to his feet but Sunny ducks down and hits Johnny with a uppercut that sends Johnny to the ropes Sunny goes to Johnny but Johnny lifts her over the top rope as she crashes to the ground. Sunny is slow to get up but she gets up and looks dazed. Johnny then runs to the ropes and hits a baseball slide onto Sunny that bounces her body off the announce table. Johnny points his finger in the air as the crowd cheers on Johnny. Johnny goes to the top rope and waits for Sunny to get up. Sunny is slow to get up again but as she does Johnny jumps off the top rope but Sunny misses and Johnny's head bounces off the announce table as he lays out on the ring floor. The ref starts the count 1... 2... 3.. 4... Sunny grabs Johnny and slaps him right across the face as Johnny drops again. 5.. 6.. Sunny then grabs Johnny and throws him back into the ring. Sunny goes for a cover 1.. 2.. Johnny gets a shoulder up. Sunny complains to the ref that it was a slow count. Sunny stands over Johnny but Johnny gets a hold of her throat. Sunny tries to get ahold of Johnny but to no avail. Johnny is able to get up but the ref forces Johnny to break the choke hold. Johnny is arguing with the but jumps on Johnny shoulders and attempts a front cradle pin 1.. 2.. kick out by Johnny

JOEY STYLES: Nice moves by Sunny.

P. LICKIN: You should see her in the bed room

JOEY STYLES: How would you know?

P. LICKIN: ..... Okay I don't

Sunny looks distraught as she tries to pick Johnny up again. Johnny however counters with a jawbreaker. Both competitors are on the ground and look exhausted. The ref looks around and then starts the count 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. Sunny gets close to getting up. 8.... Sunny is at her feet 9... Johnny then puts his legs up in the air and jumps up getting his second wind and Sunny is shocked as Johnny immediately starts throwing punches at Sunny. Johnny then whips sunny to the ropes and hits sunny with a running high knee and Sunny goes down. Sunny gets back up as Johnny jumps off the second rope and hits a cross body onto Sunny. Johnny goes for the pin 1.. 2.. kick out by Sunny. Johnny then gets up immediately and then attempts to put Sunny in THE PRICE OF FAME (Boston crabs) Johnny has it locked in. Sunny screams in pain but she is close to the ropes and the ref is forced to tell Johnny to break the hold. Sunny is still grabbing onto the bottom for her life. Johnny then tries to grab Sunny but gets an elbow to the eye as Johnny stumbles back Sunny jumps on Johnny back with a sleeper hold. Johnny tries hard to shake Sunny off but to no avail. Johnny starts to fade more and more. Johnny drops to his one knee and then his laying flat on the ground. The ref picks his hand up and its drops down 1.. The ref goes for second attempt and the arm drops down 2.. The third attempt the ref picks it up and Johnny gets some strength back as the crowd claps as Johnny tries to fight back to his feet. Sunny tries to tighten the grip but Johnny gets back to his feet and falls back on Sunny and she looks to be in pain. Johnny then is slow to get up but stands up as he gets on the ring apron and goes to the top rope. Johnny then jumps and hits THE CAMERA FLASH onto Sunny Davis. Johnny gets up fast with adrenaline as the crowd goes wild. Johnny tries to get Sunny perfectly lined up for the SNAP SHOT. Sunny is slow to get up but Johnny just sits there waiting for her to get up. Sunny is up on both feet and Johnny goes for THE SNAP SHOT but misses and Sunny counters with a face buster. Johnny goes down.

JOEY STYLES: Johnny had the match won but was fooled but the champ Sunny Davis.

Sunny rolls out of the ring and looks pissed off. She yells at the time keeper for his chair and then throws him out of it. Johnny is getting up slowly in the ring. Sunny grabs a chair and the ref yells at Sunny. Sunny slides the chair into the ring but the ref picks up the chair and tries to get rid of it. As he does Johnny is back to his feet but the ref's back is turned. Sunny sucker punches right in the groin but it has no affect. Johnny moves back a little but in very little pain. Sunny's hand appears to be broken but everyone in the arena is wondering why. Johnny then smiles and pulls out a steel cup from his pants.

JOEY STYLES: Johnny with a smart move wearing a cup to the ring. Sunny Davis's hand looks broken.


Joey rubs his eyes

JOEY STYLES: P is that you.

P. LICKIN: Yeah....

JOEY STYLES: I've been doing this job a long time

The ref turns around and sees Sunny's hand is broken. The ref looks confused as Sunny is in extreme pain. Johnny then connects THE SNAP SHOT as Sunny goes down. Johnny hooks the leg ".1 ..2 ...3!!!" Johnny rolls off exhausted.

TINA PETERSON: Here is your winner and NEEEEWWWWWW United States Champion "The White Knight" Johnny Aggression.....

Johnny stumbles to his feet as the ref hands him The United States Championship. The ref raises Johnny's hand as it erupts throughout the Airline center in Toronto. Johnny drops to his knees holding the belt. The crowd cheers on Johnny. Johnny gets up holds the United States Championship in arm and then four fingers are raised symbolizing his fourth United States Championship. )-)-)

Winner: Johnny Aggression wins the United States Championship


Cut to the backstage

We see David “Stoner “Hilms walking down the hallway. He is dress in a black and purple body suit and his face is green. He is whistling a tone and stops at a door. He knocks on the door and waits for it to open.

The door opens and Black Death walks out and looks at Stoner with a first confused look on his face, after a second he smiles.

BLACK DEATH: Yo …Stoner how it going man?

Stoner and Black Death slap hands

STONER: Hey big guy I am glad you decide to come back to VWF. This place needs to lighten up a little bit

Black Death looks Stoner up and down for a second.

BLACK DEATH: I am glad to be back… after TFWF close I was looking to have a little fun and speaking of fun … why are you dress like that ?

STONER: Fun is my middle names … will actually Stoner is my middle name, but that a different story. Fun is something we can do. I hit on an idea and think you can help with it

BLACK DEATH: What do you need man.

STONER: Well you notice that I am green and dress like this right.

BLACK DEATH: Yeah … for second I think you had a hit of some bad stuff.

STONER: Any bad stuff I get I sell to my buddy Gabe , but that a another story .

Black Death just stares at him for a long second , looking confused.

STONER: I am beast boy; you know from Teen Titans, you know the Teen Titans right?

BLACK DEATH: Yeah I do, but why are you dress as beast boy?

STONER: It call cosplay and it is huge right now. Regular people dress up as the favorite character from movies, comics and anime. I am Beast Boy and you my friend are Cyborg … it prefect. We find ourselves a Star fire and Raven and Robin and we can tour these Conventions and win prizes man. We will be huge, we will get the ladies and the fans … it will be beautiful.

Black Death just stares at him for a long ten seconds

BLACK DEATH: So let me get this right , You want me to team with you , dress as a giant black man who is a Cyborg hero from a comic book , cartoon and get some other people dress up as characters themselves and tour around the country , having people judge us , so that can cheer or boo us for prizes and amusement of the legion of nerdy fans right.

STONER: Dude… it going to be awesome … think of the hot chicks, all those white women loving you ... you know nerds rule the world man … the sky the limit


Black Death walks back into the locker room with a disgusted look on his face. Stoner follows him still talking

STONER: Your daughter man, she can be Raven … she would be prefect. Hell they got a TV show on Syfy Channel; we can get on that …

The door closes behind him as he goes inside the locker room.

(-(-( TINA PETERSON: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the VWF World Tag Team Championships. If the Varsity Squad wins, their title reign will be considered uninterrupted. However, if the Black Republicans win, the Varsity Squad will be ineligible for future title shot! Introducing first, the challengers, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 438 pounds, representing Ramridge University, "Brilliant" Brent Cross and "Better" Bobby Bostwick, the Varsity Squad!

"Fill the steins to Dear Ramridge!
Shout till the rafters ring!
Stand, and drink a toast once again!
Let every loyal Ram Man sing!
Drink to all the happy hours! Drink to the careless days!
Drink to our dear alma mater! The college of our hearts always!"

As "For Ramridge" plays, the Varsity Squad emerge from the entranceway, flanked by Raymond Mandolino and "Billy the Ram"

"To the trees! To the sky! To the spring in its glorious happiness!
To the youth! To the fire! To the life that is moving and calling us!
To the Gods! To the fates! To the rulers of men and their destinies!
To the lips! To the eyes! To the girls who will love us one day!"

Mr. Mandolino straightens his tie and strides purposefully down to the ring, Brent and Bobby following close behind him. Meanwhile, "Billy" bounces back and forth across the entrance ramp, slapping hands with fans, firing them up, encouraging chants. Billy runs laps around the ring, pumping his fists, as Mr. Mandolino grabs a mic from ringside, and he and the Varsity Squad climb into the ring. Mr. Mandolino walks up to Tina.

MANDOLINO: : "Introducing first, the challengers"? I don't think so... Ms. Peterson, thank you for your efforts, but your services will no longer be required.

JOEY STYLES: What's this?

P. LICKIN: Looks like Mr. Mandolino is taking over ring announcing duties!

Tina hesitates, but reluctantly leaves the ring as Mandolino takes her place.

MANDOLINO: : Introducing first, representing the finest institution of higher learning in the continent, Ramridge University, they are the reigning and defending, and soon to be the UNDISPUTED VWF Tag Team Champions of the World! Mr. Robert Bostwick, Mr. Brent Cross, the Varsity Squad!

The regal melody of "Black Republican" by Nas and Jay Z hits.

MANDOLINO: : And the degenerate thugs who did conspired with Viking King to rob my clients of their rightful property, making their way to the ring from a cesspool of moral depravity, weighing in at 20 pounds of gold too much, Chance and Lorenz, the so called Black Republicans!

Lorenz hits the stage, a fury of emotion, Chance right behind him, staring cold daggers at Mandolino and the Varsity Squad. The fans go nuts as the Blacks make their way to the ring, Lorenz a ball of raw emotion, Chance quietly seething while trying to maintain his customary swagger.

JOEY STYLES: It's clear that the legal maneuverings of the Varsity Squad have more than got under the skin of the Black Republicans.

