Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Pyros hit at the top of the ramp all the way down to the ring and on the ring posts as Big Birthday Bash begins. The crowd are going bonkers all over the arena and there isn't a fan in his seat in this packed 20000 person arena.

JOEY STYLES: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to The VWF's 12th Big Birthday Bash! I am Joey Styles...
JOEY STYLES: P... we have the history Brazilian Death Match tonight, the Kingmaker Crown, the Middleweight Medal of Valor, the Lingerie Contest and the final showdown between The Viking King and Thomas Halloway. Are you REALLY going to just scream about sex jokes all night?
P. LICKIN: You obviously haven't seen my contract. Besides, I COULD be screaming about "Ranger" all night.

(-(-( As the opening montage fades from the Vikingtron, we cut live to the Metropolitan Gymnasium, where a sold-out crowd wildly cheers as the smoke from the opening pyro begins to clear. While they did so, the veteran ring announcer of the VWF tugged on his suit before stepping up the steel steps and passing through the second rope and entering the squared circle. Taking hold of one of the microphones at the corner, the announcer took a moment to take a gander at the packed arena before allowing himself a small smile and raised the microphone to his lips.

"Welcome everyone to the Big Birthday Bash!"

Lowering his microphone, the ring announcer let the cameras roll and catch the pop from the crowd, who, even though they may not understand all of what was being spoken in the ring, could feel the energy and exuberance of the ring announcer. When the pop faded, but before it got to quiet, the announcer continued.

"The following contest is the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Trophy match!"

Again lowering the microphone, this time the fans began to give an "EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!" chant. Since the untimely demise of the Lyin' Cheatin' and Stealin' veteran Eddie Guerrero, the VWF has always honored the man with a special match at the Big Birthday Bash and tonight would be no different.

"And the only way to win is to make your opponent submit!"

Suddenly, the lights dim as the Theme of the Exodus begins to play over the loudspeakers in the arena. As the Vikingtron flashes images of royal crowns and coronations, His Majesty the King of Awesomeness emerges from the backstage area. Dressed in full Imperial regalia, down to the golden rings upon his fingers, His Majesty looked around the arena with a sneer before raising his royal scepter high above his head with one hand, and the Britannia Heavyweight Championship in the other to a chorus of boos from the crowd in attendance.

Ignoring the peasant masses, the King of Awesomeness lowers his arms and begins to walk slowly down the ramp towards the ring. Walking atop the steel steps and standing atop the ring apron, His Majesty paused and wiped his feet upon the apron while beginning to strip himself of his excess attire, leaving him with his ring work clothing while one of the minion stagehands took hold of the regal attire left by TD Alexander. Meanwhile, Alexander turns to face the entrance ramp and begins to await his opponent.

Meanwhile the ring announcer, who had allowed the King full access to the ring for his entrance, stepped inside the squared circle once again to make the official introduction.

"First, he hails from the Land of Awesomeness, His Majesty the King of Awesomeness TD Alexander!"

Joey Styles: And we get right into it with our first match of the night, the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Trophy match. And P, you know as well as I do, a lot of talent goes into this contest and those that win, they aren't usually forgotten.

P. Lickin: You don't have to tell me twice, Joey. Crimson Lightening, The Rick, Ian Credible, even Scott DiBiase, who we will see in tonight's main event, have all held the Memorial Trophy. And tonight, we're going to see a King reign supreme over these lesser fools and take the Memorial Trophy to new heights! That's right, I'm calling this one right now for His Majesty, the King!

Joey Styles: Come on, P. That's not showing a lot of respect for his opponent tonight. Stephan Saint may not have much experience in the ring, but like they say, one wrong move and even a King could give up!

P. Lickin: ... Like "they" say? Really, Joey? Who is "they?" Actually, wait, you know what, we're not going to do down that road. I don't wanna know who "they" are.

Joey Styles: Does that mean I win?

P. Lickin: Yes, yes, you win. Just no more talk about "they." Let's move it along.

Just then, the opening chores of Still D.R.E. by Dr. Dre begin to play throughout the speakers of the arena. As the lights dim once again, we cut to the entrance ramp, where Stephan Saint is primed to make his Big Birthday Bash debut. And we wait, and wait, and wait some more. The lights return to their normal brightness and the music fades away, but still no Stephan Saint. Agitated, TD Alexander turns to the ring announcer who gives a worried look and shrugs his shoulders, signifying that he doesn't know about what's going on. Grumbling to himself, Alexander grabs the microphone from the ring announcer's hands and starts to talk.

TD Alexander: No, no, no, no, no. That's not what's going to happen. I'm AWESOME, it's true. But damn it, I came out here tonight to kick someone's ass and Saint, you had better believe it's going to be yours. You don't want to come out here?! Fine, I'm going to come to you, drag you out to the middle of this ring, and make you tap out and beg for mercy.

Practically throwing the microphone at the ring announcer, TD Alexander exits the ring and hurriedly makes his way into the back as the crowd murmurs to themselves, wondering what was going on. Suddenly, the Vikingtron comes to life as a camera crew follows TD Alexander through the backstage area on his hunt for Stephan Saint. Coming to a halt in front of one of the locker rooms, Alexander kicks the door open and enters the room, leaving the camera crew on the outside.

Joey Styles: P. I don't understand. What's going on here?

P. Lickin: Don't you get it, Joey? That Saint was so traumatized after the last beating he took from His Majesty, he doesn't even have the balls to come out here tonight for his scheduled match and face him in the ring again!

Suddenly shouts could be heard from behind the closed door. As the camera crew wisely steps back, the door is busted through its doorway as a figure is thrown to the ground in front of it. Getting a shot of the fallen man, the camera traces back up to the now open doorway, where we see a smiling TD Alexander overlooking what must be his fallen opponent. After a moment's grin at the camera, Alexander returns his attention on the fallen man, who he picks up by the head of hair on his head and begins to drag him towards the ring, with the camera crew following close behind.

As we cut back to the arena itself, we see TD Alexander emerge from the backstage area once again, and for the first time in full view, his opponent for the match tonight, Stephan Saint, in a headlock being dragged towards the ring. As they reach the ring apron, Alexander throws his opponent into the ring and dives in right after him. The bell rings and the match is underway! Quickly, Alexander latches on a crossface on the fallen Stephan Saint, who after a few moment's struggle, taps out to the submission maneuver. Alexander releases the hold and raises his arms up in victory as Exodus begins to play over the loudspeakers.

After having his moment of glory, TD Alexander looks down at his opponent as his face turns into a grimace of disgust. Suddenly, he begins to assault Saint, pummeling him over and over again with shots to the head and neck, before literally punting him to the ring apron where the injured Saint would fall out onto the ring floor. Taking hold of a microphone once again, Alexander spoke.

TD Alexander: You see? JP McManus, Stephan Saint, any of the other worthless trash in the back. Nothing can compare to the Royal Majesty that is the King of Awesomeness. Tonight the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Trophy, tomorrow, the world!

As Exodus plays once again, TD Alexander raises his fist in the air before beginning to head to the back area as the camera cuts to Joey Styles and P. Lickin before the next match up.

Joey Styles: An emphatic victory for the self-proclaimed King of Awesomeness, TD Alexander has won the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Trophy!

P. Lickin: Like I said, Styles, you can't bet against royalty. Hell, the British have had a royal family for over a thousand years, and that's the prestige that follows with the Britannia Heavyweight Champion!

Joey Styles: But you've got to wonder what has happened with Stephan Saint, who now continues a dark spiral in the Viking Wrestling Federation.

P. Lickin: Who knows, who cares? Now, tell the Viking King to pause the pay-per-view or something. I gotta make sure my agent collects the money I just made off of my bookie. Boy, he's gotta be pissed right about now! Let's watch this tribute video to Eddie Guerrero before we continue with the action....


Winner: TD Alexander wins the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Trophy


It's backstage at the Metropolitan Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan. The camera effortlessly floats towards JP McManus' lockerroom. The door swings open magically without any visible hands pushing it. However, the familiar sight of JP McManus and his father are nowhere to be seen.

Instead, a dark shadowy figure is hunched over a glowing red fire. As the camera approaches, the figure appears to be cloaked and he appears to be burning something very similar to what once was a Scottish flag.

The hooded figure turns his head to one side to look at the camera, however his face is still silhouetted by the hood.

?!?: "Marshmallow on the fire?"

He pulls up what looks to be a human hand and holds it against the orange glow.

?!?: "I burned and destroyed JP McManus' hopes and dreams..."

A short, uneasy silence breaks across, with only the crackling of the fire. Using what is probably JP McManus' only remain, the man pulls the cloak from his head, revealing himself to be the one and only Kill Crazy.

Kill Crazy: "I'm coming to do the same to the rest of the VWF."