P. LICKIN: What do you expect, Joey? They're on the verge of having their title reign erased, or at the very least seeing a very big asterick affixed to it.

Lorenz slides into the ring looking to brawl before the match has even started. It's all the ref and Chance can do to hold him back. Meanwhile the Varsity Squad waits calmly, and Mandolino assists Billy the Ram in retrieving and setting up a table from under the ring.

JOEY STYLES: Now what are that ambulance chaser and that ridiculous mascot up to?

P. LICKIN: it looks like they're... setting up a table of Varsity Squad merchandise!

Sure enough, Billy and Mandolino cover their table with a collection of Varsity Squad and Ramridge University shirts, pendants, foam fingers, and other merchandise. Billy then holds up items and tries to rile up the crowd with offers of free stuff, as Mandolino takes a position at ringside to observe his clients. Lorenz finally under control, the ref calls for the bell.

JOEY STYLES: Well, after an interesting, this one is finally underway.

Lorenz bull rushes Bobby, looking to take his head off with brutal shots. Bobby struggles to dodge and cover up, but Lorenz is like a man possessed. Seeing this, Billy the Ram leaps up onto the apron and shakes his fist admonishingly at Lorenz. Lorenz turns to face the mascot for just a second, and Bobby takes advantage by gaining a step of distance and nailing a roundhouse to the skull that rocks the big man.

JOEY STYLES: Off of the distraction from this ridiculous mascott, Bobby Bostwick takes control.

P. LICKIN: The Varsity Squad said they had an ace in the hole, and he's already paying dividends!

While Lorenz is still rocked, Bobby nails him with a chop block. He circles around as the big man tries to regain a vertical base, Bobby with the headlock, and headlock takeover. Lorenz powers free, but before he can make it off his knees, Bobby drives him back to the mat with a modified rear waistlock takedown. Lorenz gets his feet under him and starts to power up, Bobby responds with a release German suplex.

JOEY STYLES: Bobby Bostwick showing impressive power, throwing big Lorenz Black!

P. LICKIN: And there's the tag.

As Mandolino shouts encouragement and Billy the Ram cheers at ringside, Brent slides into the ring. He nails a rising Lorenz with a boot to the skull, then hits the ropes. Lorenz to his feet, only to be taken over with a flying headscissors. Brent follows up with a knee drop, then rolls back to his corner and tags in Bobby.

JOEY STYLES: Bostwick back into the ring.

P. LICKIN: In and out, keeping each other fresh.

Bobby into the ring with a slingshot shoulder block. He mounts Lorenz, grinding his fore arm across the face of the big man, then landing a pair of elbows. But Lorenz shoves him off. Lorenz up, but Bobby with a double leg takedown, driving Lorenz head first into the bottom turnbuckle in the Varsity Squad corner. Bobby with the tag. Brent in, and the two double team Lorenz with stomps. Before the ref can warn them off, Mandolino hops onto the apron and suggests that Chance is heading into the ring, redirecting the ref's attention.

JOEY STYLES: The Varsity Squad with a double team on Lorenz Black, and their slimeball lawyer distracts the referee for them!

P. LICKIN: He's not a slimeball, Joey! He's just looking out for his clients!

Bobby and Brent haul Lorenz up and nail a double suplex. Bobby finally returns to the apron as Brent comes off the second rope with an elbow drop. The ref turns his attention back to the ring just in time for the count, which gets 2.

JOEY STYLES: And Brent Cross with the first near fall of the match.

P. LICKIN: The Varsity Squad a well oiled machine in that ring! Speaking of well oiled machines, I found this nice little gentlemen's club when I was touring the area, there was this one girl, she had this routine featuring a turkey baster, an industrial sized bottle of lube, and a certain batter powered device...


With some effort, Brent is able to haul Lorenz up and whip him into the corner. He follows wiht a charging forearm, then climbs up onto the second rope and starts firing down punches. He gets to 6 before Lorenz reaches up, grabs him, and powerbombs him out of the corner!

JOEY STYLES: What a counter by Lorenz Black! Brent is down!

P. LICKIN: You do not want to feel the power of Lorenz Black!

Lorenz shakes the cobwebs out and stumbles into his corner, tagging in Chance, who climbs to the top rope and lets fly with a beautiful elbow drop. He covers Brent for 2.

JOEY STYLES: And the Black Republicans pick up a near fall of their own!

P. LICKIN: Chance is amazing when he gets air born!

Brent struggles to his feet, only to be met by a standing dropkick from Chance. He hits the ropes, but Mandolino grabs his ankle, tripping him up. Chance stumbles forward into a thumb to the eye from Brent, and a codebreaker. Brent with the tag to Bobby.

JOEY STYLES: Just like at Crucifiction, as soon as Chance Black builds some momentum, Mandolino sticks his nose into things!

P. LICKIN: That's how he earns his 10%. Speaking of earning their pay, over at this club, the Frisky Kitten, this girl Anastasia had this trick where, well, all I'm gonna say is her muscle control blows away anything on our roster...

JOEY STYLES: Way to keep it classy.

Bobby into the ring as Chance starts to get up, he grabs the Black Republican and nails a full nelson slam. Rather than cover, Bobby follows by picking up a leg and dropping an elbow onto the inside of the knee, and another, and another. He then tags in Brent. Brent grabs the same leg and snaps off a few kicks to the inside of the knee, then applies a spinning toe hold.

JOEY STYLES: The Varsity Squad now attacking the legs of Chance Black.

P. LICKIN: Nothing but smart, Joey. Take out is legs and he can't fly. Chance without his flying, Chance is neutralized.

Chance tries to make it to his feet, but Brent nails him with a snap kick to the face, then applies a figure four leg lock. Billy the Ram starts jumping up and down and gesturing to Lorenz (who is doing nothing but cheer his partner on) and Mandolino shouts that Mr. Black is attempting to run in. When the ref moves to intercept Lorenz, Bobby grabs Brents hands to increase the pressure.

JOEY STYLES: How the hell is the ref supposed to keep track of the in ring action with all these distractions at ringside?!

P. LICKIN: I do believe that's the idea, Joey.

Bobby drops Brent's hands just as the ref turns back to the ring. Chance is in a lot of pain, but he manages to make it to the ropes. The ref calls for the break, but Brent keeps it locked in for a count of 4. He finally releases the hold and tags in Bobby.

JOEY STYLES: On top of everything else, Brent milking the four count.

P. LICKIN: What possible reason would he have to break the hold sooner, Joey? That's like cutting of a lap dance mid thrust when you've already paid your 20!

Chance manages to pull himself to his feet and throws a right, but Bobby blocks it and grabs a Thai neck clench, pulling Chance's head down into repeated knees to the face. Bobby then hooks him and nails a double underhook back breaker. He follows up applying a half crab. As he does, Billy the Ram jumps up onto the apron and blows an air horn. When the ref turns to him, Billy innocently offers him a Varsity Squad T-shirt, as Bobby reaches back and finds Brent's outstretched hand.

JOEY STYLES: Come on, this is ridiculous! We need to get this clown out of here!

P. LICKIN: He's not a clown, Joey, he's a ram. Didn't you pass kindergarten?

The ref chastizes Billy and demands he get off the apron. By the time he turns back to the ring, Brent and Bobby have released their hands. Chance cries out in pain, and the ref asks him if he quits, but the tag team champion says no. On the apron, Lorenz is desperate for a tag. Chance makes it to the ropes, but Bobby maintains the hold till 4.

JOEY STYLES: Chance forces the break, and Lorenz is desperate to get into this match up!

P. LICKIN: He needs to, or the Varsity Squad is going to be taking home the gold.

Chance struggles to his feet only for Bobby to grab him and whip him into a European uppercut, then make the tag to Brent.

JOEY STYLES: The Varsity Squad effectively cutting the ring in half. Lorenz is virtually rabid, ready to tear off heads if he can ever get into this match!

P. LICKIN: A whole lot of "if" in that statement, Joey.

Brent grabs Chance for a whip, but Chance puts on the breaks and pulls him into a big right hand, and another, Chance goes for a third, but Brent rakes the eyes and nails a snap DDT.

JOEY STYLES: How can the Black Republicans stand a chance in this match with 2 lackeys offering ringside distractions and the Varsity Squad willing to pull every dirty trick in the book?!

P. LICKIN: Maybe they can't, Joey, and maybe that's exactly what the Varsity Squad had planned all along.

Brent climbs up to the top rope as Chance struggles to his feet. Brent flies with a cross body, but Chance catches him in mid air with a stiff dropkick!

JOEY STYLES: Chance with a dropkick to the chin! Brent is down! Chance needs to make the tag!

P. LICKIN: But can he?

Bobby and Mandolino shout to Brent to get up as Chance crawls towards his corner. Brent stirs and struggles up. He turns to Chance and tries to intercept him, but Chance leaps forward and makes the tag!

JOEY STYLES: Here comes the big man!

P. LICKIN: The complection of this match just changed!

The crowd explodes as Lorenz hits the ring. Brent charges him, only to be leveled by a clothesline. Brent up, only to eat another clothesline. Brent up again, Lorenz grabs him and launches him across the ring with a massive hip toss.

JOEY STYLES: Lorenz Black is a house of fire!

Lorenz hauls Brent up off the mat and into a military press. Bobby climbs into the ring to help his partner, but Lorenz tosses Brent into him, bowling Bobby over! Mandolino and Billy both jump up onto the apron and start protesting. The ref has had enough and gestures for both to leave ringside!

JOEY STYLES: About time!

P. LICKIN: Oh, come on, they didn't do anything!

Mandolino and Billy vehemently protest the decision. The ref climbs out of the ring and backs them off, as Mandolino suggests this is a violation of his intrinsic rights and Billy blares his air horn in protest. Lorenz stalks Brent, waiting for him to get to his feet, but all of a sudden out of nowhere, Dan Ryan leaps over the barricade, slides into the ring, and blasts Lorenz from behind with a brutal clothesline to the neck!

JOEY STYLES: What the hell! Dan Ryan!? What is he doing here?!

P. LICKIN: Ruining the Blacks' night!

Chance leaps to the top rope and flies at Dan, but Ryan catches him, presses him up, and tosses him out of the ring through the Varsity Squad merchandise table! Lorenz to his feet, only for Dan to grab him and nail the "Headliner" Burning Hammer! As quickly as he appeared, Dan slides out of the ring and leaps back over the guard rail. Mandolino and Billy saunter to the back as Brent rolls over and drapes an arm over Lorenz. The ref slides back into the ring in time for the cover. ".1 ..2 ...3!!!"

Mandolino rushes back to ringside and grabs the mic away from Tina.

MANDOLINO: : Your winners and STILL undisputed VWF Tag Team Champions of the World, Robert Bostwick and Brent Cross, the Varsity Squad!

JOEY STYLES: This isn't right! The Varsity Squad didn't win this match, Dan Ryan did! What the hell was he doing here?!

P. LICKIN: I have no idea, Joey. But I'm sure not going to tell him he can't do whatever he wants whenever he want to do it!

The Varsity Squad grabs the titles away from the ref and climb the turnbuckles, holding the titles into the air as Mandolino applauds furiously and Billy runs around the ring pumping his fists. )-)-)

Winner: The Varisy Squad wins retains the World Tag-Team Championships


A hidden, backstage, camera catches a figure walking down the hallway, speaking into his cellphone.

COLE LEGULA: I can barely breathe. I'm excited but terrified, like I'm sitting in a roller coaster seat waiting for to start moving. And really, I can't wait for this to be over. Everything seemed to build to this, but I can't wait for it to be done with. Viking Wrestling's next big thing is about to be Eurocontinental Champion!

Cole pauses, possibly to listen to the person on the other side.

COLE LEGULA: I've blocked that out of my head. It's unfortunate, and if I had the choice I would have certainly picked anyone else in the world, but Windy City deserves this more. You deserve this too. I owe it to you to win the title tonight. I don't care who has it, friend or foe, it's just something that needs to be done.

Cole pauses again.

COLE LEGULA: Metaphorically, of course. But the way I see it, if Windy City can't exist on it's own, it might as well exist within Viking.

(-(-( TINA PETERSON: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Eurocontinental Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, making his way to the ring from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 225 pounds, Cole Legula!

“Young Cardinals” begins to play over the house speakers, then Cole pops out from the curtain with his fists in the air, pumping up the crowd. He makes it to the ring, head banging and giving high-fives to ringside fans. He steps through the ropes, climbs the turnbuckle, and lets out a loud roar that ignites the audience.

TINA PETERSON: And his opponent, making his way to the ring from New York, New York, weighing in at 232 pounds, he is the reigning and defending VWF Eurocontinental Champion, Jared "The Swedish" Fish!

Sirens blare over the PA as opening chords of "Indestructible" by Disturbed hit. Pyro rains down from the ceiling and a strobe flashes as the Swedish appears on the stage. Fish slowly raises hid arms to the cheers of the crowd. He pauses before dropping his elbows and pumping his fists, coinciding with the end of the strobe and lights coming up in full. The Swedish puts a hand over his eyes and looks across the crowd before jogging down to ringside. Fish rolls into the ring, climbs up onto the second rope, and raises a fist in the air, then hops down and turns to face the ring ready for action. He unclasps the EC title from his waist and hands it over to the official, who holds it up in the air.

JOEY STYLES: And that, right there, ladies and gentlemen, is what this match is all about.

P. LICKIN: One of the most prestigious prizes in this industry, but to take it home tonight, either the master must beat the student, or the student must beat the master.

As the bell sounds, the two circle. Cole shows some hesitancy to engage, but the Swedish quickly moves in for a tie up. He comes away with a headlock, but before he can do much with it, Cole counters into a hammerlock. Fish with the standing switch into a hammerlock of his own. Cole fires back an elbow to break it, but Fish drops the lock, ducks the elbow, and switches inot a rear waist lock. He looks to lift Legula for the suplex, but Cole blocks it, executes a go behind of his own, and makes his own German attempt, only for Swedish to block it and pull free. The men spin to face each other, hands up. Fish nods and smiles, saying something to Cole, who nods back.

JOEY STYLES: Counter after counter after counter in the opening minutes of this match up.

P. LICKIN: These two have been training together intimately for months now. No two men on this roster know each other better. You're going to see a TON of counters tonight.

Fish moves in as if for another lock up, but instead fires of a right hand, but Cole sees it coming and ducks under it, looking to sweep the legs, but Fish anticipates it and leaps over the sweep. Swedish follows with an attempt a leg trip, but Cole dodges. Fish looking to catch him off balance with a spear, but Cole with the leap frog. Swedish hits the ropes. Cole drops to the mat looking to trip him, but Fish jumps over him. Legula up as Jared comes off the ropes, both men go for clotheslines, and both nail the other in the face, stumbling back, dazed.

JOEY STYLES: Another whirlwind of counters only ends when both men have the same thought at the same moment.

P. LICKIN: The Swedish has helped to shape Cole Legula's in ring mind, and for his part, Cole Legula has helped to revitalize Jared's career. It's no wonder this match is like mirror images wrestling each other.

Both men shake the cobwebs out, then move in for a lock up, but this time it's Cole who fakes a grapple and instead fires off a stiff jab. He succeeds where his mentor fails, and momentarily stuns the Swedish. Cole is quick to capitalize with a big right hand, and another. Fish's bell is a little rung, but on instinct, he fires back with a right of his own. Cole, Fish, Cole, Fish, rights go back and forth between the competitors.

JOEY STYLES: And now we've got ourselves a good old fashioned brawl.

P. LICKIN: That may well favor the Swedish.

Fish manages to block a shot from Legula and land one of his own. Another Swedish block, and another right. He lands another shot unanswered, and another, and another, but Cole suddenly surges forward with a knee to the gut, then takes Fish down with a swinging neckbreaker.

JOEY STYLES: And Cole Legula introduces his mentor to the mat via neckbreaker.

P. LICKIN: Jared's neck is a massive target in every match he's in. Cole knows that all too well, and would be a fool not to exploit it.

Cole off the ropes with a snap elbow drop on Swedish. He follows it up with a scoop into a slam, then hits the ropes again. Fish just starting to sit up when Cole nails him with a running senton, then covers, good for two.

JOEY STYLES: That's a new one for Cole Legula's repertoire.

P. LICKIN: And that's gonna be the key to this match, who can best introduce elements the other isn't familiar with.

Cole stays on Fish, quickly pull him to his feet and whipping him into the corner. Cole follows with a running back elbow, then immediately whips the Swedish into the opposite corner, following right behind with a Stinger Splash. Fish stumbles out of the corner and Cole grabs him, looking for a DDT, but Fish blocks it and rockets Cole off the mat with a Northern Lights suplex, into a bridge, good for 2.

JOEY STYLES: And Jared Fish too busts out something you don't normally see from the Swedish.

P. LICKIN: He's not known for his suplexes, but the man has been in the business for 20+ years, you've got figure he knows his way around just about any move you can imagine.

Cole just getting to his feet when Fish comes off the ropes and connects with a big boot to the face. Swedish follows up quickly with a side Russian leg sweep, then hauls Legula off the mat and lands a side slam. He covers, earning another 2.

JOEY STYLES: Jared Fish manages to put together a string of moves, looking to build some momentum.

P. LICKIN: If you've seen the training regimen these two have been on, you know their cardio is insane. Momentum is going to be so important in this match, as each tries to get the pendulum going till it finally swings too far for the other to continue.

Fish pulls Cole up and looks for a reverse suplex, but Cole twist free with a hammerlock counter, into a hammerlock suplex. Cole off the ropes as Swedish rises, the mentee connects with another swinging neckbreaker. He covers, getting another 2.

JOEY STYLES: Cole Legula back to that neck.

P. LICKIN: I'm sure it makes him uncomfortable to do it, but if you're wrestling Jared Fish, you HAVE to target the neck. No doubt, the Swedish would tell him the same, and kick his butt if he didn't.

Cole with a snap suplex on Fish, and another. He looks for a pull over piledriver, but Fish blocks it. Cole tries again, but Fish blocks it again. Cole gives it one more try, but again, Fish blocks it, this time countering into a back body drop. Cole struggles to his feet as Fish rebounds off the ropes and nails a massive spear. He covers... for 2.

JOEY STYLES: What a spear from the Swedish! Good for a near fall!

P. LICKIN: With how these two have trained, I wouldn't be surprised to see this become an impromptu Iron Man match.

Fish measures Cole, looking for a discus elbow, but Cole ducks and grabs a rear waistlock, taking Swedish over with a German suplex. Legula keeps his hands locked and rolls through into a second German, then a third, then a fourth. Cole rolls through into a fifth, this time bridging for the pin. .1..2...

JOEY STYLES: Kick out! By God, that was close!

P. LICKIN: As close as you can get! But the veteran war horse still has some fight left in him. I'm telling you, Joey, this one could go all night!

Fish struggles to his feet, only for Cole to nail him with a boot to the gut and a Tiger Driver 91.

JOEY STYLES: Windydriver from Cole!

P. LICKIN: ... Or it could end right now.

Cole covers. .1...2...3, no! Kick out!

P. LICKIN: Was that 3?!

JOEY STYLES: 2 and 999/1000th. This match continues, but man, that was close!

Cole can't believe it. He confers with ref, who verifies Fish got the shoulder up. Cole grabs him, looking for another Windydriver, but Fish pulls free and nails the discus clothesline.

JOEY STYLES: Swedish Surprise!

P. LICKIN: As if that kick out wasn't surprise enough!

Cole starts to get up, only for Fish to grab him with a pumphandle slam. Swedish covers, earning 2. He climbs up onto the second rope, and connects with a flying back elbow. With Cole dazed, Fish grabs him and drops him with a stungun onto the turnbuckle, then hits the ropes, following up with a running boot to the face. With Cole down, Fish hits the ropes again and lands a hell of a leaping leg drop. He covers. .1..2...