The scene fades to an advertisement as the show continues.



Winner: Katy Perry wins cause I say so

The Viking King Segment

(As we return from our sponsor plug, we see Kyle Bacon backstage...)

KYLE BACON: I'm backstage here, trying to get a word in with The Viking King... wait... here he comes! Viking! Viking!

(The Viking King comes out of his office, dressed to wrestle later in the night.)

KYLE BACON: Do you have any words for what is going to happen later tonight?

VIKING: Happen? He'll tell you what's going to happen. Twelve years, The Viking Wrestling Federation has existed. It has survived a whole slew of crisis-es over the years. Budget, TV Cancellations, talent raids, everything you can think of, has happened. And we have overcome. Now, Thomas Halloway has broken more laws than there are Rangers in this federation, and thinks that he is going to get away with it. The Viking King has been retired for many years now, but regardless of what you think of Him, He has always had The VWF's best interests at heart. This is The Viking King's empire, and one lone barbarian will not cause His walls to fall. Tonight... win or lose, The Viking King will NOT let this stand...

(Viking walks off as the camera returns to the ring...)

(-(-( As we return from backstage, everyone is in the ring except Crimson Lightening and Jose Ramon. The bell rings and everyone begins to brawl in the ring...

JOEY STYLES: We have reached word that Jose Ramon will not be competing tonight, due to his injuries at the hands of newly signed VWF Superstar, Ken Smith.

P. LICKIN: He DEFINITELY took out Ramon for quite some time. I haven't seen a beating like that since your mom was in a Tijuana Flour Show.

JOEY STYLES: .... I..... I don't know what to say.

In the ring, Vandiel kicks AJ Miller to the midsection and tosses him over the top rope to the outside. AJ Miller is eliminated Tyler Graves hits a spike DDT on Phoenix, picks him up and tosses him over the top rope to the outside. Phoenix is elimianted The three Wrasslin Rangers are all beating down Earl Altoona, and hit a double team suplex. They pick Earl up and toss him over the top rope to the outside. Earl Altoona is eliminated Everyone charges the Rangers, attacking them. Jade Wallace shoots Silver Ranger to the ropes and htis a standing drop kick, sending him over the ropes to the outside. Silver Ford Ranger is eliminated Leon Hayze hits an elbow to Red Ranger's head, then grabs him and hits a suplex over the ropes, sending Red Ranger outside. Red Ranger is eliminated. Shengee runs at the entire group in an act of rare courage, and jumps. However, the group parts and he misses everyone, going over the ropes and hitting the apron. He shakily stands up, and Donny Blacklist hits a superkick, knocking Shengee off the apron to the outside. Shengee Shemelky is eliminated

JOEY STYLES: The bodies are flying everwhere!

P. LICKIN: so... let the bodies hit the floor?

JOEY STYLES: Wait... what's this?

("Don't Hate Me" hits, and out comes Crimson Lightening. He has The American Storm behind him as he comes stalking down the ramp with a mic in hand. Everyone in the ring stops, as Crimson walks up the stairs and gets in the ring...)

CRIMSON: Now that the REAL star of this match is here, we can get to some REAL elimin....

(And with that, Maximillian Vandiel III clotheslines Crimson, sending him over the top rope to the outside. Crimson Lightening is elimianted Crimson is in shock, beside himself as The American Storm try to calm him down. He throws the mic at the ground as the crowd laughs, cheering Crimson's elimination. Jade Wallace charges in at Black Green Ranger, hitting a drop kick. Vandiel and Blacklist double team Kamikaze in the corner as Mysterious and Graves double team Hayze in another corner. Vandiel and Blacklist shoot Kamikaze into the opposite corner. Blacklist gets down on all fours, and Vandiel runs up and hits a springboard heel kick on Kamikaze. Blacklist gets up, and Vandiel grabs him and shoots him into Kamikze, and Blacklist hits a splash in the corner. Kamikaze slumps to the mat as Jade Wallace shoots Black Green Ranger, but he counters, shooting Wallace instead. Wallace goes over the top rope, but lands on the apron. Blacklist and Vandiel grab Black Green Ranger, and shoot him into the ropes, sending him over next to Wallace. Black Green Ranger skins the cat, pulling himself back in the ring. He turns around, and Wallace hops up, hitting a hurcanarana, sending Black Green Ranger to the outside. Black Green Ranger is eliminated Jace Wallce is on the apron, and stands up to get back in the ring. Leon Hayze had broken free of the double team, and hits a swinging neckbreaker on Mysterious. Leon Hayze hits a shoulder block to Wallace's midsection, grabs her head and smashes it on the turnbuckle post, sending her falling to the outside. Jade Wallace is elimianted Leon hits an upper cut on Maximillian Vandiel, then clotheslines Blacklist down. Leon charges at Kamikaze in the corner, but Kamikaze side steps it and Leon hits the corner turnbuckle chest first. Kamikaze hits a reverse inverted DDT on Leon. Vandiel comes up behind Kamikaze and hooks a leg, dumping him over the top rope to the apron. Kamikaze falls on the apron, holding onto the bottom rope as Vandiel tries ot kick him off. Blacklist comes over to help, but Mysterious hits a running shoulderblock. Mysterious and Graves begin to brawl in the corner as Leon stands up, grabs Vandiel and dumps HIm over the top turnbuckle, sending him outside. Kamikaze rolls back in the ring as Vandiel lands on his feet, but looks up, surprised. Maximillian Vandiel III is eliminated Leon laughs, turns around, and is hit with a clothesline from Kamikaze, sending him to the outside to the apron. Mysterious and Kamikaze hit drop kicks on Leon, sending him off the apron to the outside. Leon Hayze is eliminated.

JOEY STYLES: Looks like we're down to four.

P. LICKIN: I can't believe Leon got eliminated. I had $20 on him winning.

JOEY STYLES: Isn't betting illegal?

P. LICKIN: Not in Japan. I could bet on how many times you poop on this trip if I want.


P. LICKIN: Yeah. There's 54-3 odds that you're gonna go a dozen times. That's why I put all that exlax in your water there.


Back in the ring, Graves shoots Kamikaze to the ropes. Graves gives Kamikaze a big side slam and Blacklist hits a splash over the top rope from the ring apron. Blacklist stands up and eats a clothesline from Mysterious. Blacklist rolls over into the corner. Mysterious and Graves begin to brawl as Kamikaze gets back in the action and headbutts Blacklist in the corner. Kamikaze lands a few hard kicks on Graves in the other corner, grabs Mysterious and lands a side slam of his own. Kamikaze connects with a big DDT on Graves. Kamikaze picks Graves up and shoves him in the corner, and lays in a few side kicks. Graves pokes the eyes, making a comeback. Graves lands a few rights on Kamikaze, goes off the ropes, but Kamikaze catches him and hits a big spinebuster. Kamikaze grabs Graves by the arm, looks to go up to the top, Blacklist charges and Kamikaze gives him a big boot. Kamikaze once again goes up to the top, bounces on the ropes, jumps and comes down hard on Graves's arm. Kamikaze drives Graves face first into the mat, and locks in a camel clutch, but Blacklist breaks it up. Blacklist gives Kamikaze a few hard rights in the corner, but Kamikaze grabs him and tosses him over the top rope. Blacklist holds onto the top rope, and Kamikaze tries to kick him off, but Mysterious comes out of nowhere with a big boot on Kamikaze. Blacklist and Graves are both up, and double team Mysterious with punches. They shoo him to the ropes, and hit a double clothesline, sending him over the top rope to the outside. Mysterious is eliminated They high five each other, and Blacklist kicks him to the midsection, and tosses Graves over the top rope to the outside. Tyler Graves is eliminated Graves looks up as Blacklist shrugs. He turns around and Kamikaze hits him with a huge spinnging heal kick, nearly taking his head off. Kamikaze picks Blacklist up and tosses him over the top rope to the apron. Blacklist lands on his feet and grabs Kamikaze so he can't be thrown out. Kamikaze and Blacklist struggle, and Blacklist lifts Kamikaze over his head for a suplex, but Kamikaze lands on his feet on the apron. The two exchange blows, and Kamikaze jumps up, hitting a heel kick. Blacklist is dazed, slipping a hand off the ropes. Kamikaze hits a kick in the leg, a kick in the midsection, kicks him in the arm, causing him to let go. Kamikaze goes for a standing drop kick, but Blacklist catches the legs. Kamikaze lands hard on the apron, and Donny kicks him to the side, sending him outside.

AJ MIller / Maximillion Vandiel III
Phoenix / Tyler Graves
Earl Altoona / Red. Black, Silver Ranger
Silver Ranger / Jade Wallace
Red Ranger / Leon Hayze
Shengee Shmelky / Donny Blacklist
Crimson Lightening / Maximillion Vandiel III
Black Ranger / Jade Wallace
Jade Wallace / Leon Hayze
Maximillion Vandiel III / Leon Hayze
Leon Hayze / Kamikaze and Mysterious
Mysterious / Graves and Blacklist
Tyler Graves / Donny Blacklist
Kamikaze / Donny Blacklist
Donny Blacklist -4
Leon Hayze - 3
Maximillion Vandiel III - 2
Tyler Graves - 2
Jade Wallace - 2
Wrasslin Rangers - 1
Kamikaze - 1
Mysterious - 1

Winner: Donny Blacklist wins the Middleweight Medal of Valor

Debut Segment

The action returns to the ring where the crowd is awaiting the next match to start. "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack begins to play over the arena's speakers. A moment of confusion comes over the fans as the music plays and green strobe lights flash around the entrance way.

P. Lickin: "What the hell is this? There's no debut matches scheduled for this time, and I definitely don't recognize this theme music belonging to anyone on the VWF roster!"

Joey Styles: "You're right, I have no clue what is going on here. I hope Viking King hasn't lost control of this crazy show again. Wait! What's that! Look at the entrance ramp!"

At Joey's exclamation, the cameras focus back on the entrance ramp where a figure is slowly raising out of the floor (picture Kurt Angle's TNA entrance). The lights are angled in just the right way that the figure looks like a silhouette and you can't tell who it is. As the intro to the song builds up to the drum beats, an explosion of pyro flies up from the stage and the lighting changes to reveal this person.

Joey Styles: "OH MY GOD!"

P. Lickin: "WOW! I didn't get this memo!"

None other than Jace Gryphon, the man that roughly a year ago was declared as dead after a match against The Rick, stepped through the smoke of the pyros. He made his way down the ring and rolled in under the bottom rope, calling up a mic from ringside as the music faded out.

Jace: "And you all thought I was really dead. Just goes to show what they say is true, you people will believe anything you hear on TV. You're all just the same old suckers that were here before, cheering for idiots like Lee Ryan when the real star was right in front of you and you were booing me."

Jace pauses to allow the crowd a moment to boo him yet again.

Jace: "See? Nothing has changed. A true wrestling legend and superstar returns from the dead, and you still don't show me the respect I deserve. This is exactly the reason why I never gave a damn about a single one of you. But you see, the reason I'm out here right now isn't to say 'Hey! I'm back!' I could have just as easily done that by coming in during the main event, knocking everyone out of the ring, and stealing Johnny Cedrone's title and walking back out of here without saying a single word. And that would have suited me just fine. But here's the thing. When I was talking to VK about coming back here, he told me I had a little explaining to do first. Mainly, about everything I set in motion upon my exit, starting with Becky Hellian, and my then-fiancee, Kirsta Lewis."

Jace: "But it goes just a little bit further than that. I'm sure you all noticed that, starting with my loss of the VWF title, and then my betrayal - that's right, it was exactly that, betrayal - of Kirsta Lewis, and tossing the tag team titles away. Starting with all of that, that's where The Elite started to disintegrate. And because I know there's not one of you out there smart enough to put the pieces together, let me tell you. The demise of The Elite was all by my planning."

Jace: "Losing the VWF title was what woke me up to what was going on. I started to realize that The Elite was a disease here in the VWF, and that if it wasn't stopped, it would destroy the VWF itself. It was just like the nWo did to WCW. And since the knuckle-dragging Ryan Brothers had been trying for so long and couldn't get the job done, I came to realize that The Elite would have to be destroyed from within."

Jace: "I'd have to say I did a pretty damn good job of it too. I brought in Becky Hellian to help me dispose of Kirsta Lewis. I didn't expect her to put Kirsta on a shelf like she did, but, hey, that's the business and shit happens. Then Scotty boy went and got his big mouth fired, no surprise. I don't know all the details but I can only imagine he got into an argument with Old Baldy himself and said something that took him about ten minutes to say, and if you took out the word "fuck" every time he said it, he could have said it in about two words. In fact, after the shit hit the fan and all the pieces started to settle down again, the only person from The Elite that didn't get hurt or fired was the one person in The Elite, or the VWF for that matter, that I could truly consider a friend to this day. Alexia."

Jace: "But here I am again, obviously not dead like you fools all thought I was. And don't worry about Becky Hellian, you won't be seeing any of her. She took my orders a little too far and tried to take Alexia out on her own turf. So me and Alexia did what we do best, and got rid of the trash."

Jace: "Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not out here to say that I'm back, and The Elite is back w/ just me and Alexia this time around. There is no The Elite this time around. Alexia is doing her own thing over there, and I'm going to be doing my thing over here. And for those of you wonder just what exactly my thing is going to be, I've already said. I've got a date with a man that I crossed paths with before. In fact, every title I won here in the VWF, I went through this man to get to it. The difference this time is, I won't be going through him to get a shot at the title. This time, Johnny Cedrone, I'm going to come for you, and take the title out of your very hands."

Jace drops the microphone and "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack begins to play over the arena speakers again. Jace drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, heading back up the entrance ramp and to backstage.

P. Lickin: "Joey, I swear I just saw a ghost!"

Joey Styles: "That's no ghost, P. Jace Gryphon is back!"

P. Lickin: "Or maybe he's a zombie?"

Joey Styles: "No, P. he.... AH! Never mind, onto the next match!

(-(-( RING ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a Last Man Standing match for the 2010 VWF Kingmaker Crown! Introducing first, from Los Angeles California, weighing in at two hundred and thirty four pounds, JOHNNY, THE IIICOOOOOONNNN.... AGGRESSSSSION!

(“War” by Thirty Seconds To Mars blasts out around the arena and Johnny Aggression arrives at the top of the ramp. Johnny seems momentarily stunned by the huge roar of approval he receives from the passionate Japanese crowd, but quickly smiles back and briefly raises an arm to the fans before striding confidently down to the ring. The Icon looks pumped up for the match as he walks up the steps and into the ring, then once again raises an arm to the crowd, who respond with a deafening cheer as sparks rain down from the ceiling. Johnny stands in the middle of the ring, staring up the ramp as his music fades out.)

RING ANNOUNCER: And his opponent, from New York City New York, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, he is the reigning VWF United States Champion, ZACK... COOOOONNNNOOOOORRS!

(“Just Close Your Eyes” by Waterproof Blonde plays and Zack Connors arrives from backstage, wearing his trademark yellow trunks with the black lightning bolts and with the United States title belt slung over his right shoulder. The crowd boo as Connors slowly turns around, grinning smugly at the fans all around the arena before slowly making his way down to the ring. As he walks down the ramp, Connors gets in the faces of fans at ringside, pointing to the US flag on his title belt as he goes. Connors climbs into the ring and immediately stands nose to nose with Johnny Aggression, who stands his ground and stares right back at him. Zack Connors' music fades out and he hands the US title belt to a member of the ring crew, pointing at the belt and talking trash to his opponent as he does so. With both competitors in the ring, the timekeeper rings the bell and the match is officially underway.)

JOEY STYLES: Here we go Lickin, the Kingmaker crown match is officially underway and from my perspective, this one is too close to call! These two guys have been at each other's throats lately, physically they are very evenly matched, which way do you think it's gonna go?

P.LICKIN: Well Joey, I think the winner of this one will be the man who adjusts to the Last Man Standing format the fastest, and that's why my money's on Zack Connors. Johnny has speed and technique advantage, but Connors' hard hitting, physical offence might prove to be better suited to this kind of match.

JOEY STYLES: So this is one of those times when you talk about wrestling? Awesome. Well Lickin, you make a good point but for me, this type of match can go on for a long time and that's when the greater experience and technical ability of Johnny Aggression will give him the edge.

(In the ring, the two competitors tie up and Johnny Aggression quickly grabs a side headlock. Connors back into the ropes and shoves Aggression away, breaking the hold, Aggression comes off the opposite ropes and knocks Connors down with a shoulder block. Aggression runs off the ropes again and Connors lies down flat, Aggression jumps over him, Connors gets back to his feet and attempts a hiptoss but Aggression blocks it and counters into a hiptoss of his own. Connors is quickly back on his feet and they tie up again, this time Zack Connors grabs an arm-wringer, Aggression rolls forward to escape the hold but Connors drags him backwards, slamming his shoulders to the mat, however Johnny Aggression shows great agility to kick back up to his feet, then reverses the arm-wringer into a hammerlock, which Connors manages to reverse into a hammerlock of his own. Aggression swings backwards with his free elbow so Connors switches to a full-nelson, Aggression struggles in the hold and manages to get one arm free, which he locks under Connors' chin and sits down quickly, hitting a reverse sitout jawbreaker to his opponent! Connors staggers backwards into the ropes from this move and Aggression runs off the ropes on the other side off the ring and hits an impressive high leg lariat that lays Connors out on the mat. “The Icon” turns briefly to the crowd and raises an arm, getting a huge cheer from the fans in the arena.)