JOEY STYLES: Kick out! But Jared Fish has the momentum firmly back in his favor.

P. LICKIN: It's going to take a hell of a lot to put either of these men down.

JOEY STYLES: You know, I almost hate to ask, but...

P. LICKIN: I haven't mentioned Grooder once in this match?


P. LICKIN: They asked me to tone it down. Besides, this is a hell of a match between two outstanding competitors for a major championship. Despite my love for the Mighty Grooder, that's where the focus should be.

Fish pulls the challenger up and connects with a sit out neckbreaker, covering for 2. He pulls Cole in, cinching him, and going for a powerbomb, but Cole counters into a hurricanrana!

JOEY STYLES: By God, what a counter!

P. LICKIN: Both men looking to pull out something new, and Cole Legula got the better of it!

Continuing the theme of new moves, Cole runs up the ropes as Fish climbs to his feet. Legula connects with a flying cross body, but Fish rolls through into a cover of his own for 2! Cole scrambles to his feet and grabs Fish, pulling him into a short arm clothesline. He follows with a knee drop, then a low dropkick as Fish climbed to a seated position. Cole covers, for 2.

JOEY STYLES: I've lost track of how many near falls we've had in this match up.

P. LICKIN: And both men are still going strong.

Cole pulls Fish up and hauls him into the air for a delayed vertical suplex, but the Swedish shifts his weight and comes down into a massive DDT! He covers. .1..2...

JOEY STYLES: I thought the champ had his title secured after that huge DDT!

P. LICKIN: Cole Legula kicked out on pure instinct.

Hoping to bust something out that will finish off his challenger, Fish climbs the ropes in the corner, thinking moonsault. But Cole jumps to his feet and crotches him on the top rope, then climbs up after him. He lifts Jared up and nails high angle belly to back superplex! Cover! .1..2...3, no! Kick out!

JOEY STYLES: Somehow the Swedish kicked out! But did you see the angle on that impact, P? Fish's neck is hurt!

P. LICKIN: I sure did, Joey. The Eurocontinental Champion is in a world of trouble.

Seeing his mentor hurting, Cole immediately goes for another cover, getting another 2. Cole pulls him up and whips him into the ropes, nailing a snap powerslam. He covers, but Fish gets a foot on the bottom ropes.

JOEY STYLES: Cole Legula just relentless with pin attempts, but Jared Fish will not stay down.

Fish rolls out onto the apron and uses the ropes to pull himself up. Cole grabs him and goes for a suplex, but Fish blocks it and counters, suplexing Cole out of the ring and to the outside!

JOEY STYLES: Oh my God! What an impact! Cole might be out cold!

P. LICKIN: That could be all she wrote, right there!

Fish rolls back into the ring and tries to catch his breath as the ref puts a count on Cole. 1... 2... 3... Cole starts to stir. 4... 5... He makes it to a knee, and Fish gets to his feet in the ring. 6... 7... Cole makes it to his feet, but Fish rebounds off the ropes, charges across the ring, and leaps through the ropes with a massive suicide dive to the outside!

JOEY STYLES: Good God! Suicide Dive by the Swedish!

P. LICKIN: You know he hates to leave his feet, Joey, that just goes to show how much this match and this title mean to him!

JOEY STYLES: Meanwhile, both men are down and we have another count!

1... 2... 3... 4.... Both men start to stir. 5... 6... Fish to a knee. 7... Cole to a knee as well. 8... With a surge of energy, Cole dives into the ring. 9... Fish makes it in just before the 10.

JOEY STYLES: And this one will continue! Ladies and gentlemen, these men are pulling out all the stops tonight!

P. LICKIN: That's how much the Eurocontinental title means, Joey.

Both men up, and trading punches. Cole with a boot to the gut, and a double underhook into a neckbreaker. He covers for 2. Cole quickly pulls Swedish up, hoisting him into the air in suplex position, but then drops him into a sit out neckbreaker. He covers for another 2.

JOEY STYLES: Cole Legula continues to target the neck of the Swedish, but the champ holds on.

P. LICKIN: Look at Cole's face during the impact, Joey. He cringes almost as much as Fish does. He doesn't like doing this, but with the Eurocontinental Title on the line, you do whatever it takes to win.

Cole climbs out onto the apron and measures Fish. The Swedish starts to get up, and Cole flies into the ring with a slingshot flying knee to the temple. He covers, but only gets 2. Cole goes to pick Fish up, but Swedish pulls him down and locks in a gogoplata!

JOEY STYLES: Hell's Gate! Cole is in trouble!

P. LICKIN: It's locked in tight, Joey!

Cole squirms, desperately trying to escape the hold. He manages to hook a foot on the bottom rope. The ref calls for the break, and the Swedish complies. Both men slowly up, Fish hooks him for a DDT, but Cole bum rushes him into the corner. He crushes the wind out of Jared's lungs with massive shoulder thrusts, then pulls Fish out of the corner, hops up onto the top rope, cinches him, and lands a tornado DDT. Legula covers, but only 2.

JOEY STYLES: Cover after cover after cover, but no 3 count.

P. LICKIN: They both want it so much, Joey. Miles of heart on display in that ring tonight.

Cole drops an elbow on Fish, then another, then another. He picks the Swedish up and sets him on the top rope, then climbs up after him.

JOEY STYLES: Cole Legula thinking superplex!

P. LICKIN: Not so fast, Joey!

Fish blocks it and fires off a stiff right hand, and another, and another. Cole wobbles, Fish blasts him again, and he falls back into the ring. Fish pulls himself up and jumps off the top with a flying elbow.

JOEY STYLES: Swedish Sunset! Cover! 1, 2, 3!no! Kick out!

P. LICKIN: My heart's racing, Joey! That was close!

Fish pulls Cole up, calling for the Fish Plant. He scoops Legula up onto his shoulder, but Cole slips off and pushes Fish sternum first into the turnbuckle. Swedish stumbles back into another German suplex by Cole.

JOEY STYLES: Fish looking to finish it, but Cole Legula with the counter and now back in the driver's seat.

P. LICKIN: Cole Legula has been in the driver's seat for most of this match, but these two know each other so well, neither of them can stay in it for long.

Cole to his feet, he pulls Fish up and blasts him with a few knees to the gut. Cole looking for a suplex, but Fish shifts his weight and comes down behind him, landing on his feet and sinking in the Tazmission!

JOEY STYLES: Fish Hook! Fish Hook! He's got it locked in!

P. LICKIN: And it's in the center of the ring!

Cole struggles to reach the ropes on one side of the ring, then another, then another, but Fish has him dead center. He tries to break it with elbows, but the Swedish has it locked in tight. Cole starts to fade. The ref moves in, looking to check on him, but with a burst of energy, Cole twists free and counters into an Angle Slam. He hooks the leg. .1..2... Kick out!

JOEY STYLES: I thought the Swedish had this one won, but then Cole Legula nearly won with that counter!

P. LICKIN: God damn, Joey, what a match!

Cole takes a few seconds to catch his breath, then pulls Fish up, hauls him off the mat, and stun guns him on the top rope. Fish clutches his throat in pain, and before he can recover, Cole twists him into a Dragon Sleeper.

JOEY STYLES: Windysleeper! And this time Cole Legula is the one who has it locked in in the middle of the ring!

P. LICKIN: Cole managed to escape when there was no way out, can Fish?

The Swedish fiercely struggles against the hold, but can't seem to get free. His struggles start to weaken, and the ref is right there, ready to check him, but with a burst of adrenaline, Fish twists free and connects with an implant DDT. Cover! .1..2...3!no, Kickout!

JOEY STYLES: The Swedish a thousandth of a second away from retaining his title!

P. LICKIN: How many times have we seen someone a thousandth of a second away from winning this match, Joey? It's off the hook!

Fish slowly to his feet as Cole is still out on the mat. The Swedish slides out onto the apron and starts to climb the ropes. Cole struggles to his feet, only to be leveled as Fish nails him with a flying clothesline to the jaw.

JOEY STYLES: Sweet Tooth!

Fish follows immediately, scooping Cole up and nailing a jumping sitout tombstone.

JOEY STYLES: And the Fish Plant!

P. LICKIN: Ball game, Joey!

He covers. .1..2...3!No! KICK OUT!

JOEY STYLES: Cole Legula still alive!

P. LICKIN: Good God Almighty, Joey, can you believe it?!

A small smile touches Jared's lips when he confirms with the ref it was only two. He pulls Cole up and goes for another one, but Cole slips down his back and nails him with a brutal fore arm smash to the back of the neck. Fish stumbles into the corner and Cole charges after him, landing a flying knee to the back of the neck again. He pulls Swedish into the center of the ring and lands a sitout neckbreaker. Cole covers, for 2.

JOEY STYLES: Jared Fish will not stay down.

P. LICKIN: The man is fighting off of pure will power, Joey, 100% determination!

Cole can't believe it, but the ref insists it's only 2. Shaking his head in frustration, Cole grabs Fish, cinches him, and lands the Tigerdriver 91.

JOEY STYLES: Windydriver!

But rather than cover, Cole shakes his head "no," cinches Fish again, and lands another Windydriver. He pulls the Swedish up again, and lands a third Windydriver, before finally making the cover. .1..2...


JOEY STYLES: No! Kick out!

P. LICKIN: What!?

JOEY STYLES: Some how, some way, Jared Fish kicked out!

Cole stares in Fish in disbelief. He shakes he head and gets to his feet. Bouncing off the ropes, Cole lands a knee drop to the throat of Fish, and another, and another! The ref warns him, but Cole just pulls Fish up, turns him over, and locks in the Dragon Sleeper.

JOEY STYLES: And Cole Legula with the Windydriver after those brutal shots to the throat!

P. LICKIN: This has to be it, Joey! How could anyone take any more!?

Fish struggles wildly to free himself, but his struggles quickly fade. The ref moves in to check him. He lifts the arm and it falls once, it falls again, he lifts it a third time... but Fish catches it before it drops! Fish struggles, dragging Cole forward, but Cole keeps the sleeper locked in. Fish lunges forward and runs up the ropes while still in the hold, back flipping into a modified Sliced Bread #2! He hooks both legs! ".1 ..2 ...3!!!"

TINA PETERSON: The winner of this match via pin fall and STILL VWF Eurocontinental Champion, Jared "The Swedish" Fish!

JOEY STYLES: By God, folks, the crowd is on their feet cheering this match!

P. LICKIN: How could they not be? That match could be a main event anywhere in the world any night of the year!

The ref hands the title to Fish, but the Swedish tosses it down onto the mat and goes to help Cole up. Cole, for his part, is in tears, openly weeping. Fish consoles him, saying "You've got fucking nothing to be ashamed of. That was the greatest fucking match I've ever been a part of..." Cole nods, still crying. He offers a hand to Fish, but Fish pushes it away and pulls him into a hug.

JOEY STYLES: Touching display of affection between two men who gave it everything they have tonight!

But out of nowhere, Cole grabs Fish into a headlock, sweeps his leg, and nails a headlock driver onto the EC title belt!


Cole kneels over Fish, screaming something unintelligible. The ref tries to pull him off, but Cole turns him inside out with a clothesline, then slides out of the ring.

JOEY STYLES: What in the hell is he doing!?

Cole pulls up the apron and grabs a chair from under the ring, sliding it in. He grabs another and rolls back into the ring. Fish slowly pushes himself up, blood trailing down his forehead, a lock of shock, confusion, and betrayal on his face as Cole brings the chair down across his skull. Fish drops lick a sack of bricks.

JOEY STYLES: I can't believe this! What is wrong with Cole Legula!?

P. LICKIN: He's not done...

Cole lays one chair on the mat, drags Fish's head onto it, then picks up the other and stands over him. A half dozen refs rush the ring and jump in, trying to get Cole to back down. It looks like he's going to complie, but then he shoves a ref down, turns back to Fish, and crushes him with a sickening one man con-chair-to. The crowd erupts with boys as security floods ringside, tackling Cole and dragging him out of the ring before he can do more damage.

P. LICKIN: God damn...

JOEY STYLES: After all Jared Fish has done for him, how could Cole Legula do this!?

Cole continues to scream unintelligibly as security drags him away. Trainers work on Fish trying to make sure he's alright. Several concerned wrestlers and officials come out to ringside, including Tornado Kid and Axel the Shark. Fish comes around and seems to indicate to the trainers that he wants to walk to the back. They manage to get him out of the ring, where Tornado Kid takes one of his arms and Axel takes the other. Leaning on both of their shoulders, Fish is slowly able to walk to the back as the crowd gives him a standing ovation.

JOEY STYLES: Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know what to say. We've just witnessed one of the best matches I've seen in a long, long time, but that is completely overshadowed by what we witnessed post match... Cole Legula was like a man unhinged. What possible explanation he could have for his actions, I don't know.

P. LICKIN: Maybe there is no explanation, Joey. Maybe he just snapped... )-)-)

Winner: Jared Fish retains the Eurocontinental Championship


We cut backstage where Kyle Bacon is standing by with the number one contender for the World Heavyweight championship, Scott DiBiase.

KYLE BACON: Mr. DiBiase, you've been outspoken all week regarding your upcoming steel cage match tonight for the World Heavyweight championship and it would seem some of your comments have ruffled the feathers of not only the World champion himself but also his new tag team partner, Axel the Shark. They both have taken issue with how you have described them as a "glorified comedy tag team" and feel those comments were disparaging towards Axel's skills.

A smile broke across Scott's face and he shook his head.

SCOTT DiBIASE: I am quite familiar with such "knee jerk" type of reactions, Bacon, but I can assure you they have it all wrong. I don't look at Axel and see someone who is a joke or unworthy of stepping into the ring I simply don't see a serious tag team combination when I look at the two of them. Hell, I was paired up with Rico to face "Snarknado" on the last edition of Crucifiction and I'll be the first to say that team was nothing more than a joke.

KYLE BACON: Axel insinuated that it was hypocritical of you to call him a joke when you once lost to the Wrasslin' Rangers.

SCOTT DiBIASE: Yes, a case of interference preventing me from making the save and a biased ref with a vested interest in seeing me lose really says something about my abilities, doesn't it? I'll take any valid criticism, Bacon, but it would really help if the person making the critique knew what the hell they were talking about. However, not to bruise Axel's already fragile ego, I'm not here to talk about him or to dredge up past sins which have long since been absolved. I'm here to talk about what's really important and that is reclaiming my World Heavyweight championship.

KYLE BACON: It should come as no surprise that Tornado Kid is confident he has what it takes to leave Bloodlust with a successful defense of his title.

SCOTT DiBIASE: Good! He wouldn't have a place in that match if he didn't believe he was going to walk out with the championship. He's already risen to the occassion at the Royal Rumble to achieve the dream of a lifetime and now he has the honour of stepping into the ring in the main event of the biggest event of the year. I believe he has every chance in the world of being victorious here tonight, but I don't just "believe" I will be victorious, I know I will. I know I will regain my championship because it's my sole focus here tonight, I know I will be victorious because I have spent countless hours studying every last scrap of footage available on my opponents and tailoring my training regimen accordingly. Most of all, I know I will be victorious because after two long years, I am hungry to reclaim what I never should have let slip through my grasp in the first place. In other words, I am not that weak, pathetic joke of a man who didn't deserve to defeat Jonny Cedrone at the Royal Rumble for the World Heavyweight championship, I am an elite competitor who knows exactly what he wants and has absolutely no problems going out to that ring and taking the World Heavyweight championship from the hands of a young champion who is still finding his footing in the VWF.

KYLE BACON: I think it would be fair to say the fact that we are in Canada tonight plays heavily on your mind.

SCOTT DiBIASE: There is that, yes. There's no telling what kind of reaction we're going to get when we step into that ring tonight. You see, Canadians aren't trained seals who bark and clap their hands on cue, we know what we want and we're not afraid to go against the grain to make sure our voices are heard. So whether they boo me out of the building or give me a hero's welcome, it's not going to affect my strategy here tonight. What you need to understand is how rare it is for the VWF to venture north of the border and for me to have the opportunity to not only compete in the main event of the biggest show of the year in my home country but also compete for the World Heavyweight championship, I'm going to fight just that much harder because I may never get this opportunity again. But once the show goes off the air and the VWF slips back into the United States, it's status quo for men like Tornado Kid and TD Alexander where competing in their country is just the standard operating procedure and all that could really get them more excited is if VWF decided to hold an event in their home town. This is my moment, Bacon.

(-(-( P. LICKIN: Because viruses can't be transmitted underwater..... can they?

JOEY STYLES: I'm not doctor, but that doesn't sound sanitary at all.

P. LICKIN: If it was sanitary, it wouldn't be fun.

JOEY STYLES: I hope there was a free clinic nearby.

P. LICKIN: For what?

JOEY STYLES: Nevermind -- the Money in the Bank ladder match is up next and it's a big one. The winner of this match will earn for himself a shot at the World Championship at a time of his choosing, and all he has to do is outlast four other men, climb that ladder and pull down the briefcase.

P. LICKIN: Child's play.

JOEY STYLES: I wouldn't say that.

P. LICKIN: You wouldn't say lots of things. "No more cheese fries, thanks, I'm full", for one.

JOEY STYLES: sigh Let's go up to Tina Peterson in the ring.

CUT TO: The ring, where Tina Peterson is front and center. Around the ring, ladders are set up on each side, as well as one in the main aisle between the stage and the ring.

“Engel” by Rammstein hits the PA system and the crowd boo, recognizing the familiar whistle instantly. Vagn Dahl emerges from the back in his ring gear, looking ready to go to battle in the ring. He rotates his head to stretch his neck and then starts his way down the ramp, ignoring the fans leaning over the barrier hoping to slap his hand. Dahl reaches ringside and uses the steps to get into the ring. From there he walks over to one of the corners, still entirely ignoring the crowd. Dahl turns his back to the corner and waits for the ring bell to sound, completely focused on the match ahead.

TINA PETERSON: This match is the MONEY IN THE BANK LADDER MATCH!! The winner will earn a shot at the World Championship!! INTRODUCING FIRST..... from Aarhus, Denmark, weighing in at two hundred eighty five pounds..... VAAAAAAGGGNNNN DAAAAAAHHHLLLLL!!!!!!!

"Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple plays as Black Death comes out from the back stage on to the ramp. He's wearing a black full robe and he stops on top of the ramp way with his hands on his hips and looks over the crowd with a slight smile on his face. He then walks down the ramp to the ring. He heads up the ring steps and enter the ring through the middle and top ropes and heads to a corner. He rises one fist in the air and takes off the robe, handing it to an official at ringside and bounces up and down in the corner ready for the match to begin.

TINA PETERSON: From Las Vegas, Nevada.... weighing in at three hundred pounds..... BLAAAAAACK DEEEAAAATH!!!!!!!

The VikingTron flickers to life, as thunder rolls and "All of the Lights" hits as the crowd gets to it's feet... "The American Storm," Crimson Lightening comes out, looking on as a chorus of boos comes out of the crowd. He stalks down the ramp, smirking as he reaches ringside and rolls in the ring. He climbs one corner of the ring and poses, as the crowd continues to boo loudly. He hops down and approaches the middle of the ring as the music subsides and the crowd sits down.

TINA PETERSON: From Chicago, Illinois.... weighing in at two hundred forty nine pounds.... CRIIIIIMSOOOOONNNNNN LLIIIIIIGHTENING!!!!!

Cue up: "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins.

CUT TO: 'Ego Buster' flashes across the screen in rapid contrasting black and white. CUT TO: Dan Ryan gorrilla presses Malkfrom inside the ring to the floor below onto Do or Die. CUT TO: The word "YOU" flashes on the screen. CUT TO: Dan Ryan throws 'Living Legend' Mark Windham from the second level of Key Arena down to the first level. CUT TO: the word "ARE". CUT TO: Dan Ryan clotheslines Scott DiBiase, nearly taking his head off. CUT TO: the word "BUSTED" CUT TO: rapid shots of Dan Ryan pulverizing opponents with the Humility Bomb, a last ride power bomb landing high angle on the neck.