JOEY STYLES: A slow start to this match but Johnny Aggression is getting the better of his opponent thus far!

P. LICKIN: Yes, but this match isn't about holds and reversals Styles, its about putting your opponent down for the count and I still say Zack Connors is the man to do that.

(Connors is slow getting to his feet and Aggression grabs a front facelock, Connors runs forward and drives his opponent into the turnbuckle, Aggression keeps the hold locked in and climbs to the second rope, going for a Tornado DDT... but Connors pushes him off at the last minute. Aggression lands on his feet and turns around to face Connors, who punches him square on the jaw with a closed fist, in full view of the ref, who shrugs and lets the match continue. Johnny Aggression is sent reeling by the powerful blow, which Connors follows up with a second, and a third consecutive punch to the head of the Icon.)

P. LICKIN: You see this is what I'm talking about, Connors understands that there are no disqualifications in this kind of match up, those nasty closed fists to the head are perfectly legal here!

(Zack Connors continues the onslaught until a shaken Johnny Aggression drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring to regroup, however Connors immediately runs at the ropes and hits a baseball slide to send his opponent crashing into the crowd control barrier. Connors rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring to continue the assault, dragging The Icon around the ringside area and bouncing him off the barriers as he goes, getting in the faces of several fans at ringside when they try to show support for Johnny. As the cameras zoom in on the action, we can see that a cut has opened up over Johnny's right eye and a small amount of blood is starting to run down his face. Eventually, Connors rolls his dazed opponent back into the ring and slides in after him, Aggression starts getting slowly to his feet and Connors stalks him, preparing to hit the BOUNCED CHECK... but Aggression pushes him away to prevent the move. Connors runs off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, Aggression ducks out of the way and hits a backdrop, Johnny Aggression seems to be running on pure adrenaline now as he hits a second backdrop to his opponent, then runs off the ropes and leaps on to Connors' shoulders, hitting a huge Hurricanrana... NO! Connors manages to stand his ground and hold his opponent up on his shoulders, twisting him around and then nailing him with a massive ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP that seems to shake the arena!)

JOEY STYLES: OH MY GOD! What a move by Zack Connors, this could be the beginning of the end for the Icon!

(Johnny Aggression is laid out in the ring and the ref starts counting him out, 1...2... as the ref counts, Zack Connors makes his way to the top rope, 3...4... Johnny starts to get to his feet..5...6 the ref stops the count, Johnny is back up, he turns around just as Zack Connors executes a FLYING ELBOW FROM THE TOP ROPE... Johnny Aggression twists his body and hits the SNAP SHOT TO ZACK CONNORS IN MID AIR! The move seems to take a lot out of both men and the ref starts to make the double count out, 1...2...3... Johnny Aggression starts to get up again but Connors is still down, 4...5...6... Aggression is back on his feet and gets the crowd going, counting along with the ref as he counts Connors out, 7...8...9... Zack Connors somehow manages to throw himself on the bottom rope and lift himself up, just avoiding the count!)

JOEY STYLES: And now it's The Icon's turn to hit an incredible move, what a kick to turn the tide of this match!

(In the ring, Johnny Aggression doesn't give his opponent time to recover and immediately drops a leg across Connors' back, driving his neck into the bottom rope. Connors gets up, holding his throat and Aggression whips him into the turnbuckle, then follows him in with an athletic HANDSPRING ELBOW! Connors staggers out of the corner, Johnny whips him into the opposite corner and starts hitting a series of hard knife-edge chops to the chest of Zack Connors! The crowd go wild, shouting “wooooo!” with every hit Johnny lands, motivating him to unload on Connors with a wild flurry of chops that turns his opponent's chest bright red. Connors tries to fight back with punches but Aggression hits him with a European uppercut that knocks him on his ass in the corner of the ring. Aggression then goes to he opposite turnbuckle, runs at his seated opponent and hits a BRONCO BUSTER type move to Zack Connors! The crowd go wild as The Icon turns to them and raises an arm, then stalks his opponent as he slowly gets to his feet...)

JOEY STYLES: THIS COULD BE IT! Zack Connors is out on his feet, there's no way he can stand up to another Snap Shot!

(Connors gets up and turns towards Johnny Aggression, who nails the SNAP SHOT... CONNORS DUCKS AND HITS JOHNNY AGGRESSION WITH A KICK TO THE CROTCH! Aggression doubles over in pain, Connors grabs him by the shoulders and throws him head-first between the bottom and middle turnbuckles, sending crashing into the steel ring post! The cameras zoom in on Johnny's face and we see that this move has opened up the cut above his eye even further. Connors walks over to his opponent and prepares to hit a move, then seems to think better of it and rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope.)

P.LICKIN: And that, Styles, is why I backed Zack Connors to win this match! A man with his capacity for bending the rules is naturally going to take advantage of a no-DQ situation and that low blow is a perfect example!

JOEY STYLES: Maybe you're right, Lickin, but where the hell is Connors going now?

(At ringside, Zack Connors goes over to the corner where a dazed Johnny Aggression's head is hanging out of the ring. Connors starts punishing his opponent with nasty short punches, digging his knuckles into the widening cut above The Icon's eyes, opening up he wound until blood is positively pouring down his face! Once Johnny's face is a crimson mess, Connors storms over to the ringside officials and shoves the timekeeper out of the way, then grabs his chair and folds it up! Zack goes back to the corner where a bloodied Johnny Aggression is struggling to recover and hits another punch, then grabs him by the hair so that his head is resting against the ring post. With Johnny in position, Zack lifts the steel chair with an evil look in his eye.)

JOEY STYLES: Oh no... he's going to smash Johnny's head between the post and that chair! Don't do it Zack!

P.LICKIN: This is what it takes to win this kind of match up Styles, sheer ruthlessness, something people like you and Johnny Aggression will never understand!

(Zack grins evilly as he swings the chair... but Johnny gets his head out of the way at the last second! A furious Zack Connors slides into the ring, still holding the chair, and waits as Aggression gets to his feet. Johnny gets up, wiping blood out of his eyes, and turns around into a huge CHAIR SHOT TO THE HEAD FROM ZACK CONNORS! Johnny Aggression is laid out flat on his back in the middle of the ring and Connors turns to the crowd with a smug grin on his face the the ref starts to count Johnny out, getting a huge boo from the fans which only seems to fuel his smugness as he unfolds the chair and sits down on it, watching the count, 1... 2... 3... 4... 5...

P.LICKIN: This is it Styles, Zack Connors is taking home the Kingmaker crown!

6... 7...

JOEY STYLES: Johnny Aggression is showing signs of life, can he beat the count?

8... 9... Johnny somehow gets up on his knees, just narrowly beating the count. Connors stands up in disbelief and goes over to the ref to berate him, claiming that the count was slow, the Johnny was still down at ten, and any other complaint he can think of. As Johnny slowly gets up, Connors turns away from the ref and once more grabs the chair, which he folds up and places on the mat in the middle of the ring. Before Johnny can fully recover, Connors kicks him in the gut and sets him up for the CASE CLOSED piledriver on top of the steel chair!)



(Connors grins smugly as he nails the move... NO! Johnny Aggression manages to get his head free and wrap his shins around Connors' neck, then somehow sits up on Zack's shoulders and goes for a hurricanrana, Connors blocks it however and counters into a POWERBOMB ON TOP OF THE CHAIR... but Johnny twists in his grasp and hits an incredible SAMURAI DRIVER TO ZACK CONNORS, just missing the chair. Both men are down after this move and the ref once again starts the count, 1... 2... 3... 4... Johnny groggily gets up and wipes yet more blood from his eyes as he wills the ref on to complete the count, 5... 6... 7... 8... somehow, Zack Connors manages to get back his hands and knees, 9... Connors just manages to beat the count yet again and now it is Johnny Aggression's turn to look at the ref in disbelief.)

JOEY STYLES: Just what is it going to take to finish this match? Both men by now seem to be running on sheer instinct and adrenaline!

(Connors staggers to his feet and Aggression goes after him with forearms to the head, Connors starts throwing punches back and the two exhausted competitors trade blows in the middle of the ring, Connors takes over with a knee to the gut, then grabs the steel chair up from the ground and attempts to hit another brutal CHAIR SHOT to the head of Johnny Aggression... NO! Johnny hits an incredible ENZIGURI kick to the chair, slamming it into the head of Zack Connors! Connors is dazed and walks straight into a DDT from The Icon! The ref starts to count Connors out but Johnny grabs the chair and tosses it down on top of Connors, then makes his way over to the turnbuckle, flashing a smile at the crowd who go wild as he climbs to the top rope!)