TINA PETERSON: From Houston, Texas..... weighing in at three hundred twenty five pounds.... "The EGO BUSTER"..... DAAAAAAAAANNNNN RRRYYYAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!

Ryan walks down to ringside as pyro erupts along the ramp beside him. He rolls under the bottom rope and climbs a corner turnbuckle and simply glares through the sunglasses into the crowd.

Maverick's Theme, "Never Let It Go" begins playing over the loudspeaker as the light dims and spotlights on the stage.


The fans get on their feet as Maverick bursts out from behind the curtain onto the stage. He soaks in the praise, walking back and forth across the stage to pander to the fans.

TINA PETERSON: Introducing, from Baltimore, Maryland, weighing in at one hundred eighty seven pounds, MAAAAVVERIIIIIICK JOOOOOOOOOOONES!!!!!

Maverick runs down the ramp and slides in under the bottom rope. He gets on the nearest turnbuckle and hypes up the crowd some more.

The bell rings.

JOEY STYLES: We're underway and it seems like all four of the other men are taking it right to Dan Ryan! Ryan down, and he's getting STOMPED TO HELL by his opponents! Maverick and Black Death send him for the Irish whip…Ryan LEVELS THEM WITH A FLYING DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Ryan’s a world renowned superstar so if anyone can handle being ganged up on like this, it's him.

P. LICKIN: Anyone and everyone knows that Dan Ryan is as tough as it gets. If anyone can handle this, he can.

JOEY STYLES: That's what I said!

P. LICKIN: I don't listen to you.


JOEY STYLES: Ryan making his impact felt early! Wait, here comes Dahl! And he grabs Ryan by the hair and tosses him to the outside! Dahl with vicious stomps to Black Death, switches off to Maverick Jones, and back to Black Death! Maverick rolls out of the ring, and Dahl continues to punish Black Death, this time with a BIG looping right to the forehead! Dahl employing a brutal style early on. This man is pure work ethic, Lamont.

P. LICKIN: Work ethic my ass. Work smarter, not harder. See if I was in there, I’d be OUT OF THERE, as in…waiting around the concession stand until they work themselves into a cardiac arrest. Then I shoot up the ladder, swipe the belt, and call it a night.

JOEY STYLES: You mean like how Crimson Lightening is doing right now?

P. LICKIN: He's always been really smart.

JOEY STYLES: Indeed, Crimson Lightening is basically hiding up on the ramp under one of the ladders. I don't even think the other four see him.

P. LICKIN: After what he saw Dan Ryan do to Maverick Jones and Black Death at the outset of this match, he hit the bricks, pretty much.

JOEY STYLES: Cowardly, if you ask me.

P. LICKIN: Live to fight another day, Styles.

JOEY STYLES: Right. Maverick Jones’s going for the ladder beneath the ring, but Ryan is there to stop him! Ryan with chops to the former World Champion's chest; Maverick returns the favor! Ryan chops again! This time Maverick headbutts the larger Ryan, stunning him momentarily! Maverick…Irish whip into the steel guardrail! Ryan’s bent over in pain!

P. LICKIN: Smart move by the smaller Maverick Jones.

JOEY STYLES: Back in the ring, Dahl’s working over Black Death with forearm shots to the face. Dahl off the ropes…and he’s tripped up by Luci! TURN AROUND! BASEBALL SLIDE FROM Black Death! I think he just dented Dahl’s skull! P. LICKIN: Black Death’s due for a big win, baby- HE’S DUE!

JOEY STYLES: Black Death lifts Dahl onto the top turnbuckle. Looks like he’s going for a superplex! No! Dahl with a shot to the midsection, and he shoves Black Death to the mat. Here comes Vagn Dahl off the top rope, but Black Death meets him with a dropkick!

P. LICKIN: High flying isn't really Vagn Dahl's strong point. I’m tellin’ ya, Black Death is all business tonight. I even heard he had his 'white women' grow a TV Title playoff beard, and not on their faces either.

JOEY STYLES: I didn't hear anything about that.

P. LICKIN: Really? Someone told me they were rocking the Zangief mohawk down there.


P. LICKIN: Smart money tells me it’s coming down to Dan Ryan and Maverick Jones, but you never know, man. You’ve got a lot of game individuals in there, and these money in the bank matches are just so unpredictable and off the wall.

JOEY STYLES: Ryan’s lying on the ladder, and Maverick Jones’s up on the apron! NO! Dahl RUNS INTO Maverick Jones, AND HE’S DOWN NEXT TO Ryan! Black Death CLOTHESLINES Dahl OVER THE ROPES! Black Death STEPS OUT ONTO THE APRON…FLYING CLOTHESLINE! MISSES! Ryan MOVED! ALL FOUR MEN ARE DOWN!

P. LICKIN: And in one sequence, the entire field is obliterated. Meanwhile, Crimson Lightening is STILL on the ramp.

JOEY STYLES: Crimson Lightening has somehow managed to go just about completely unnoticed while the other four guys beat each other up.

P. LICKIN: Check it out, Ryan’s up and he slid the ladder in the ring!

JOEY STYLES: We could have our first attempt coming up, but Dahl spins him around and clips him with a European uppercut! Dahl takes Ryan…Irish whips him into Maverick Jones; both men down! Black Death’s up and goes right for Ryan! Black Death and Maverick get the double team going, and Dahl’s in the ring with the ladder! FIRST ATTEMPT COMING UP!

P. LICKIN: What's with Crimson anyway?? Is he throwing this match or what?? If Dahl gets up that ladder, the Intercontinental will lose this match without having gotten involved pretty much at all.

JOEY STYLES: Indeed, and now…Ryan’s fought off Maverick, but Black Death just DECKED Ryan…NOW HE’S BACK IN THE RING, AND TOSSES Dahl OVER THE ROPES! Black Death’s SETTING UP THE LADDER!

P. LICKIN: Turn around, man!


Amongst the ringside ruckus, finally sprints to and runs into the ring




JOEY STYLES: Maverick put Crimson Lightening out with a laser pointed superkick, and he’s got the ladder back up! Ryan’s back in the ring!

Dahl fights off American Storm, but has trouble making headway against the overwhelming odds.

JOEY STYLES: Ryan’s climbing the ladder! So is Maverick! Maverick grabs Ryan by the hair, but Ryan fires back with a right hand! Both men continue to climb now!






P. LICKIN: Don’t get excited- nobody’s winning this thing until they figure out this ringside BS.

JOEY STYLES: Dahl catches Alex Thunder out of the corner of his eye! Chairshot! NO! Dahl DUCKS!



P. LICKIN: Two??

JOEY STYLES: If you count Crimson Lightening counting lights in the ring!

P. LICKIN: Gutsy, but not the smartest move. Dahl’s favoring that hand! He might’ve broken it!


P. LICKIN: That's three!! And I don't think Red Tornado wants any of this!!

JOEY STYLES: Dahl begins to climb, but Maverick Jones pulls him down immediately. Dahl…ducks a swing from Maverick. Waistlock, but Maverick spreads out to drop his weight. Bit of a grappling contest going on here. Here comes Black Death! Elbow to the side of Dahl’s head! And again, Black Death and Maverick Jones begin to doubleteam their opponent!

P. LICKIN: These two seem to be in cahoots. I haven’t actually seen one attack the other.

JOEY STYLES: There does appear to be some team work between the men. Black Death whips Dahl into Maverick who delivers a back elbow! Now Black Death begins an ascent up the ladder! Here comes Dan Ryan! NO! Maverick levels him, while Black Death climbs!


P. LICKIN: Dahl’s going for the ladder, but Maverick’s tied him up!


P. LICKIN: This is incredible! Black Death’s got it! He’s got it!




P. LICKIN: Where did he COME FROM??

JOEY STYLES: Crimson Lightening is stomping out Black Death - Maverick from the side -- NATURAL SELECTION!!! Maverick Jones JUST HIT CRIMSON LIGHTENING WITH THE NATURAL SELECTION!!!

P. LICKIN: Man! As quick as American Storm has been coming, these guys are sending them home even quicker!

JOEY STYLES: Dahl with the full nelson suplex on Maverick, sending him halfway across the ring!

P. LICKIN: Black Death looks like he’s taking the brawl right back to Dahl, who’s been brawling pretty effectively most of the match. It’ll be interesting to see how that injured hand will impact his style the rest of the way.

JOEY STYLES: Black Death...Irish whips Dahl into the ladder! Meanwhile Dan Ryan just hit a NASTY piledriver on Maverick Jones on the outside! The action is heating up! Here comes Ryan to the top turnbuckle.

P. LICKIN: Turn around dummy!


P. LICKIN: Really? You just made that innuendo with me sitting here?

JOEY STYLES: Black Death…tosses the steel chair at Ryan…




P. LICKIN: Black Death isn’t [BLEEP]king around. He came to win…just another step or two…







P. LICKIN: Maverick’s in the ring, I don’t think Dahl sees him.





P. LICKIN: He had his hands on the briefcase!!! It was his! For the second time in this match, Black Death had victory in reach…literally!

JOEY STYLES: Dahl and Maverick are brawling it out now! Maverick ducks under and goes for the waist lock…runs Dahl into the ropes…Dahl holds on, Maverick rolls back. Here comes Maverick again…CLOTHESLINES Dahl TO THE OUTSIDE! AND NOW Maverick SETS UP THE LADDER FOR AN ATTEMPT!

P. LICKIN: No one’s in the ring. If he can make his way up quick, Maverick Jones’s got this on lockdown.






IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER! Maverick Jones HAS-




JOEY STYLES: The entire match, it appeared Black Death and Maverick were working in a tandem!

P. LICKIN: Looks like Black Death is blaming Maverick for costing him the match earlier.

JOEY STYLES: Maverick shoves Black Death! Black Death shoves him back! They’re yelling at each other, Maverick screaming at him…OH! Black Death with a right! Maverick with a right! They’re going at it! So much for partnerships in a multi-man ladder match!

P. LICKIN: Only a rube cuts a deal in a match like this. It’s every man for himself when a shot at the World Championship is on the line.

Dan Ryan! Dan Ryan!





JOEY STYLES: Dahl and Ryan going at it, and Dahl is trading right hands with Dan Ryan!

P. LICKIN: Black Death’s somehow managed to recover and he's got the ladder set up! He’s climbing!




P. LICKIN: He’s going to break his damn neck!

JOEY STYLES: The two are struggling! Black Death's close to the briefcase, but Maverick has him locked up! Meanwhile, Vagn Dahl sends Ryan through the ropes! Ryan stops himself though... he' s got Dahl now by the throat… and TOSSES Dahl INTO THE LADDER! IT’S SHAKING!



P. LICKIN: He’s got Maverick! HE’S HULKING UP AND HE'S GOT Maverick Jones! I’M MARKING OUT!








P. LICKIN: Unfreakingbelievable. That was the most insane [BLEEP] I’ve ever seen in my life.

P. LICKIN: And that was STRIKE THREE for Black Death! He ain’t getting’ another shot like that!

JOEY STYLES: Ryan’s getting back to his feet and this crowd is ON THEIR FEET!!!

Ryan standing... soaking it in!


P. LICKIN: And the question remains…how much of this will that man tolerate? He’s sent everyone in but himself.






P. LICKIN: Dahl’s getting closer to the belt! It could be his!

JOEY STYLES: Ryan kicks at Black Death and Black Death LETS GO OF Ryan! Black Death hit from behind by Crimson Lightening and now he's BRAWLING IT OUT WITH Crimson Lightening AND Maverick! THEY’RE TANGLED UP!



P. LICKIN: Look at the ladder! Dahl and Ryan are nearing the briefcase!!


Dahl winces









CUTTO: Red Tornado sneaking into the ring.

P. LICKIN: Here comes Red Tornado with the cockblock!








On the outside, Black Death, Maverick, Crimson Lightening, and American Storm are absolutely having it out!





P. LICKIN: This is unreal!!


P. LICKIN: I don't even have an adjective for what I'm witnessing right now!

JOEY STYLES: Vagn Dahl is scrambling to the outside of the ring and sliding a ladder in!! He's setting it up under the two men, but he's running out of time!! Maverick Jones and Dan Ryan both with their hands on the briefcase now!! Which one will gaint control!! Dahl getting near the top!! BLACK DEATH LEVELS CRIMSON LIGHTENING ON THE OUTSIDE!! CLOTHESLINE TO CHRIS MONSOON!! CLOTHESLINE TO ALEX THUNDER!! RED TORNADO IS IN SHOCK!!

P. LICKIN: He's gonna take one last shot at this!!


P. LICKIN: We've got more company!!


All four ladders collapse as The Varsity Squad put the boots to Maverick Jones. Black Death kicks Vagn to the midsection and shoves him in the corner as Crimson stirs and is up in the ring. Suddenly, Axel the Shark comes out of the crowd from nowhere and slides in the ring. He hits Black Death in the back with the steel chair. The big man staggers and turns around, and Axel hits him right in the head, once, twice, three times and finally brings Black Death down...

JOEY STYLES: What is going on?

P. LICKIN: Axel just chopped Black Death down like a redwood tree!

Dan Ryan and The Varsity Squad are putting the boots to Maverick, and Crimson sees his change. He sets the ladder back up, but before he can climb, Vagn Dahl hits him with the Nordic Conquest! Crimson spins around and right into the arms of Dan Ryan, who picks Crimson up and hits the Humility Bomb! Vagn and Dan Ryan both climb opposite sides of the ladder in a race to the top. Bobby and Brent pick Maverick up to make him watch, but Maverick low blows them both quickly, and runs at the ladder. Dan Ryan and Vagn Dahl are both reaching for the briefcase, when Maverick climbs up and grabs Dan Ryan by the neck, pulling him backwards off the ladder. The two men fall, and The Varsity Squad attack Maverick quickly, kicking him in the head for fighting back. Vagn Dahl is the last man at the top, and he grabs the case! The bell rings as Vagn hops down. Dan Ryan turns and glares at him, but remembers about Maverick and has The Varsity Squad pick him up. Dan Ryan hits a running boot to the head, flipping Maverick in mid-air. "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins hits as Brent Cross, Bobby Bostwick and Dan Ryan all raise each other's hands as they stand over the fallen Maverick Jones in the middle of the ring.


P. LICKIN: If those three are together I think Maverick's life just got a whole lot harder... Vagn Dahl might have won the Money in the Bank... but those three just might win the war for The VWF...)-)-)

Winner: Vagn Dahl wins the Money in the Bank


After his match, Liger is back in his locker room going over the mysterious sonnet subconsciously delivered to him by Caretaker. Liger has highlighted the lines he suspects are intended to give him a secondary message….

Solitude it decays, to ye-an old day.
Breath spared as I walk amongst children who die old,
A sky that views their time for death to unfold
Her square corners that bathe their bodies under bay.
And for one to live through walking this line
Of all the young that done dying and gone
Shall be trampled under their feet through stone
In wonder, in stone-no mark makes them scarce to find.
An animal shall die too, but vain is the care
To behold them high without dispute
And few are thirsty enough to stand an intrude
That ultimate end that all that live shall share.
But those stones that will always lack a name
Will watch their shadows creep by within their unknown fame.

THOMAS LIGER: “Children who die old…” Well… “Under their feet through stone” “stones that lack a name” clearly this describes a forgotten cemetery of sorts…graveyards possess children but also adults, how can a child die old…

It suddenly hits Liger….

THOMAS LIGER: …..parents! He’s describing his parents’ gravestones in Rindskoth Roth…which is an unmarked graveyard.

Liger jots down “Holloway graves” in his iPhone and jets out of the locker room.

THE VIKING KING: Hey! Where do you think you’re going?



THOMAS LIGER: The location of my next clue.


THOMAS LIGER: I’m going to Missouri.

THE VIKING KING: And does The Viking King dare expect you to be back by the next Crucifiction?

THOMAS LIGER: I’ll do my best.

THE VIKING KING: Oh please, take your time.

Liger storms out of the arena, unknowingly hitting Steven Chandler with the door as he opens it, killing him.

(-(-( TINA PETERSON: Ladies and Gentlemen. The following match is for one fall in a steel cage. Your main event for the evening....

“Tear Away” by Drowning Pool hits the loudspeakers as the fans in attendance commences to boo. A moment or so passes before TD shows up on the entranceway, wearing a hooded vest. He has his head down until the word “BREAK” is blared over the airwaves as he raises his head and throws his arms wide open. He holds this position until the pyro behind him goes off and he strolls down to the ring, with the fans hissing the entire time. Once in the ring, TD lowers the hood and opens his arms once more, again, with more pyrotechnics going off behind him. He removes the garment and cracks his neck, waiting for the match to begin

TINA PETERSON: Approaching the ring at this time, ... hailing from Konxville, Tennesee! Weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds and standing six feet, one inch tall... TD ALEXANDER!

JOEY STYLES: TD Alexander doesn't look like himself, does he?

P. LICKIN: He looks like a black cat crossed his path and stole his rabbits foot.

The lights go out and are replaced red and white spotlights as "Breaking Inside" by Shinedown hits the sound system, nearly drowned out by the boos and jeers from the crowd. Mr. Sandoval steps onto the stage and surveys the crowd with an indifferent glare as Scott DiBiase walks out, illuminated by a red maple leaf-shaped spotlight. Flanked by Mr. Sandoval as he slowly walks down the aisle, Scott smirks as the fans on either side of the aisle spew hostile invectives and throw debris in his path.

TINA PETERSON: Approaching the ring at this time, ... hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! Weighing in at two hundred and forty-eight pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall... Scott DiBiase!

Scott climbs up the ring steps and steps through the top and middle ropes to enter the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle facing the camera and drinks in the hostility from the audience. Scott jumps down from the turnbuckle and trades insults with some particularly rowdy audience members in the front row.

JOEY STYLES: Scott DiBiase has been focused on this match, looking to regain the World title, which he hasn't held in over two years when he defeated Jonny Cedrone at the Royal Rumble to win it.

P. LICKIN: Has there ever been a Royal Rumble that Jonny Cedrone DIDN'T lose at?

"Tornado" plays on the arena sound system as Tornado Kid jumps through the curtain. He pumps his fists to fire up the crowd, then sprints to the ring. He slides in at full speed, then rolls over, kips up, and jumps up onto the top turnbuckle. Tornado Kid basks in the reaction of the fans before back flipping into the ring, landing on his feet.

TINA PETERSON: Approaching the ring at this time, ... hailing from Boston, Mass! Weighing in at one hundred seventy six pounds and standing five feet, nine inches tall... The VWF World Heavyweight Champion... TORNADO KID!

JOEY STYLES: The cage is lowering as we speak, when... wait... what's going on?

P. LICKIN: Who's that up in the rafters?

(Up in the rafters, someone is seen dressed in black doing something with the cage as it's about to lower. He has bolt cutters of some sort, and snaps a chain. An entire half of the cage wall falls down, crashing down and hitting TD Alexander, who is standing ringside! The crowd chants "HE'S HARDCORE! HE'S HARDCORE! HE'S HARDCORE" as VWF Officials rush ringside.


P. LICKIN: Well... at least they're getting him out of here quick. I just got word... we're going to go with just DiBiase and Tornado unless TD Alexander can be cleared to get out here...

VWF Officials have removed the cage wall now, leaving DiBiase and Tornado in the ring as the bell is rung.

JOEY STYLES: Here we go then!