JOEY STYLES: What in the hell does Johnny Aggression have planned here?

(Johnny raises an arm to the crowd for a final time, then flies off the top rope and hits Connors' own BOUNCED CHECK frog splash on top of the chair! Johnny looks hurt by the move but manages to stand up out of sheer adrenaline and the ref once again starts to count Connors out, 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... 10! )-)-)

Winner: Johnny Aggression wins the Kingmaker Crown


(At the Hall of Fame Dinner prior to the show, dinner has ended and the crowd is silenced as the three inductees; Lee Ryan, Mr. Fantastic and Ian Credible all stand on the podium. Lee Ryan's name is called, and he comes up to say a few words and accept his award...)

Lee Ryan: Since we all know I’m not one for making speeches or being in the spotlight, I won’t make this long.

[The crowd roar out with laughter]

Lee Ryan: I thought the biggest honour in the VWF was becoming its World Champion. Something I’ve been fortunate enough to be called twice. Well I’m happy to say that I was wrong, because this beats them hands down. I’ve done and seen a lot in the three and a bit years I’ve been with the VWF and all I can say is, thank you. It’s because of all you guys, all the fans around the world that have supported me week in and week out and cheered my name that I’ve kept going. I can honestly say that the honour is all mine. This is for all of you, without you guys, I wouldn’t be “All That”. Thank you.

(A musical tribute plays on the Vikingtron in honor of the Mr. Fantastic as he steps away from the podium.)

MR. FANTASTIC: I know a lot of you will be expecting me to come up here and talk about just how much I deserved to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this hear, but I’m not. I’ve been able to do a lot of thinking during the months I’ve been away and I’ve come to the conclusion that I truly miss the VWF. I miss the roar of the crowd. I miss the excitement of competing against the best that this business has to offer. But above all else I miss the VWF fans the most. While I know that we have never really seen eye to eye – I loved me and you hated me – I know that you always respected the shows I always put on for your enjoyment. I’ve won many awards over the years, most for my acting roles, but I can honestly say this has been the first that has truly made me feel humbled. Being inducted into the VWF Hall of Fame is an honor that few experience and it is an honor that I vow I shall live up to. While my body may be far from healed, know that my heart will always be with the VWF and that one day I will return to compete in its rings once again. Thank you for this induction and thank you for this honor.

(As Mr. Fantastic steps aside, the incomparable Ian Credible steps up the the podium. However, as he stands up, he pulls off his face to reveal... Danny Orchard?)

DANNY: Hello ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Credible could not be here tonight, as he is apparently balls deep. I know that everyone was looking forward to seeing him, but Mr. Credible has a phobia of ninjas, and refuses to come to any Asian country. In accepting this award on his behalf, I thank you all, even if Mr. Credible doesn't. As I part, I leave you with not a tribute video, as again Mr. Credible has a phobia of tribute videos, I give you the latest cut off of Mr. Credible's latest single. Enjoy, and please someone tell me what this "Happy Ending" is that Crimson Lightening was talking about getting backstage.

(Nobody danced. The camera returns to the arena, showcasing another sponsor before we head to the next match...)

(-(-( The Hangman’s noose descends from above the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Lumberjack Hangman’s Match. In this match, the rules of the Lumberjack and Hangman’s match combine. Viking King will have the VWF Roster as his Lumberjacks, Thomas Halloway will have his Army of Devastation as his. The rules are as follows, unlike in the Lumberjack Match, you can not pin your opponent or make him submit. With the Hangman’s gimmick being mixed in, the only way to win is to hang your opponent and the winner is announced when the hanging victim is hung 100 feet above the ring, far out of reach for anyone to help him down and prevent his suffocating from decreasing. However, because Thomas Halloway originally invented the Hangman’s Match, he has changed the 100 feet ascendance limit….to 500.

Styles: Oh my god…

Ring Announcer: There are no disqualification, no limitations except…for the noose. Now…let the Lumberjack Hangman’s Match…begin!

The lights go out in the arena as "Talk About The End" By Anthrax pounds through the speakers. Blue light filters through the stands and The Viking King comes out to the top of the ramp amid myst flowing around his feet. The Viking King walks down the ramp and steps in the ring, takes a look at the crowd, and raises his arms in the Crucifiction sign.

JOEY STYLES: Vintage Viking King!

P. LICKIN: I got goosebumps.

The lights begin to fade to black as Thomas Halloway stands under a spotlight at the entrance ramp holding a torch with his hood on. He just stands there in complete silence…well…except for the boos from the audience. A Caretaker cross rises from beneath the floor at the end of the ramp. Halloway stares at it and eventually throws the torch at it, igniting it and soon the Army of Devestation is seen behind him from the flames carrying staffs. Halloway lets down his hood and leads the way to the ring. Halloway stops at the Caretaker cross and somehow grabs some fire and eats it. The lights get brighter the closer Halloway gets to Viking as he enters the ring.

The ref calls for the bell. The two men circle each other and lock up, Halloway dominates and forces Viking into a corner and shouts “Look at the ceiling, it is VWF’s last.” at his face. The ref gets Halloway off Viking. Halloway yells at the ref, Viking punches Halloway as he us distracted. Halloway seems unaffected and more pissed and goes for a Fist from Jupiter but misses as Viking ducks. Viking kicks Halloway in the midsection and delivers a neckbreaker. Halloway immediately gets up and throws Viking out of the ring into the Roster. Cedrone and McWiggletits help him up and cheer him on.

Viking reenters the ring.

Viking charges at Halloway, who kicks him in the midsection and grabs his arm and twists it, forcibly spins Viking opposite of the arm, making it extremely painful for an out of shape Viking. Halloway attempts a Cremator on Viking, but his 300+ pound body is too much for Halloway’s 240 pound body to lift with just one arm. Halloway slams his body against Viking’s shoulder and grapples him to a turnbuckle. Halloway unloads lefts and rights on Viking. Viking eventually goes down. Halloway forces him up and bangs his head against the turnbuckle. Viking falls to the floor, Halloway attacks the laid out Viking. The VWF distracts the ref as Lee Ryan then interferes and performs a One Night Stand on Halloway. Halloway’s Army does not react.

Halloway gets up and gives a confused look at his motionless Army and forces Viking up. Halloway delivers an elbow. Halloway goes against the ropes to clothesline Viking, but Viking delivers his own first, bringing Halloway down. The VWF gives a happy cheer. Viking then delivers a running elbow to the rising Halloway. Viking goes against the ropes again, Halloway then out of nowhere delivers a Fist from Jupiter into Viking’s torso, making it easier to lift him into the air and delivers a weak Cremator. Halloway then taunts Lee Ryan, who responds by entering the ring.

Ryan charges for Halloway. Halloway dodges a right and sees Viking rising, so Halloway forces Ryan into Viking and delivers a DDT on him. Kamikaze immediately interferes and delivers a lot of speed blows to Halloways face and torso. He spins to Halloway’s back and trips him, and kicks away at Halloway’s stomach and kicks his head whenever Halloway brings it up. Eventually Halloway finds a way between Kamikaze’s legs and flips him over on his belly.

Tazz then jumps onto Halloway and starts choking him. Halloway keeps looking at the Arm of Devestation who continues to just watch. Halloway headbutts Tazz and delivers a Gravedigger on Tazz, but then walks into a Viking Death-lock from Viking.

Viking holds for a minute and lets go.

Viking forces Halloway up and connects with a backbreaker. Viking throws his knee into Halloway’s spine. Viking delivers a tornado kick and then delivers a facebuster. Viking tackles Halloway as he gets up and digs his elbow into Halloway’s eye. Halloway kicks Viking off him. He rises and kicks Viking in the stomchach and delivers a right to his face and follows with another. He grapples Viking, but it’s reversed, Halloway spins around a big boot attempt and then grabs Viking’s neck. Choking Viking, Halloway kicks Viking hard in the stomach and clotheslines Viking out of the ring. Halloway exits the ring with him and forces Viking into a charging VWF roster. The few that still stand Halloway battles with. A right to DiBiase, a backwards elbow to Donny Blacklist, Alexia comes from nowhere and low blows Halloway and locks in a Cheshire Goddess for about 15 seconds.

Viking forces Halloway back into the ring. Halloway again looks at his resurrected Army in confusion. Viking pulls Halloway, Halloway swings Viking’s arms off him and chops Viking in his Adam’s Apple and delivers a knee to his face as he goes down.

Halloway puts Viking into an abdominal stretch hold for almost a minute until but TD Alexander and Thomas Liger. TD and Liger, both claiming to be awesome, find it just as odd everyone else. Alexander puts the Awesome-plex on Halloway and taunts Liger, who is yawning.

Liger: Pfft. That was bOOOring. Watch THIS.