P. LICKIN: That's the quickest that we've ever cleaned up a mess. Who the heck was the guy in the rafters?

DiBiase gets face to face with Tornado, and Tornado tells him he's ready. DiBiase takes a step back as Tornado smiles ear to ear. DiBiase slaps his shoulders as the Canadian crowd cheers him loudly. DiBiase and Tornado circle each other warily for a few moments and the quicker Tornado gets behind DiBiase and delivers a Russian leg sweep, following it up with a quick elbow drop. He tries to lay in a bunch of kicks to the gut, but DiBiase takes two as he gets to his feet, and grabs Tornado’s leg and spins him around awkwardly on it, slamming Tornado’s head into the mat with a swift neckbreaker that belies his big size. DiBiase goes for a standing body splash, but Tornado brings his leg up, catching DiBiase in the mouth, rolling away and getting to his feet a moment later. Tornado goes to try and drag near a corner, but DiBiase has none of it, getting to his feet, Irish whipping Tornado into the opposite corner, and coming in with a charging lariat that quickly drops the champion.

JOEY STYLES: Wow, the power of DiBiase is just unbelievable, but take nothing away from Tornado. One hell of a match so far... with these phenominal atheletes who have put aside the accident earlier in the show...

P. LICKIN: Your mom has been phenomenal, these last few nights…

JOEY STYLES: Really P, that’s all you could come up with? That was just too easy.

P. LICKIN: Funny you say that, the VWF took a poll last night--of a hundred guys who did your mom-- and 71% percent of them said that about her.

Tornado is up on shakey legs, as DiBiase sits him up on the top turnbuckle, and goes to wrap his arms around the champion, only for the World Champ to deliver a series of quick, successive headbutts, with the fifth actually knocking DiBiase back to the mat, crashing hard on his back. Tornado capitalizes on the downed DiBiase by executing a frog splash, and DiBiase feels it as he writhes in pain. Tornado has a little of his own, as he gets up, clutching his stomach and doubling over slightly for a few moments, but rights himself soon enough. DiBiase, with his back turned, gets to his feet with the help of the ring ropes, but he’s down again already, when Tornado shoulder blocks him on his right calf, buckling the challenger’s legs from under him. Tornado right on top of DiBiase now, sitting on his chest and pummeling away with closed fists. The ref is right into the two, trying to break it up, and counting away on Tornado. He gets to what is almost five, before Tornado relents, and starts laying boots into his midsection for a few moments, before whirling around and walking to the center of the ring with his arms raised, to the ire of the Candian audience.

JOEY STYLES: Nothing is going to come from this Tornado, get on your man, before he gets away!

P. LICKIN: Uhhhm, what?

JOEY STYLES: Tornado better get back on his man, or else he’ll regret it at the end of the night.

P. LICKIN: Damn Styles, I always had a feeling about you.

JOEY STYLES: .... I hate you.

DiBiase is up, while Tornado is distracted by a fan, and charges Tornado, who happens to turn around in time to notice this, and acts very quickly, taking DiBiase’s momentum and is able to bull dog him down to the mat. Tornado snaps right up to his feet, as DiBiase lies prone near the ropes, hops to the outside, and goes for a springboard plancha, but DiBiase is able to roll out of the way in time, as Tornado splashes onto the mat hard. DiBiase uses the opportunity wisely, by sitting on the champion’s back, and grabbing him up into a cobra clutch, pulling up hard, and Tornado laments the move with loud screams of agony. He’s only able to apply it for a few moments though, as Tornado manages to get his hands on the rope, and after a three count, DiBiase gives up the move. Pulling him by the legs, DiBiase drags him to the center of the ring for a pin attempt. 1...2...…kickout Tornado doesn’t exactly kick out with authority, but he’s up to his feet soon enough, and after getting into a grapple that is at a stalemate for long moments, DiBiase comes out on top by tiger suplexing the World Champion. DiBiase is over to Tornado quickly, and applies a half Boston crab, wrenching on Tornado’s right leg, and keeps it going for long moments. Tornado is able to inch over to the ropes, just barely, and almost taps before reaching out and getting a few fingertips on the bottom rope. The ref almost gets to a five count before DiBiase reluctantly gives up on the hold. DiBiase gets to his feet quickly, and snaps down an elbow drop into Tornado’s right calf, adding more pain to the already prone leg, as Tornado’s loud scream punctuates the statement. DiBiase gets up again, with Tornado clutching his leg in pain, as DiBiase tries to drag him towards the middle of the ring, but out of nowhere, Tornado delivers a hard right, doubling DiBiase over, and Tornado is able to cradle the challenger over for a pinning attempt. 1...2...…kickout

JOEY STYLES: Wow, where did that come from? DiBiase almost got beat, P.

P. LICKIN: And that surprises you? There’s a reason why Tornado’s called the World Champion. Listen to this crowd and how much they love him!

JOEY STYLES: I think they're booing, P.

P. LICKIN: No no no... they're saying "Boo-urns."

Styles doesn’t even respond, as the perspective changes back to the action. Though Tornado’s leg looks a little tweaked, it doesn’t seem to be bothering him nearly as much as he seemed to be letting on, as the two competitors circle each other again. They seem to go in for a grapple, but Tornado is able to catch DiBiase off guard with a hard European uppercut, followed up by two more, before he grab’s DiBiase’s arm and attempts to Irish whip him to the opposite ropes, but DiBiase grabs his arms up and delivers a double arm DDT, actually seeing Tornado flip over, with DiBiase going down for the pin again. 1…no… Tornado’s right arm gets to the bottom ropes, breaking the pin, and DiBiase looks pissed, stomping on the mat angrily. Tornado gets to his feet slowly, and just as he does, DiBiase delivers a running lariat, sending both men to the outside in a heap. DiBiase is up to his feet first, and doesn’t waste time in bringing the pain, Irish whipping Tornado into the ring steps, though the ref admonishes them from the outside, not giving a count yet. DiBiase looks down on the screaming Tornado with a slight smile, before moving over to the guard barrier and starting to remove the padding from it. The crowd starts cheering loudly...

JOEY STYLES: The Canadian crowd is solidly behind anything Scott DiBiase does tonight, P.

P. LICKIN: Just as solidly as they will be behind your mother later tonight, Joey.

It’s not long before he accomplishes this, grabs up Tornado in a bear hug, and slams him into the exposed steel. By now the ref has come out and is getting right in DiBiase’s face, though he shrugs it off, and signals to the ref that they’re going to get in the ring. DiBiase grabs the injured champion, bear hugs him again, turns him around, and slams Tornado’s right arm into the closest ring post. The ref really gets in DiBiase’s face, threatening a disqualification, and the contender just shrugs it off again, before rolling into the ring. The ref rolls back in, but DiBiase rolls right back up, grabs up Tornado, and plants his legs onto the outside padding with a big atomic drop. The ref looks frustrated, looks like he’s going to go outside, but decides to start counting instead. He only gets to a four count before DiBiase rolls the prone Tornado into the ring, and quickly follows. Pulling the champion to the center of the ring, DiBiase goes for the pinning attempt, hooking Tornado’s right leg. 1...2...… Somehow, Tornado just barely kicks out weakly, and frustrated, DiBiase goes for a second attempt. 1...2...… Again, Tornado isn’t ready to give up, as he kicks out again, and DiBiase tells the ref to count right. DiBiase gets right over, picks up Tornado, and Irish whips him to the far ropes. DiBiase starts to run towards Tornado, but somehow, Tornado gets the energy to grab the ropes, and haul himself to the outside, giving him a breather.

JOEY STYLES: What a fantastic match this is; even you have to appreciate this contest, P.

P. LICKIN: Don’t you understand Styles. About the only kind of contest I really enjoy is a wet t-shirt contest. Or maybe a jello wrestling contest. Those chicks were way skankier than your mom, but your mom is gentler, and more attentive to my Big P.

JOEY STYLES: Of course, I should have known. Why do you even come to the announce table anymore?

P. LICKIN: For the payday Styles, for the payday. And besides, someone’s got to have some style at this table. And it sure as hell isn’t you.

DiBiase is quick to follow to the outside, and charges Tornado, who is resting on the barricade. At the last second, Tornado side steps, trips up DiBiase and gets down and puts DiBiase into an armbar, wrenching it hard. The ref is soon to slip through the bottom rope and gets down, getting right in Tornado’s face, giving a count. When he gets to four, Tornado reluctantly lets go, but applies it again after a moment, which gets the ref physically involved, pulling Tornado off of DiBiase. Tornado shoves the ref lightly, and though it looks like he might wave the match off, he just gets in Tornado’s face, warning him that he’s about a centimeter away from getting a disqualification. Tornado slides into the ring at this point, as he’s still a little worse for wear, and goes to a far corner, leaning up against it as the ref starts his count.

JOEY STYLES: They better get back in the ring unless they want this to be a count out. I don't think the crowd would like that...

P. LICKIN: We already got their money Joey. Here's my keys, go start the car so we can get out before they realize what happened...


DiBiase is just barely into the ring at this point, clutching his arm, but as Tornado closes in on the contender and tries to drop an elbow, DiBiase manages to roll out of the way. Still holding his arm, DiBiase locks in a leg scissor head lock, and applies pressure with his legs. Tornado’s only in the hold a moment though, as Tornado gets his leg under the bottom rope, and after a three count, DiBiase relinquishes the submission. Pulling Tornado to the middle of the ring, DiBiase hooks both the legs as he goes for a pinning attempt. 1...2...…NO… DiBiase picks Tornado up, but Tornado grabs his head and rolls him up with a small package. The ref counts 1...2... kickout! Both men rolls away and get to their feet. DiBiase runs in, but Tornado hops up, grabs DiBiase's head and hits the Tornado DDT! DiBiase is down as the crowd boos loudly. Tornado points to the corner as the crowd gets to their feet. Tornado climbs the turnbuckle and jumps off, going for the Eye of the Storm, but DiBiase gets the knees up, catching Tornado Kid in the midsection! Tornado Kid rolls away, holding his stomach as he hops to his feet in pain. DiBiase gets up as Tornado turns around. DiBiase kicks Tornado to the midsection and hits the Stock Market Crash! DiBiase covers. The ref counts ".1 ..2 ...3!!!" the crowd errupts as the bell rings.

TINA PETERSON: You winners... and NEW World Heavyweight Champion... Scott... DIBIASE!!!!

Scott holds the belt to his chest in the corner as the screen fades to black.... )-)-)

Winner: Scott DiBiase wins the World Heavyweight Championship