Liger puts on an Awesome Sharp Shooter, he then pulls Halloway up by his legs while in the hold and slams Halloway onto his back. Liger starts strutting out of the ring.

Liger: Now THAT’S Awesome. That’s going in my journal.

Viking is still feeling the affects of his throat chop. Halloway gets up and looks angrily at the Army.

Halloway: Surround the ring! Block them! Now!

The Army stands still for a few moments, and eventually start to obey Halloway’s command and block the VWF Roster. Halloway waits for Viking to get to his feet. The two lock up, Viking spins Halloway and pushes him against the ropes and then delivers a spear.

Viking looks at the ring being surrounded by the Army, confused as to why they do not attack the Roster, and then gets back to Halloway. Viking goes into boxer mode and delivers lefts and rights back and forth, and a knee to Halloway’s ribs. Viking grapplkes Halloway to the turnbuckle and rams his body into him. Viking then delivers a Death Valley Driver. Viking exits the ring…making sure he is not attacked by the Army…who just stand and do nothing. Viking looks under the ring and pulls out a table and slides into the ring and sets the table up at the center.

Viking pulls Halloway up and grapples him to the turnbuckle and rams his body into him. Viking then places Halloway on top of the turnbuckle and climbs and delivers a superplex into the table, it breaks and exposes the folding ends of the legs , which cuts Halloway’s back open. The back of the table hits Viking in the head however so they are both out in the ring.

P. Lickin: Your mom styles!

Styles: ?

P. Lickin: Just thought I’d get some fucking commentary started.

Styles: Oh yeah.

The lights then begin to flicker, a spotlight flickers over Halloway as he lays out cold. His spinning eyes begin to electrify, a loud voice from nowhere…sounding like the old Caretaker screams “UP”, and Halloway suddenly sits up and gets on his feet. He watches Viking struggle to his. Halloway wipes some blood from his back…and it dissolves away in his hand. The Caretaker cross scar on his chest begins to glow.

Styles: Is he possessed now by his former remains?

P. Lickin: Possessed by former remains?

Styles: I don’t know, it’s on Halloway’s profile page.

Caretaker: Remember me, Viking?

Caretaker forces Viking up and throws him against the turnbuckle, nearly breaking it. Caretaker pulls Viking from the turnbuckle and throws him to the ground by wrapping arm around Viking’s, Caretaker keeps hold of Viking’s arm. Caretaker kicks Viking about 2 feet in the air while holding his arm. He does it again and then pulls Viking into his shoulder. Caretaker trips Viking, causing him to go opposite of his arm. Caretaker rams his elbow into Viking’s back. Caretaker spins him and kicks him in the ribs and then punches him in the stomach. Caretaker then kicks Viking away, releasing his arm.

Caretaker delivers a Fist from Jupiter to Viking face, busting his jaw open. Caretaker uppercuts Viking. Viking goes down. Caretaker kicks Viking as he is down. Caretaker pulls Viking up and clothesline him back down. Caretaker attempts to stomp on him, but Viking rolls out of the way and attempts to flip Caretaker over, but Caretaker lands on his feet kicks Viking in the head. Caretaker stomps on Viking’s stomach, causing Viking to spit out blood.

Caretaker pulls up Viking and as he is in the air delivers a powerful punch, which throws Viking against the ropes, breaking one of them.

Caretaker headbutts Viking twice, grapples him and them backslams him into the broken table. Viking grabs a hold of a broken table leg. Caretaker pullks him and grabs his neck and delivers a powerful Gravedigger, however as he slams Viking, Viking cuts Caretaker’s chest with the sharp broken table leg, but Caretaker does not bleed at all or even feel pain.

Caretaker points at the VWF insignia at the entrance ramp, which then explodes, signaling the end of the match…and the VWF.

Styles: This can’t be happening….

Caretaker grabs the noose and pulls it down. Caretaker picks up Viking who is barely able to move or even comprehend what is about to happen. Caretaker wraps the noose around Viking’s neck. Before he can tighten it and hang Viking, Viking slits Caretaker’s neck with the broken table leg, but he once again does not bleed or feel pain. Caretaker then sees his Army beginning to enter the ring. The Army of Devastation forms a circle around Caretaker. Caretaker looks with anger at his disobeying Army.

Caretaker: Obey me now. Leave the ring and let your master, your creator…the very reason you ALL are even able to promote the very essence of your artificial existence…to finish his work…if only for a few more seconds!

The Army stands still, not doing anything.

Caretaker: Hmph…I see…tis true that my own existence…as well…is now artifical it seems. Therefore…having created all of you in my natural state generations ago…would contradict this present circumstance…so I shall commend you all for your confidence in exercising your brand new will to disobey your now defunct and seemingly powerless commander. For it was power that I made of all you, and now powerless I am unmade of you.

“But I shall still remind you all of something!”

Caretaker rips the ropes off a few random soldiers, exposing the same glowing Caretaker cross on their chests as his.

Caretaker: THIS…makes you ALL MINE forever! This mark is MY mark. Your birth mark, my logic, your EVERYTHING! Obey me now or you all will go back to being nothing but figments of my own long lost imagination!

Viking sees all the glowing Caretaker cross scars and realizes Caretaker’s only weakness. Viking works up the strength to get up, and slits Caretaker’s scar, which bleeds immediately and bring Caretaker down. Caretaker begins to bleed from his chest, eventually starts to vomit blood, drip blood from his finger nails and his eyes. His scar’s glow begins to fade away. Caretaker is still able to move however, but the Army readies their staffs and each impale Caretaker’s scar. The Army releases Viking from the noose and wraps it around Caretaker’s neck and leave the rest to Viking. The Army pulls their staffs out of Caretaker as his scar fades away, turning Caretaker back into Thomas Halloway.

Viking struggles to his feet, eventually gets to Halloway and tightens the noose around his neck as tight as he can and signals for Halloway to be lifted to the ceiling while hanging and the ref calls for the bell as Halloway ascends.

Styles: Viking WINS! The Viking King WINS! VWF IS HERE TO STAY!

P. Lickin: Yay! Now your mom still knows where to call me every week.

Styles: Oh come on P! It’s over! Halloway/Caretaker have been defeated!

The Army kneels as they watch their Commander ascend high. They all lift their staffs and impale their own scars, falling as they all bleed to death. They all eventually fade and disappear when their scars stop glowing, leaving behind nothing but their masks and staffs.

P. Lickin: Too bad Halloween is over.

Styles: Why?

P. Lickin: Because Viking can make a killer load of money if he sold those masks and staffs to Johnny Brocks.

Styles: Sigh….

The VWF quickly enter the ring and give Viking a pat on his back and raise him up for his victory. The paramedics and the police come and have Halloway lowered and arrest him. Halloway is cuffed and dragged up the ramp, but before he goes, he turns to the camera, smirking...

Halloway: You think this is the end? I might be gone... but my legacy will remain! MY LEGACY WILL REMAIN!!! You will see.. YOU WILL SEE! )-)-)

Winner: The Viking King wins

Alexander "Starr" StarrZoë Segment

As the Viking Wrestling Federation’s 12th annual Birthday Bash returns from a small advertisement about the upcoming weekly Curcifiction, a sudden rushing noise can be heard drowning out the voiceover announcement about newest Monday Night main event and a sudden static snow fills the screen of the viewers. “Please do not adjust your television sets,” a powerful but unseen voice booms suddenly. “I have taken over this otherwise mundane and unexciting waste of two hours and the hard earned money of the fans that are paying to see this, both in the arena and on pay-per-view.” The static begins to flick, slowly absorbing from the screen, when suddenly an image of a familiar face fills the space, former Championship Wrestling Council Hardcore Champion; Alexander StarrZoë. “Allow me to introduce myself,” Starr laughs, slowly pulling a cigarette from his lips and exhaling directly into the camera; “I am Alexander StarrZoë, the most exciting and talented man that will EVER appear on Viking Wrestling Federation television.”

“Many of the more informed fans,” Starr continues, smiling, obviously extremely proud of what he’s about to impart on the fans in the arena and at home, “may have heard that Starr has arrived for a short amount of time in the VWF, but those same fans were misinformed about my intentions while I’m here in this…this…’excuse’ for a wrestling promotion. See, so many people within my inner circle as well as a few fans have asked me exactly why I respect the VWF; ‘is it because they helped revolutionize the professional wrestling world?’ Nope, wrong answer. ‘Is it because they boast the best talent in the profession? The most amazing and athletic talent?’ Negative, please try again, you’re getting colder. ‘Then what exactly is it Alex? Why were you gushing over the Viking Wrestling Federation just a week ago?’ There’s an extremely complicated answer behind that…”

Starr drags his cigarette again and points his head up, exhaling the smoke, before continuing his statement; “Mainly it’s because I was an asshole who was building up false hope for all of the second-rate nobodies around here before I knocked them down a few pegs. Man, I swear I had these guys bloated worse than high school cheerleaders nine months after Prom Night! They were higher off themselves than Bobby Brown could ever hope to be off a damn thing. I am not a caring man, it doesn’t matter to me if you think you that you’re owed accreditation for building the modern aged of wrestling or if you built the house I sleep in, I don’t owe you a damn thing, including even an ounce of my respect. I’m enough of an asshole to build be people up, just to knock them down, I guess I’m like an Islamic construction company that builds skyscrapers!”

“Now,” Starr says, laughing at his own joke, “I could go on for days with metaphors about celebrity drug addicts, similes about pregnant teenage bitches, or tasteless jokes about terrorist attacks and national tragedies…you don’t think it was too soon do you? But I’m going to get straight to the point, it’s almost done, Alexander StarrZoë is days away from signing the contracts and getting the paperwork done. Showing up in a VWF and showing the unwashed masses what true wrestling is really like. Unlike the Viking Wrestling Federation and the tyranny they use to run the professional wrestling world, this industry isn’t all filled with useless hacks like Tyler Black and company! I will see you all much sooner than you think and when I do see you, please know that you will regret EVERY moment of accepting me into this promotion even for a moment. I will tear it down from the walls and leave it in shambles.”

The scene fades as the pay-per-view returns to the regular scheduled programing.

(-(-( The lights go out and are replaced red and white spotlights as "I Am Perfection" by Cage9 hits the sound system. The fans erupt into a frenzy of boos and jeers while Dash St. John steps onto the stage and gestures for everyone in attendance to welcome his client, Scott DiBiase, who walks out onto the stage illuminated by a red maple leaf-shaped spotlight. With a cocky smile and disdain in his eyes, Scott is flanked by Dash St. John as he slowly walks down the aisle, letting the fans at ringside know exactly how he feels about them.

Ring Announcer: Approaching the ring at this time, accompanied by Dash St. John... hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! Weighing in at two hundred and forty-eight pounds and standing six feet, two inches tall... Scott DiBiase!

Scott climbs up the ring steps and steps through the top and middle ropes to enter the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle facing the camera and looked out into the crowd with a smirk on his face. Dash gestures up at Scott while the fans shower him with a chorus of boos and "ASS-HOLE!" chants but Scott simply laughs and shakes his head as he jumps down from the turnbuckle and leans back in his corner.

JOEY SYTLES: The reigning King of the Ring, Scott DiBiase is here looking to add another tick on the list of accomplishments that he's garnered here in The VWF.

P. LICKIN: Well, if he's any more decorated we're going to start calling him Christmas Tree.

"Hero" by Skillet hits, and out comes Hall of Famer, Lee Ryan. He trots down the ramp, does some shadow boxing, then rolls in the ring...

JOEY STYLES: Lee Ryan, quickly coming down to the ring and ready for action.

P. LICKIN: Just how I like my women.

JOEY STYLES: Wait... what?

The introduction music to "You Spin Me Around" by Dope hits the arena as Alexia’s blue, purple, and silver spot lights run over random parts of the crowd. They start going insane. Alexia’s blue, silver, and purple colored pyrotechnics shot off at the top of the ramp, leaving the usual colored smoke behind. It was from that smoke that Alexia and Cerb suddenly appeared. As soon as the smoke cleared, Alexia and Cerb were hit by three spot lights. One of each color. The rest continued to rush over the dark arena. Once the lights hit her, the crowd went ballistic with their usual mixed reaction, jeering Alexia to an insane degree.

They reached the ring and Alexia stopped at it, turned and hopped up backwards, to perch on the edge of it, crossing one leg over the other. She patted the space next to her and Cerb jumped up. Then she spun and slid under the bottom rope and into the ring, Cerb crawling under it right next to her. From there she climbed each turnbuckle, displayed her usual “rock on” sign with both hands. When she finished with the fourth corner, she back flipped off, landing in the center of the ring, the music cutting out suddenly at the exact same time as her landing. She handed Cerb out of the ring. Alexia paced her side of the ring, just waiting for the bell to ring.

JOEY STYLES: P... close your mouth.

The lights in the arena suddenly go dark as a soft red glow comes over the stage. Suddenly, a loud, blaring siren can be heard coming through the PA system before a huge pyro explosion goes off in the form of a mushroom cloud as the opening chords of "Shame" by Drowning Pool blasts through the speakers. After a few moments a second pyro blast goes off in the shape of a "V" and ushers Typhoon Vance into the arena. He is seen wearing a black hoodie with a red spade adorning the chest and the hood over his head. He takes a few steps down the ramp and pumps his fist down, setting off one last pyro pop and flipping the hood back over his back. He methodically walks to the ring (eyes on his opponent if out second; jawing with fans at ringside if out first). He rolls underneath the bottom rope and gets to his feet before removing the hoodie at angrily throwing it at the referee. He then goes through a few stretches awaiting the next opponent.

P. LICKIN: I swear... it's gonna take them just as long to get to the ring as the match will be.... it feels like it's Tuesday almost...

(Cue up: "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins.)

The crowd begins to boo...

(CUT TO: 'Ego Buster' flashes across the screen in rapid contrasting black and white. CUT TO: Dan Ryan gorrilla presses Kevin Powers from inside the ring to the floor below. CUT TO: The word "YOU" flashes on the screen. CUT TO: Dan Ryan throws 'Living Legend' Mark Windham from the second level of Key Arena down to the first level. CUT TO: the word "ARE". CUT TO: Dan Ryan clotheslines 'Cocky' Craig Miles, nearly taking his head off. CUT TO: the word "BUSTED" CUT TO: rapid shots of Dan Ryan pulverizing opponents with the Humility Bomb, a last ride power bomb landing high angle on the neck.)

(Ryan walks down to ringside as pyro erupts along the ramp beside him. He rolls under the bottom rope and climbs a corner turnbuckle and simply glares through the sunglasses into the crowd.)

JOEY STYLES: Dan Ryan looking VERY menacing tonight.

P. LICKIN: It's like looking into the abyss of your mother's vagina, and hearing the screams of traveler's past...


"Broken, Beaten and Scarred" by Metallica hits, and out comes the VWF Champion, Jonny Cedrone. Jonny comes running down the ramp, slides in the ring and tosses the VWF Belt to the ringside attendant. He raises his hands in the air as the crowd cheers.

P. LICKIN: He should probably watch his back.

(And with that, Dan Ryan hits Cedrone in the back with a big forearm. The bell rings as DiBiase and Vance lock up. Alexia runs across the ring, tackling Lee Ryan and the two fall over the ropes to the outside. The timer above the ring counts down from 5 minutes. Ryan hits Cedrone a couple more times, then whips him around and shoves him into the corner. Ryan hits another forearm, then takes a step back and goes for a knee lift, but Cedrone side steps it and lays in a few rights. Outside the ring, Alexia and Lee Ryan are brawling ringside. Alexia rakes the eyes, then hits a clothesline. Alexia grabs a steel chair and sets it up. Lee Ryan starts to pull himself up on the crowd barrier. Alexia takes a running start, steps on the chair and hits a running heel kick on Lee Ryan. In the ring, Typhoon Vance has DiBiase on the ropes, choking him out. DiBiase flails around, but is finally able to reach up and poke Vance in the eye. Vance lets go as DiBiase gasps for breath. He rolls to the apron as the counter now says 2 minutes. Cedrone hits an uppercut on Dan Ryan in the corner, takes a step back and hits a running splash. Cedrone grabs him and hits a DDT. Cedrone stands up as Vance staggers back, runs at him and hits a bulldog. Cedrone kips up as DiBiase stands up. Cedrone grabs DiBiase and suplexes him back in the ring. Cedrone goes to the ropes and comes off, hitting a running knee to Vance. The crowd cheers for Cedrone as he turns around and eats a spear from Dan Ryan. Dan Ryan puts the boots to Cedrone as the cheers turn to boos. The timer says 30 seconds as the cables begin to tighten, ready to lift the ring. Dan Ryan looks over and sees the Cancer Kid that Cedrone met earlier in the week. He picks Cedrone up by the head, smirks at the kid, then headbutts him, sending him back into the corner. The kid bursts into tears as the timer ends. Outside the ring, Lee Ryan has taken over on Alexia, putting the boots to her. The ring begins to lift into the air slowly. Lee Ryan, realizing he may be eliminated if he can't get in the ring, runs and grabs onto the bottom rope as it begins to lift. Alexia shakes her head, also seeing what is going on. She runs at Lee Ryan, grabbing his legs and holding on. The ring begins to lift into the air, with Lee Ryan and Alexia holding on. Dan Ryan picks DiBiase up, but he elbows him to the midsection. DiBiase goes to the ropes and hits a clothesline, staggering the big man. Lee Ryan holds on for dear life, as Alexia climbs up is back and hefts herself into the ring. Typhoon Vance immediate is on Alexia, putting the boots to her before she can get up. This gives Lee Ryan time to pull himself into the ring.

JOEY STYLES: I am amazed that Lee Ryan and Alexia were able to get into the ring just in time.

P. LICKIN: That's Just Incredible!

JOEY STYLES: ..... I hate you.

P. LICKIN: Don't be Just Adick.

Vance picks Lee Ryan up, shoving him into the corner. Vance hits a few knee lifts, then sets Ryan up on top. Vance climbs up and hits some forearms. Vance hooks up Lee Ryan, going for a superplex, but Ryan blocks it. DiBiase runs up and hooks Vance's legs from beneath, and they all come down. Vance hits the superplex, but DiBiase hits the powerbomb. Alexia is up top, and comes off, hitting a frog splash on Vance. Dan Ryan charges across for a spear to DiBiase, but he blocks it with a drop toe hold, sending Dan Ryan head first to the turnbuckle post. DiBiase stands up, and Cedrone comes charging across, going for a clothesline, but DiBiase ducks and hits a back body drop, sending Cedrone over the ropes to the apron. He holds onto the ropes, swinging back for a minute, and the whole ring sways a few inches with him, staggering everyone. The ring comes back, and Cedrone hits a springboard drop kick on DiBiase, taking him off his feet. Everyone is down as the ring sways back and forth. much to the amusement and horror of the crowd...



The ring stops to sway, and Alexia is the first one to her feet. Vance starts to get up to one knee, and Alexia runs, steps on Vance's shoulder and hits a flying splash in the corner on Dan Ryan. Alexia lands on her feet and hits a leg drop on DiBiase. She stands up, turns around and Dan Ryan clotheslines her down hard. Cedrone starts to get up, and Dan Ryan grabs him and hits a belly to belly suplex. Ryan stands up, and Vance and DiBiase hit a double team clothesline, taking him down. Lee Ryan hits a springboard crossbody on DiBiase and Vance, then pops back up quickly. Lee Ryan picks DiBiase up and hits a European uppercut. DiBiase staggers a step back and Ryan hits a swinging neckbreaker. Vance gets to his feet, and this time DiBiase grabs him and hits a back drop suplex. Ryan puts the boots to Vance, and Dan Ryan comes out from the corner, grabbing Ryan and pushing back into the ropes. Dan Ryan grabs his leg and tries to push him over the top rope. Ryan holds on top the top rope, refusing to be pushed over. Jonny Cedrone comes up behind Ryan, and hits him with a forearm. Ryan falls to the apron and rolls back in the ring. Ryan staggers a couple steps as Cedrone continues his assault with lefts and rights. Cedrone grabs his arm, hits an arm wringer, then hits a chicken wing suplex. Vance grabs Cedrone and shoots him to the ropes, but Cedrone comes back with a Lou Thesz press and hits some mounted punches. Cedrone stands up, and DiBiase grabs him from behind. Cedrone hits a jawbreaker. He stands up, and Alexia hits a superkick on Cedrone, taking him down. DiBiase pulls himself up, holding his head and Alexia superkicks him too, sending him over the top rope to the apron. Vance charges at Alexia going for a clothesline, but she rolls out of the way, pops up and hits a superkick on Vance. Lee Ryan gets up from the apron, and Alexia hits a superkick on him too. Dan Ryan pulls himself up in the corner, and Alexia hits a superkick on him as well. Alexia stands over the carnage around her...

P. LICKIN: The only way there'd be more carnage is if I got in the ring and WRECKED her.

JOEY STYLES: You are disgusting.

P. LICKIN: I've come to terms with it.

Alexia covers Dan Ryan. The virtual ref counts 1...2.. kickout. Dan Ryan kicks out with authority, shoving Alexia off of him.

JOEY STYLES: That's right ladies and gentlemen, our holographic referee has been used for this match.

P. LICKIN: We have a holographic ref?

JOEY STYLES: Well, none of the referees would agree to the match. So we were kind of stuck.

P. LICKIN: Man... this place is wierd sometimes.

Dan Ryan rolls over and Alexia kicks him in the side. Typhoon Vance comes out of nowhere, charging Alexia and crashing her into the corner. Vance stands up and clotheslines the shit out of Lee Ryan. Figuratively. Vance picks up DiBiase and hits a snapmare, then goes to the ropes and hits a knee to DiBiase's back. Cedrone kicks Vance to the back, and he turns around, wincing. Cedrone tries to side kick him, but Vance catches the leg and hits a capture suplex. Vance kicks Cedrone once, then covers. The virtual ref counts 1.. 2.. kickout. Vance picks Cedrone up, then shoots him to the ropes. Vance picks Cedrone up for a military press, but Cedroen wiggles out, landing on his feet. He shoves Vance into the ropes, and Lee Ryan pulls down the top rope, allowing him to fall over the ropes to the apron. Vance lands on his feet, turns around and sees Cedrone charging in. He puts up a knee, catching Cedrone in the face. Cedrone staggers back, and Dan Ryan clotheslines Vance down, and he falls to the apron. Vance rolls under the ropes to the inside. Dan Ryan picks him up and shoots him into the corner. Lee Ryan and DiBiase both attack Dan Ryan, driving him back into the other corner. Ryan and DiBiase pick Dan up and put him on the top turnbuckle. Both of them climb up, hitting him over and over as Dan tries to fight them off. Vance charges in, hitting a cross body on both Lee and DiBiase, then climbs up with them, and hits a double Russian Leg Sweep on Lee and DiBiase. Alexia runs up and attempts to climb up for a hurcanarana on Ryan, but he blocks it and tosses her off, into the pile of bodies below him. Cedrone runs up, hops up quickly and hits a belly to back suplex on Dan Ryan, crashing onto everyone else in the ring. The entire ring shakes, and the cable in that corner snaps.


P. LICKIN: They're all gonna die!

The ring tilts a little, but holds as everyone is down on the mat. The crowd is chanting "V-W-F! V-W-F! V-W-F!" DiBiase is the first to pull himself out of the fray. Dan Ryan is next, as he staggers to his feet. DiBiase kicks him to the midsection and hits the Going for Broke! DiBiase grabs Lee Ryan, pulling him out as well, and hits the Going for Broke on Lee Ryan! DiBiase covers. The virtual ref counts 1....2.... kickout. DiBiase stands up and grabs Lee's legs, and locks in the Maple Leaf. DiBiase wrenches back, but Typhoon Vance hits a kick to the head, breaking the hold. Vance grabs DiBiase and shoves him shoulder first into the corner. Vance pulls him out and drives DiBiase in again a second time, a third time and a fouth time. Vance pulls him him out, and he collapses on the mat. Cedrone and Alexia hit a double clothesline on Vance. Cedrone and Alexia pick him up, and shove him into the corner. Cedrone and Alexia climb up, turning him around. Lee Ryan comes over and helps them lift him up. Dan Ryan recovers, adn grabd Lee Ryan from behind. Dan Ryan hits a spinning German suplex a the same time taht Cedrone and Alexia hit a piledriver on Vance from the top turnbuckle. The entire ring shakes, and this second cable snaps! The entire ring swings, still held on one side by 2 cables. The entire crowd screams as everyone slides to the one side of the ring. Everyone falls off, except Dan Ryan and Jonny Cedrone, who are able to grab and hold onto one of the ring ropes. Typhoon Vance crashes into the Swahilli Announce Table as Scott DiBiase hits a table set up at ringside. Lee Ryan falls on top of a couple VWF Officials standing under the ring, breaking his fall. Alexia falls on top of Joey Styles and P. Lickin, taking out the announce booth. Dan Ryan and Jonny Cedrone start to kick at each other as they dangle over the arena. The crowd, over their shock, are now in awe as they cheer on the spectacle before them. Cedrone lifts his legs up, and wraps them around Ryan's neck, trying to choke him out. Ryan hooks his arm around the rope, tightening his grip, when Cedrone's grip slips. He holds onto Ryan's neck, dangling by his legs. Ryan, in a last ditch attempt, lets go with one arm and hits Cedrone a couple times in the leg, finally prying him free. Cedrone falls down, landing in the front row of the crowd. The virtual ref calls for the bell as the bottom rope snaps, and Dan Ryan swings down a few feet before letting go, collapsing on the ground below. Bodies are everywhere as Dan Ryan's music hits, and zooms in on him, panting as he lays on the ground and VWF EMTs swarm the arena, tending to everyone as the show ends... )-)-)

Winner: "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan wins the Brazilian Death Match Sceptar